POSTCAST – Jazz battle to end with Hawks

TIPOFF – January 2

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz break the 3 googles in roaring comeback


  • The Jazz took advantage of a younger team and closed the game like the team that had been there before.  Closing the final 9 minutes on a 28-12 run.   The young jazz have been on the wrong side of this numerous times but tonight it was the Wolves with their injuries and inexperience that made the mistakes that let the Jazz back into the game .


  • Your resume is not good enough to make 3 googles at another bench.   Sorry those 3 googles are now broken and in pieces.


  • Jazz took the lead on a terrific play by Enes Kanter. The Jazz doubled the post and Kanter read the passing lane made the interception and then took it coast to coast for a Eurostep layup over Wiggins and the Jazz got a lead they never relinquished.


  • A night after being shut out in the 4th quarter Gordon Hayward had 11 4thpoints.


  • The Wolves were awful down the stretch.  They committed 4 turnovers, 3 of them lead to Jazz run outs.  Mo Williams was brought into the game to settle things down and just kept the Jazz fire burning.


  • The Jazz looked like a team playing on the brutal back end of a back to back and weren’t sharp in the early going but when they went down 10 in the 4thquarter they found a way to turn it on and win the game.   Any win is a good win.   Wins are going to be hard to come by.


  • Alec Burks is out for the season.  This is going to be a gaping hole for the Jazz. Rodney Hood is a nice player but you don’t see 23rdpicks of an NBA draft get inserted into starting line-ups and have a lot of success very often.   Hood is shooting 31% and less from 3.  To expect much out of him in the starting lineup for a 50 game stretch is a mammoth ask.   In fact it is a unrealistic and therefore this is going to be hard for the Jazz to be able to keep this level of play without Alec Burks


  • Going into the game seemed as though the Jazz should have a huge inside advantage. The Jazz are the best team in the NBA since Dec 1st in 2nd chance points, the Wolves allow the highest FG% in the restricted area, the Jazz get the 4th most amount of points in the restricted area and the Wolves are 28th in defensive rebounds.   However, the Jazz ended with just 12 2ndchance point.   The jazz did get 11 offensive rebounds in 37 chances nearly 30% which is high but they couldn’t convert.


  • Good post offense first takes players who get post position and then it takes guards who can throw the entry pass.  Those are hard things to do and the Jazz aren’t very good at either right now.


  • Trey Burke was very good tonight.  He is breaking the paint much more than he has been in the past.  He is scoring 39% of his points in the paint over the last 5 games and for the season it has been 29% of his scoring.   This is a significant change for Trey and step in the correct direction.


  • Enes Kanter has lost his mid range shot he is 25% over the last 12 games on mid range shots.


  • Andrew Wiggins is the whole package it is just going to take sometime to put it together.


  • Trevor Booker got 23 minutes tonight after 7 the night before.  Match-ups.


  • Jazz have won 4 of 6



EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Big steps by the Jazz in LA


  •  Jazz have played two elite Western Conference teams on the road and played both of them down to the wire.  Winning in Memphis and falling short in LA tonight. That is big time progress.


  • This was the first time the Jazz have d’d up an elite offensive team.  Usually when the Jazz have played the best offensive teams they have been able to get to the 3rd and 4th options and the Jazz defense breaks down but that was not the case tonight.  The Clippers shot below their season average


  • The Jazz made a defensive switch 11 games ago to better fit the personnel on the roster and they have been an above average defensive team since that switch.


  • The Clippers only scored 18 points in the paint.  This is where the defense has really changed pts in the paint have been shut down greatly.  Weak side shifts have improved and the paint has been closed off.  The Clippers are the  3rd best team in the NBA shooting in the restricted area and tonight they were 9 of 23 in the paint.


  • Rodney Hood got his 4th start and it was a tough one trying to guard JJ Redick.   Hood had a nice impact on the game.   He had 9 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and a block.  He also had a 3 turnovers and shot just 2 of 6 but overall it was a very good night.


