TIPOFF – Feb 5 – NBA 5, pause button, spacing v. spreading

Utah Jazz Radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you the NBA 5, checks win probability and then hits the pause button.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Grizzlies are all that and more

  • Wow, Memphis looked great.  They are the perfect combination of elegance and nasty.  They move the ball, they space, they hit backdoor, they are so crisp and at the same time they pound, they hit, they impose their will and they dominate.   They are going to be a super tough out in the playoffs.  The NBA is going to be overjoyed when they get Atlanta v. Memphis.
  • What impressed me about the Jazz tonight is they maintained 48 minutes of effort against the most grueling team in the NBA.   Moreover, very little of what the Jazz wanted to do or what they have done to be successful was working and they still stayed engaged and grinded through the game.
  • The Jazz had a lot of creative elements to the their game plan and how they wanted to effect the Grizzlies but the Grizzlies were too good.  The Jazz could never impose what they wanted to do on the Grizzlies.   Again, when nothing is going you way to stay and fight for 48 minutes is pretty impressive.
  • The offensive rebound has become a weapon for the Jazz.  The Jazz are the #1 offensive rebounding team in the NBA and the Jazz got nothing on the glass for most of the night.  In the third quarter the Jazz had 0 offensive rebounds.  Through three quarters the Jazz had 4 offensive rebounds on 26 chances.  In the 4thquarter the Jazz got 5 offensive rebounds but that is very misleading.
  • Memphis has the best perimeter defense in the NBA with Conley and Allen and then add Gasol down low and they are unreal.   Jazz players didn’t have their usual nights or what you might want them to have and it was not because of the Jazz it was because of Memphis.
  • Trey Burke has played very well off the bench.  His minutes are the same but he is splitting them against the first team guy (Conley) and the 2nd team (Udrih) and the minutes against Udrih are allowing him to get his confidence and have an impact.   In the first half v. Conley Trey was 0 for 1 with 1 turnover.  Then in the 2ndhalf he went 4 for 6 v  Conley whereas he was 3 for 6 when Udrih was on the floor.
  • Nothing Dante is doing right now is going to tell you how he is going to develop.  This is an experience year.  He is going to be overwhelmed and if he has a good game tomorrow it doesn’t mean he has turned a corner.   This is going to be a long year.  He is learning how hard it is and what he has to do to get better and how much better he has to get.   The answer is a lot but he has all the skills.  No one thought he was going to have some major development jump this year.  He is in the weeds.   Think of it as parenting an infant.  One good day never means the next is going to be easier or that some corner has been turned.  It just takes time.
  • Rudy had a limited impact on the game tonight.
  • I thought Enes Kanter played the first half as well as he can play.   He finished with 16-10 and had an assist to Derrick Favors.
  • Quin said it which ever big is playing well is going to play.  Tonight Enes 31 minutes, Favors 29 and Rudy 24.   Quin has been very consistent in this regard.
  • Jazz just played the 4 best teams in the West so far this year.   They went 1-3, they never got blown out.   They competed well for all 4 games and 48 minutes of each.  They didn’t look outclassed but these teams are better than the Jazz.  Playing teams that are better than you is very difficult at the highest level the game is played.
  • Another good night for the Jazz and the growth of this franchise.

PODCAST – ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton Part 1 – NBA Talk

Utah Jazz radio voice David Locke sits down with ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton talks numbers, 3 pointers, trades, rosters, Hawks and more

STAT CHECK – Value of Corner 3 and 3 overall


Jazz offense getting corner 3′s – 37 of the last 84 from corner 3 in last 10 games. 8.4 atts 2nd in NBA over last 10


Top 6 teams (20%) with more overall 3 pointers made than opponents have combined winning percentage of 67%. Bottom 6 is 40

Top 6 teams (20%) with more corner 3 MAKES than opponents this season have combined win percentage of 67% and bottom 6 is 26%

Top 6 teams (20%) that have TAKEN FEWEST mid range shots cvompareto opponents have combined win percentage of 54%


Top 6 teams (20%) that have TAKEN more Mid-Range shots than opponents this season have combined win % of 38.2%.


