SPREECAST/PODCAST – Locke and Tribune’s Aaron Falk talk Kanter and Trade Deadline

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke is joined by Aaron Falk to talk trades and the deadline


ASK INSIDER LOCKE – Should the Jazz trade for Goran Dragic

Burt Macklin @Forrresttree2  @Lockedonsports dragic for Kanter? #asklocke

 The number 1 name in the trade deadline talks right now is Goran Dragic.  Should the Jazz get involved in the Dragic trade talks.   The Jazz point guard position is still developing and there is no question an established point guard would help the Jazz win more games right now.

However, I don’t think the Jazz should jump into the Dragic sweepstakes.  First, he is a free agent at the end of the season and you would have to make sure you could sign him to a long term deal if you trade for him.

Secondly, he seems set on getting a 5 year max deal for nearly 100 million dollars.  You can’t do a 5 year deal unless it is the max.  His entire trade demand is based on getting the 5th year.   I don’t believe he is a 5 year max player..  Last year, he was great in Phoenix a 3rd team all-nba player.  However, prior to that he has not been at that level.  I would be very careful in offering him the 5 year max deal when he may not be a top 10 point guard in the NBA.

Finally, if you sign Dragic for a 5 year deal what are you doing with Burke and Dante.

For all those reasons I don’t think the Jazz should get involved in the Dragic deal.


PODCAST – Locke with Scotty G and Hans – on Dragic, Kanter and trade deadline

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke talks with Scotty G and Hans as the trade deadline looms, on Phoenix not making a mistake, Kanter and the Jazz future

TIP OFF – Feb 18th – Trade Deadline looming, NBA 5 and Enes Kanter

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider breaks down the Phoenix Goran Dragic situation, plus the other top rumors in the NBA 5 and then digs deep into the Enes Kanter situation with the Utah Jazz.


ASK INSIDER LOCKE – Has Enes Kanter been underutilized?

Nicholaus Hensley @NicholausHensle - Is Kanter an under-dipped oreo cookie?
Great question.  If you listen to Enes’ Agent with Scotty G and Hans Olsen on 97.5 home of the Utah Jazz you would believe this to be true.   However, it is probably worth revisiting some facts about Enes Kanter’s basketball development.
Enes started playing basketball at 14 years old in 2006
In 2007-08 Enes played for the U16 Turish team and lead the European Championships with 23 points and 17 rebounds.  This tournament was over 10 games.  Turkey finished 3rd.  
In 2008-09 Enes Kanter played 4 games in the Euroleague for a total of 31 minutes and 5 games for Fenerbahce in the Turkish League at 14 minutes a game.  
In 2009-10 he went to the US for high school and played limited competition at Stonebridge Prep and then played 9 games in the u18 championships averaging 19 points and 16 rebounds.  Turkey finished 3rd 
In 2010-11 he didn’t play at all and was ineligible at Kentucky
In 2011-12 he played for the Utah Jazz 
Enes was under the control of Fenerbahce Ulker from 2006 to 2009 but the only records show him playing 4 games.
Total up the games played and Kanter played somewhere around 27 high level games before joining the NBA.  His production was terrific, but his experience was insanely limited. 
So was Kanter underutilized (an under dipped oreo cookie)?  Considering how little knowledge he has of the game it seems the Jazz progession of 13 to 15 to 27 minutes over the first three years of his career seems reasonable.  
Kanter has maintained his ability to put up numbers when he is on the floor.  He is amazingly gifted.  However, his lack of experience has prevented him from knowing how to make his teammates better and how to help his team win.  
Kanter has made great progress this year.  In a span of 13 games before his ankle injury he played 30 or more minutes.   You are seeing him grow on the floor.
To answer the question, he may be underutilized for a 3rd pick of an NBA draft, but he is certainly not underutlizied for a player with this little game experience.

TIPOFF – Feb 12 – You said what?

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you the NBA 5 and then talks about the Jazz at the All-Star break and Enes Kanter’s trade request.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – A game symbolizes the first half


  • This game really symbolized the whole first half of the season.  The Jazz have significant flaws as a team that can be exposed and where by Dallas defense but the collective group is trying very hard to do the right thing each night and play with consistent effort and this keeps them in games.


  • Free throw shooting and turnovers were a killer tonight.  The Free Throw shooting is a real issue.  It has been going for a long stretch of games.  Tonight in the 4th quarter the Jazz went 6 of 12 from the line and 11 of 21 for the game.


  • The turnovers are more explainable because Dallas is the 3rd best defense in the NBA at forcing turnovers.   The Jazz committed 19 tonight and with the lack of shooting on the roster the floor spacing disappears which creates turnovers.  Gordon Hayward had 6


  • The Jazz battled back to get the game within 2 with 1:34 left.  Hayward turned the next possession over and then Millsap got caught on the baseline with no where to go.


  • Dallas looked composed and knew where they wanted to go late with the veteran crew they had on the floor.


  • I have no idea what happened on the final play.   Down 3 there is no reason for Gordon to drive the lane and try to get a pass to Favors.   The original play was a mess from the beginning, Hayward had to signal to Trey to come back to the ball and then the spacing and timing was all off.   But Hayward has to know the situation and that they had to shoot a 3.


  • The Mavericks hands were everywhere defensively.  This is the most underrated untalked about part of good defense is active hands. Watch Atlanta and how awesome their hands are and how they are in specific places based on what pass is most likely or what they are trying to deny.


  •   Dirk looked like old Dirk.  I had never seen that before.  He still understood what his team need and what the game needed and grabbed 14 rebounds, 12 on the defensive end.  What a great team player and superstar.   Without that the Mavericks lose and he knew that.


  • Derrick Favors needs the all-star break and a chance to rest his beaten body as much as anyone on this team


  • Trey Burke bounced back from his 0 for 10 game and came out firing hitting a three right away and nailing 4 of his 6 three attempts.  The kid is fearless.  He did the same thing after the Atlanta game when he was 2 for 19 and came out and torched the Wolves.


  • Hayward almost had a triple double – 12 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists.


  • Steve Novak has been a valuable piece in the last two games.


  • Big man minutes tonight – Favors 33; Gobert 26; Kanter 18; Booker 18


  • Jazz 9 first quarter points were a season low points in a quarter.  The Mavericks were switching everything on the perimeter and doubling the post and the Jazz were slow to react to both of those defenses.  The switching eliminating the pick and pass game and the doubles in the post were the first time someone had doubled in the post all season and the bigs were a bit panicky in how they reacted at first.


  • JJ Barea


  • Have a nice all-star break.