  • Jazz made a rotational change tonight.  They brought Gobert and Exum in together as the first sub playing Exum and Gobert with Favors and Hayward.   This is new.   It really limited Trevor Booker’s minutes down to 7 for the night.


  • Favors and Gobert played together for 12:42 and the Clippers outscored the Jazz 34-33.


  • The Clippers starters are one of the best +/- units in the NBA – Tonight the Jazz starters were +4 in 16 minutes outscoring the Clippers 34-30.  Most exciting, the Clippers who are a juggernaut offensively only scored 30 points in 16 minutes.   This is a big deal.  If the starting 5 is holding there own on a night in and night out basis then if the bench gets built up in the off-season this team makes a jumper faster than anticipated.


  • Cool to see Patrick Christopher score his first NBA points in his hometown.  He grabbed a rebound and went coast to coast for his first NBA points with 50 friends and family in the crowd watching.   Well deserved for a guy who has had a long journey to get to this day.


  • Jazz went to Hayward 1 on 1 late in the game and it didn’t work tonight.   Hayward had 0 points in the 4th quarter.  He had a strong game prior to the 4th quarter – 22 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists on a defense that was zeroed in to shut him down.   Quin Snyder is still learning how to use these guys and Gordon has been great 1 on 1 in most circumstances but tonight the Clippers shut him down.


  • Rudy Gobert with another double double.  Crazy to have 11 points and 13 rebounds in 25 minutes of play.   He is having an enormous impact on every game.   More and more he is forcing his way on the floor and the better he plays the more time he is getting.  His improvement over the course of the season is beyond reason and his improvement since he first arrived is a tribute to Rudy and his commitment as well as the all the members of the staff who have been a part of it.


  • With Alec Burks out Dante Exum played with Trey Burke and played 27 minutes tonight.   He finished with 7 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists.


  • The Clips are a Western Conference contender.  They are playing with multiple time all-stars and 10 years veterans against our guys all in the infancy as NBA players.  To battle them to the wire possession for possession is a great step.

POSTCAST – Locke and Boone recap Jazz performance v. Clippers

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz grind way to 4th win in 5 games

  •  This game was ugly, but it was a win. Jazz have won 4 of 5.
  • This was really ugly and the offense didn’t come to the game tonight, but with 5:51 left the game was Jazz 69, Sixers 66.  From that point on, the Jazz didn’t allow another field goal and ran away on a 19-5 run to close the game. This is what you should do against an inferior opponent. The game got close when it was closing time, and the Jazz were the better team and did what they should have done.
  • The Jazz couldn’t make a three tonight and that was why the game stayed close.  The jazz hit 4 of 23 from three. Had they been able to knock down a few threes, this game changes entirely. But they didn’t and so you have to win the game with defense—and the Jazz did.
  • The Sixers are terrible on offense and the Jazz held them below their season average. The Sixers on average shoot 41% and 30% from three. Tonight they were below both those marks.
  • Jazz lived off second-chance points in the first half with 17.  They didn’t get any in the third quarter and that sent the offense into a tailspin.
  • Derrick Favors was a beast—17 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 5 blocks. That’s what you need from one of your best players against an inferior opponent.
  • Trevor Booker was really important off the bench tonight.
  • The Jazz offense without Gordon Hayward on the floor is really having a tough time, and Quin has tried everything. Tonight Gordon was +22. Therefore, they were -6 when Hayward was off the floor. The Jazz scored 13 points in the 10 minutes Gordon was on the bench.
  • Michael Carter Williams is one of six players since 1985 to take 20 or more shots in a game and make two or fewer of them.  The other five are Allen Iverson, Jrue Holiday, Chris Webber, Thurl Bailey and Mookie Blaylock.
  • Jazz have won 4 of 5.

POSTCAST – Locke and Boone muck it up