INSIDER – What to make of Jazz defense since All-Star Break

Since the All-Star Break the Jazz defense has been otherworldly.  In those 21 games the Jazz has allowed 86.3 points per game the next closest is New Orleans at 94.7.   That can be skewed by the Jazz arduous pace of play.  However, if you equalize for pace the Jazz are still #1 in the NBA with a remarkable 93.2 pts per 100 possessions.  The next closest in the NBA is 97.5, the Golden State Warriors.

If the Jazz were to hold a defensive rating of 93.2 pts per 100 possessions over an entire season it would be one of the greatest defensive performances in NBA history.  It is unrealistic to believe the Jazz can maintain at this level.    But how far can they slip and still be elite.

The Jazz has performed at in this rarefied air for just 25% of the season.   Yet, if the Jazz played average defense for the other 75% of the season they would still come out as the 3rd best defense in the NBA for the season.   For the Jazz to play average they would have to allow 9 pts per 100 more than they are since the all-star break.  That is a huge amount as you see below

Let’s try to make some sense of how much range exists in defensive efficiency ratings.  The best team in the NBA is Golden State at 97.4, the worst is Minnesota at 108.9.  Only three teams in the NBA are under 100 and only 4 teams in the NBA are above 106.   23 teams in the NBA exist within a 6 point range of 100 to 106.  The league median is 102.6.

For 25% of the season the Jazz have been 93.2 pts allowed per 100 possessions.  Even if the Jazz dropped 6 pts per 100 possessions (the same as #4 to #27) they would be above 100 pts allowed per 100 possessions and 2nd best in the NBA .

Let’s use two benchmarks moving forward.  If the Jazz were to slip to 96 pts allowed per 100 possessions or even 100 pts allowed per 100 possesions for the whole season how would they rank.

2013-14:  Best defense was Indiana at 96.7 and 3 teams were under 100 def rtg

2012-13:  Best defense was Indiana at 96.6 and 4 teams were under 100 def rtg

2011-12:  Lockout season offense was way down

2010-11: Best defense was Chicago 97.4 and 4 teams were under 100 def rtg

2009-10: Best defense was Charlotte at 100.2, no defenses under 100

2008-09:  Best defense was Orlando at 98.9, 3 teams were under 100 def rtg

2007-08:  Best defense was Boston at 96.2, 3 teams were under 100 def rtg

2006-07: Best defense was Chicago at 97 and 4 teams were under 100 rtg

2005-06:  Best defense was San Antonio at 96.9 and 4 teams were under 100

Over the past 10 seasons (9 full seasons) the best defensive team had a 96.2 and only three teams had a rating under 97.  Moreover, in none of the 9 seasons did more than 4 teams have a defensive rating under 100.

So if the Jazz slipped 3 pts per 100 possessions for an entire season compared to what they have done since the all-star break they would be the best defense in the last 10 years.   If they were to slip 6 pts and stay under 100 pts allowed they would almost certainly be a top 5 defense

Therefore, considering the Jazz run defensively since the all-star break it seems fair to feel the Jazz will be a top 5 defensive team in the NBA next year with a real chance at being one of the best defenses in the NBA in the near future.

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EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Blowout win and “What if?” with Rudy

  • Solid, professional win by the Jazz tonight. The defense was dominant from the start. The Wolves missed their final 8 shots of the first quarter and the game was over. The Wolves made a small run in the second quarter to get the game to 3 and the Jazz eliminated that in a hurry with a 15-6 run. Finally, the Jazz blitzed the Wolves to open the third quarter on a 14-0 run and then league rules said we had to play 48 minutes.
  • This was a highlight-filled game. Wiggins had a sick dunk on top of Gobert and then two plays later he tried it again and Gobert rejected the attempt and Wiggins crumpled like a deck chair. Finally, Gobert led a fast break and hit Booker with a behind-the-back pass for a two-handed slam.
  • Utah’s defense will finish March as the #1 defense in the NBA for March—they held the Wolves to 36.8% shooting and only six 3-pointers tonight.
  • Jazz are the #1 offensive rebounding team and the Wolves are 30th in defensive rebounding. The Jazz get 28% of all offensive rebounds. The Wolves allow 29%.  Tonight the Jazz grabbed 14 of 38 offensive rebound chances for 37%. This is what a top offensive rebounding team should do. Booker and Gobert both had five offensive rebounds.
  • The Jazz had 22 fast-break points tonight.
  • Trey Burke was really good again tonight. He drove to the basket and attacked the rim. The Jazz did a better job spacing the floor and the Wolves have Enes Kanter-type rim protection. Trey finished with 19 points and only took only five 3-pointers. He’s averaging over 20 in the last two games with only 2 three point shots.
  • Another tough break as Rodney Hood took an elbow to the head and had to leave with concussion-like symptoms. He just can’t get it rolling without something going wrong.
  • Back-to-back wins without Derrick Favors.
  • Gordon Hayward is ridiculous. He had 22 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals. Ho hum. He was just playing. He didn’t take over a stretch of the game. He was just the best player on the floor for the entire game. Nothing radical. Nothing spectacular. He has averaged 21-5-5 since Feb. 1 and for a good deal of it been struggling with his shot. He really should be considered for Most Improved Player and All-NBA. He did it on 15 shots in 33 minutes tonight.
  • Joe Ingles’ across-the-floor bounce pass to Trevor Booker was sweet. He threaded it through three defenders and it was right on the money.
  • Can we discuss Rudy for a moment? I love Rudy. He plays with so much fire and competitiveness. When Wiggins dunked on him, he was going to return the favor—it was only a matter of time. He loves to play. He wants to be great. Quin had an interesting comment before the game that Rudy has a good understanding of what needs to improve and he works on it.
  • Part 2 of this is crazy talk on what Rudy can be. Since the All-Star break, he’s averaging 11 points (he had 15 tonight), 14 rebounds (12 tonight), 2 assists (2 tonight), 1 steal (1 tonight) and 3 blocks (3 tonight). Now what happens when he gets a little stronger? What happens when he develops some basic offensive ability? What happens if he makes two or three plays a night out of an offensive game? Could he really become a 15-15 guy? That’s crazy? Guys don’t do that. What happens if his competitiveness means he actually becomes a little bit of an offensive threat and then he can pass out of advantage rather than disadvantage? Could he be 15-15-5 guy? That’s insane. It is remarkable what he is doing without experience, without a refined game and without strength. What’s next?
  • I realize Minnesota’s post players tonight were not rotational NBA players.
  • Solid win. Make sure you listen to the Hot Rod Hundley tribute podcast on iTunes or at Locked on Jazz.

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