Top 6 teams (20%) that have TAKEN more shots in RESTRICTED area than opponents combined winning percentage is 44.8%. Bottom 6 is 41%


Top 6 teams (20%) that have TAKEN more 3 point attempts than opponents win at 67% rate. Bottom 6 (20%) win at 44% rate


Top 6 teams (20%) that have TAKEN more above the break 3′s than opponents have combined win % of 68%. Bottom 6 (20%) win at 49%


Top 6 teams (20%) that have TAKEN more corner 3′s than opponents have a combined winning percentage of 63.4%. Bottom 6 (20%) win at 26%


Last 10 games Jazz have taken 84 corner 3′s while only allowing 63. Corner 3 attempt differential a great win indicator


SPECIAL POSTCAST with Kevin Pelton, Locke and Boone

ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton watched the Jazz last night in person as part of the Jazz broadcast crew.  What were his impressions he joined POSTCAST – Audio Only

TIP OFF – Feb 4th – NBA 5 and 6 pick and roll plays of perfection

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you the NBA 5, then digs deep on the Jazz performance in Portland

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Huge progress being made by the Jazz

  • What’s going on with the Utah Jazz is really impressive. This is a collection of assets. The Jazz have not moved  into team-building mode. Yet somehow, Quin Snyder has formed a team that is beginning to get an identity and it’s playing the best in the NBA toe-to-toe each night. The Jazz have played the Clippers, Warriors and the Blazers (three of the top four teams in the West, with the fourth one coming Wednesday) and looked like they belonged in every minute of these games.
  • Tonight there were numerous chances for the Jazz to wilt and for the Blazers to run away, and each time the Jazz fought back and at different times took the lead.
  • We’re not a very good final five minute team yet. The Jazz entered the game with the second lowest FG percentage in the final five minutes and the lowest 3-point percentage in the final five minutes of a game within five points. With 5:00 left tonight it was Portland 90-87, and within 90 seconds the Jazz were down by nine. In three possessions, Mathews hit two threes and Aldridge got 2 FTs while the Jazz went empty—Burke missed a three, Favors missed inside and Burke missed a runner.
  • The Jazz started the third quarter with Rudy Gobert on LaMarcus Aldridge and Gobert completely shut him down. Aldridge had 0 points in the third quarter on 0-for-4 shooting. In the fourth quarter, Aldridge made one great move to hoop when he brought out all the bag of tricks, but that was it as he went 1-for-3 in the fourth quarter. Aldridge was 1-for-7 while being guarded by Gobert.
  • Favors had a big game on the pick-and-roll playing from the top coming straight down the lane to the rim.
  • The Jazz had the best pick-and-roll sequence I’ve seen from them all season. Trey hit Favors on back-to-back plays going to the basket. Then Trey drove, faked the pass to Favors and finished at the rim. Then the Blazers began adjusting and Trey hit a pull-up 15-footer. Finally, Trey passed to Favors, who swung it to the corner for a Hayward three. How good is that sequence?
  • Favors and Gobert played a little more than 20 minutes together on the floor. The Jazz were +1 in those 20 minutes.
  • The Jazz are playing a slow pace and it is disrupting teams. If Gobert is going to be a core to this team, there is a value to playing slow and keeping teams in the half court where he can impact games the most. Fast breaks are a low percentage of plays in the NBA (about 10%). If you can be great in half court defense, you’ve got a chance to do big things.
  • Trey played the pick-and-roll tonight really well.
  • Enes Kanter got yanked after two plays of the game and then was put back in the game after being coached by Quin.
  • Enes has a part of his game that is elite (offensive rebounding) and a part of his game that may be his downfall (no passing). Tonight he had four offensive rebounds. He has been averaging four offensive rebounds a game over the last 10 games.  This is mammoth. Assuming he scores 6 to 8 points on those plays, it has a crazy large impact on the game. The other issue is he doesn’t pass. More specifically, he never passes in a way that he creates for teammates. He had three assists in over 300 minutes in January and had zero tonight in 23 minutes. He’s assisting at the same rate he did as a rookie when he had eight assists in 800+ minutes.
  • Jazz starting guards were 1-for-8 with five points and three assists.
  • I hope we’re not taking this for granted: Hayward 27-5-5. On 16 shot attempts. WOW. That is a huge night. He has scored at least 20 points in 5 of his last 6 games, and he’s 20 of his last 42 from 3-point range.
  • Elijah Millsap had another good defensive game.
  • I have tonight’s game at 86 possessions, so allowing 103 points to the Blazers is not going to be a good defensive rating. The Jazz got in the penalty early in the third and then allowed 28 points in the third and 31 in the fourth.
  • The Jazz threw the ball all over the gym in the third quarter, but were really solid with the ball other than the third quarter.
  • Solid night. Great fight. Super experience-gaining games. Still a long process, but progress is obviously being made.