TIPOFF – January 26 – Zach Lowe’s piece … Jazz offensive progression … Spurs v. Warriors

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke looks at Spurs v. Warriors, answers a great mailbag question, digs into the next progression for the Jazz offense, andd discusses Zach Lowe’s article on the Jazz.

JAZZ GAME REWIND – Jazz battle Pistons to the wire and grabbed at end

If you missed the Jazz game or want to hear what it sounded like on the radio JAZZ GAME REWIND gives you all the key moments, a breakdown of the big plays, the player of the game and more. Voiced by Kylee Young

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz fall to Pistons to start homestand

• First game of a six game homestand that very well may determine the Jazz playoff chances and they fall by 3 to the Pistons. Jazz are losing a lot of close games but it almost none of them did the Jazz have a chance to win. Their battle back from deficits with awesome energy and effort, but they really never had a chance to win tonight. The Jazz never lead. They never had the ball with a chance to take the lead.

• Rodney Hood caught fire tonight and scored 11 points in a 4 possession span and carried the Jazz back into the game. Rodney is learning a lot about how good a player he can be in this league

• Derrick Favors returned tonight and was really good. He scored 14 points and had 5 rebounds in 19 minutes. He got bumped around and look fine. He will help this team a ton.

• Raul Neto got knocked out of the game by friendly fire (Rudy Gobert elbow) with 6 minutes left in the game and it derailed a lot of what the Jazz try to do offensively. For the rest of the game the Jazz played point guard with Trey Burke, Chris Johnson, Joe Ingles and Gordon Hayward.

• Trey Burke will finish the season scoreless v. the Pistons. He struggled in game 1 v. Detroit and again tonight Detroit knocked him out of his game. Burke was 0 for 8 from the field and had 6 assists.

• The Jazz fell behind in the first quarter and never recovered. The Jazz couldn’t make shots early. Hayward was 0 for 6 in the first quarter and the Jazz were 5 of 22 in the 1st quarter. The Jazz tied a season low 13 points in the 1st quarter. The Hornets were really physical with the Jazz, grabbing and holding and preventing the Jazz from getting any rhythm to their offense. Gordon couldn;t buy a call tonight and it seemed to unnerve him a bit.

• The game had a non-nba official and the crew never seemed to have a rhythm. I thought this was a poorly officiated game.

• The NBA official report will have a foul not called on Marcus Morris before the inbound on the final play – AGAIN

• 9 rebounds tonight for Joe Ingles. He played 27 solid minutes playing a lot of point guard. He finished with 5 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists. He such an important part of the Jazz roster.

• Reggie Jackson was more than the Jazz could handle. He hit on 12 of 19 from the field and had 29 including a huge three late in the game that clinched it for the Pistons.

• The Jazz are not defending the three point line well. They are preventing a lot of 3s but they are allowing teams to make a really high percentage. The Pistons hit 11 of 22 tonight and the Jazz came in 26th in the league defending the 3.

• Not sure what the Jazz do if Neto is out for an extended period of time

• Need wins on this homestand and didn’t get this one tonight. It is a tough task with all the adversity but if the playoff are the goal for the players they need to start getting some wins.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – The race to get out of town

• Sorry no postcast tonight. We exited the building as quickly as possible and as I type this are hoping to get out of here before the snow cripples another Northeastern city. It is snowing hard outside right now. We are about to roll out, get de-iced and hopefully be airborn for a 4 hour plus journey home. This is the most exciting part of the night. It is certainly closer that the game.

• The Jazz torched the Nets defense. The Nets were hedging the pick and roll. This means taking their big out to the ball handler and almost doubling the ball. The Jazz big was slipping the pick and the Jazz guard was quickly get the ball to the rolling big and it was killing the Nets. The Nets were slow brining the next guy over and then the big was able to pass to the corner if they wished or finish at the rim. The Jazz took full advantage of the Nets defensive deficiencies

• Ton of Jazz players had good games.

• Even early in the game when the Jazz were turning the ball over and not making shots the Jazz it was clear if the Jazz stuck with the plan they would be able to get what they wanted on almost every position

• Defensively the Jazz had a problem early in the game and then they changed their coverage a little and played it a bit softer and it derailed the nets offense.

• The Nets were disinterested in the game.

• Trey Lyles is 19 of 40 from 3 this year – 1 short of 50%. I am surprised when it doesn’t go in

• Rodney Hood has hit 27 straight free throws.

• I don’t know if I think Brook Lopez is a helpful player

• Jazz did a much better on the defensive glass tonight. Over the last 10 games they were worst defensive rebounding team in the NBA.

• Gordon Hayward equaled his season high with 9 assists. 8 for 12 shooting, 22 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists. He is doing this every night.

• Love Rodney Hood taking 7 free throws.

• That is about it. Hopefully we get home.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz fall in OT to the Knicks, but second-half D is issue

• Yes, these sting. Another overtime. Another close lose. Another game where the Jazz lead for a a good deal of the game and couldn’t close it. These sting.

• Jazz are making an incredible amount of shots late in games. How these last two games have gotten to overtime or the Sacramento game got to the final Rudy Gay shot is almost impossible. Today it was Trey Burke and Rodney Hood with 3s, Gordon with all three free throws. It really defies all logic that the Jazz have stayed in these games.

• Focus on this game should be on the 62 point Knick 2nd half. Nothing late in the game cost the Jazz the game. The 62 point 2nd half cost the Jazz the game.

• In the first half the Jazz were brilliant not allowing the Knicks to the free throw line, not allowing offensive rebounds and not allowing fast break points. At the half the Knicks had 1 FTA, 2 2nd chance points and 1 fast break basket for a 3.

• In the second half Robin Lopez lead the charge and the Jazz weren’t able to control the same items. Remember Rudy is coming off the MCL he played 44 minutes the other night in Charlotte and tonight he very well may have been playing on dead legs and worn out as the night went on. If he was on dead legs tonight then his effort was through the roof. Really quite awesome actually.

• Rodney Hood was marvelous. Rodney is 1 of 4 players in his draft class playing 30 minutes a night and he is a bonafide scorer. He knocked down the 3 tonight, he took advantage of mismatches. He plays with such patience and control. It is amazing that he is just a 2nd year player. He came into the league a little older with 3 years of college but he is still going to improve and understand the game.

• The Jazz struggled defending the point guard again tonight. Langston Galloway late in the game got way too many open looks.

• The Jazz were shading to Carmelo side to cut off his drive and Carmelo unselfishly passed over the top to open shooters and the Knicks knocked down shots. Carmelo has really struggled late in game this year and tonight he was willing to make the pass

• On Postcast I described Gordon’s play like going out to an amazing restaurant and then getting a bad dessert. The appetizer is amazing, the main course is through the roof. It would be nearly impossible to ask for anything more but then you get to the desert and it is not what you had hoped for it is and it leaves a poor taste in your mouth as the last memory. The rest of the meal was out of this world but you leave thinking about the desert that wasn’t as you hoped.

• Gordon has really been incredible the last few games.

• Quin altered things and tried to avoid ever having only one of Trey Burke, Rodney Hood and Gordon Hayward on the floor together at a time. Those are the only three scorers we have right now and if only one of them is on the floor it has been really hard for this team to score.

• Some big shots by Trey Lyles late in the game. He is going to be a really important piece.

• Carmelo 2nd half was really good.

• Jazz killed Carmelo on the pick and roll all 1st half. Melo says he watched film at halftime to figure it out. Not sure if that is why but the Jazz didn’t get the same actions in the 2nd half.

• Tough way to start this trip. An extra 15 minutes of basketball and nothing in the win column to speak for it.