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EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – All around fabulous


  • WOW


  • That was a big time performance by the Jazz tonight.  The Bulls are bonafide terrific and the Jazz held them to a season low points, a season low FG% and more than anything else took the game to the Bulls and the Bulls didn’t have a response.


  • The Jazz were ahead by 12 going into the 4th quarter.  The Bulls are the #1 2ndhalf team in the NBA.  You could feel the Bulls clamping down and the Jazz putting out a 5 for 23 quarter with 5 turnovers and the game getting away and the exact opposite happened. The Jazz went on a 14-3 run to end the game.  Just terrific.


  • A lot of the excitement is going to be about Rudy and rightfully so.  This was an entire team effort.  So many players I could single out in tonight’s game for terrific play.


  • Everything went wrong to start and the Jazz absorbed it.  Ingles got 2 fouls almost immediately meaning Exum had to play the 2.   Favors got a ticky tack foul for his 2nd and the Jazz were without Favors for over 6 minutes of the first quarter.  With Hayward on the bench in the 2ndquarter the Jazz went 1 for 8.  In the third quarter, the Bulls went on a 8-1 run and the Jazz didn’t freak out they answered.   That is the biggest sign of growth to me is how much this team endured to get through the game and stay in control. That might be the biggest change of all.


  • Yes as crazy as it all seems Rudy Gobert, at 22 years old.  A year after playing just 434 last year he has become a legitimate game changer.   His defense is franchise changing defense.  His multiple effort plays defensively are what separate him from a good defender and could make him a great defender.  The growth is remarkable.  He still needs to get a lot stronger.  He still needs to mature, but the change in the last year or even the last 18 months since he was drafted is out of this world.


  • Tonight Gobert simply took Pau Gasol who was crazy hot out of the game.  By the third quarter Gasol was playing like a stretch 4 in order to take Gobert out of the paint.  The Bulls couldn’t handle Gobertland.   Gasol knows Gobert from this summer and he couldn’t do anything against him.   Every drive in the 1sthalf was altered by Gober.  In the first quarter the Bulls shot 6 of 23 from the field with Gobert on the floor.  By halftime they were 8 of 33 with Gobert on the floor.  With him on the bench the Bulls were 5 of 13.   By the end of 3 quarter the Bulls were 17 of 55 shooting with Gobert on the floor.  (30.1%)  The impact is incredible.


  • The Bulls shot 16 of 39 (41%) in the restricted area.  That is incredible.


  • Trey Burke played really well tonight. He battled on the defensive end against Derrick Rose.  He went at Aaron Brooks.   He finished the night  with an impressive 6 of 13 with 17 points and 4 assists.  He outplayed Derrick Rose.


  • Derrick Favors was a beast tonight.  We talk a lot about Hawyard’s strength increase but Favors is considerably stronger than he has been.  Jazz strength staff is elite.   Favors dropped 20 again tonight.  10thtime this season, equally the same amount he had all of last year.  Favors had 20 points and 11 rebounds going against the defensive player of the year Joakim Noah.  Favors was 7 of 11 in the paint.  He was the stronger man.


  • Gobert’s offense is not refined but going 5 for 8 with 11 points is a good offensive game. There is a real value to having a dunker.   Tyson Chandler and Brandon Wright are good offensive players.  We get lost needed moves and range when the point of the game is to score points and 8 shots for 11 points is scoring at a nice level.


  • Millsap played very hard tonight.


  • Gordon Hayward played Jimmy Butler to at least a draw.  With 5 assists and 4 rebounds Hayward may have out played him.


  • Joe Ingles is a wonderful complimentary player – 7 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists.  You rarely see him get in defensive problems.  Trevor Booker is playing nicely off the bench in the last few games and was very strong tonight.


  • A wonderful night.  Jazz have won 7 of 11.  The Favors pass to Gobert for the dunk on the high low was the play of the night or was it the Favors dunk or was it the Booker’s shot, or was it Trey’s corner 3 or was it ………

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