The following was put together by Leif Thulin and Garrett Furubayahi by scouring all draft sources and making a compilation of the player.

Denzel Valentine
Sr. Guard/ Forward, Michigan State.
Minutes: 33.0
Points per game: 19.2
Rebounds per game: 7.5
Assists per game: 7.8
Steals per game: 1.0
Blocks per game: 0.2
Field Goal Percentage: 46.2%
Three Point Percentage: 44.4%
Free Throw Percentage: 85.3%

Height: 6’5.75” (with shoes) 6’4” (without shoes) (Draft Express)
Weight: 210 lbs (Draft Express)
Wingspan: 6’10.75” (Draft Express)
Standing Reach: 8’6” (Draft Express)
No Step Vert: 27” (Draft Express)
Max Vert: 32” (Draft Express)
Measurable Comps: Danny Green/Greivis Vasquez
(NBA Draft Net)

Fantastic feel for the game
Great vocal leader
Great understanding of the proper timing and spacing
Fabulous shooter, off the bounce and catch and shoot.
Great ability to square shoulders and remain balanced whiole shooting off of screens.
Tremendous distributor. Sees over the defense with his size and makes very accurate passes.
He does a good job in the pick and roll.
Great patience, especially in pick and roll.
Makes good decisions and changes pace well when attacking.
Crafty and versatile scorer, who uses guile to put the ball in the hoop. (floaters and hook shots)
Good finisher with both hands
Versatile player. Has ability to play on and off the ball.
Great rebounder for size.
Great instincts for the game especially well used for positioning on rebounding.
Very hard worker, and dedicated team player.

Potential areas for improvement:
Can improve his transition game, taking less risks, while making up for his lack of overwhelming athleticism.
He will have to adjust his game in the NBA, as he is no longer the alpha dog leader.
Capable of defending multiple positions due to size and good fundamental technique, but must stay disciplined due to his athletic flaws.

He has issues, creating space, and relies heavily on screens.
Subpar athlete that might have to rely on athletes around him.
Occasionally plays flat footed and struggles with his lateral movement.
Beat in isolation frequently.

Which aspects of your game are most applicable to the NBA?
While preparing for the draft, what aspect of your game did you work the most on to improve heading into the draft?
Of your four years under coach Izzo, What was the most important thing you have learned from him that you will remember as you prepare for the NBA?
Of anyone past or present, who would you say you try to emulate the most?