• Thought we were on our road to Minnesota last year there for a moment but luckily the Jazz started making some shots in the 2nd half.   Offense is becoming hard to come by for this team.  Tonight Cleveland didn’t guard Ingles or Kanter, they went under on Trey and dropped off Favors a bit making it so there was no room on the floor for driving lanes and that makes it very hard to execute an offense without any spacing.
  • There has to be a little honesty in who we are playing right now.  This team was the 3rd youngest team in the NBA on opening night.  That is not good by the way if you are looking for wins.  Then as the season has gone on they have scored more points than any team in the league from players under 23 years old.   That is not great if you are looking for wins.  Now they have lost two players at the same position with a roster that doesn’t have a safety net.   It leaves the Jazz playing 75 minutes from rookies.  They played 32 minutes from guys on 10 day contracts.  They played about 140 of the 240 minutes from players with less than 2 years experience.  Wins are going to be tough to come by.
  • Points are also going to be tough to come by as well.   We have lots of guys who don’t really want to shoot.  We don’t have a lot of guys that have gravity on the offensive end.
  • When teams get into us defensively we don’t have a lot of answers on how to combat. At halftime we had just 40 points so we had scored just 109 points in 6 quarters.
  • Maybe tonight will ignite Enes Kanter.  Kanter had his 2nd 20-15 game of his career finishing with 24 points and 17 rebounds.  He had 14 points and 6 assists in the 4th quarter.  Nice of him to bounce back from a quiet first half shooting 2 for 8.
  • Jazz lead it 17-16 and then the offense went south.  The Jazz went from the 4:42 mark of the 1st quarter to the 8:08 mark of the 2nd quarter without a field goal and with only 3 points.  Then the Cavs opened the 3rd quarter on the wrong side of a 22-8 run and the game was over. Jazz down 28.
  • Trey Burke’s hot spell went out the window.  He is 2 for his last 20
  • Gordon Hayward is shooting 41% since December 1st
  • Milwaukee will be a real test they are one of the top defensive teams in the NBA over the past 15 games.   The offense will be tested.

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EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz felt on half the floor


  •  Ok I finished watching and reading everything I can about the Seahawks win and nothing about Andrew Luck’s disaster so I will give you a quick run down on the Jazz loss to the Spurs.


  • It was obvious doing my prep the Spurs are about to click in.  They are healthy and the Western Conference is so nuts that they have very little margin for error.  It is time to make a run before the all-star break and tonight they looked ready to do it


  • The Spurs defense was stifling.  They made everything hard on the Jazz. Hayward was getting contested hard shots early in the game and then retreated out for mid range shots and they weren’t falling.   Favors was rolling to the basket and the interior of the Spurs defense was shutting everything down.   The Jazz would run a play and get what they think they wanted and the Spurs would take it away immediately.


  • The Jazz defense was really very good all night.  It is hard to have a good defensive night when your offense is as bad as the Jazz offense was tonight but the Jazz were able to do it.  For most of the night they kept the Spurs under 40% shooting and without many three pointers (4 in the first three quarters).  This slipped a little in the 4thquarter but overall the defense was super impressive.


  • Rudy Gobert was at the center of the defense again.  It is undeniable what a huge impact he has on games for the Jazz on the offensive end.   He had a career high 18 rebounds.  Many early came on failed tip in attempts but the 11 defensive rebounds is awesome.  Rudy finished the night with 13 points, the Jazz leading scorer, he also had 18 rebounds, another 2 assists and 4 blocks.   Plus, he altered the Spurs activity around the basket all night.   He is tremendous.


  • The offense struggled all night but it really struggled with Rudy on the floor.  This is going to be a work in progress.  That is all part of the development of the team.


  • Gobert started the 2nd half instead of Kanter.   Quin said after the game their were no long term implications.  He said Rudy was playing better.  Kanter was disengaged tonight.  He has to be active and he has to be better than he has been.   Kanter is seriously lacking effort plays right now.  Kanter finished with 20 minutes, 4 points, 2 rebounds.


  • Kanter has stopped passing or at least stopped passing for assists.  In the first 28 games this year Kanter had 21 assists.  Not great but at least showing some improvement.  He has 1 in his last 9 games.   He has 1 assist in his last 224 minutes.


  • Rodney Hood hurt his left foot again.   It is really sad.  I was in a good deal of pain in the locker-room after the game.  Hope Rodney is out.  Feet issues are scary and clearly his are not in good shape so far this season.   He was playing with great aggressiveness today and was making progress then boom.


  • Tough night was a tough offensive night all the way around.   The Spurs plugged in and locked down.  I was really impressed with the Jazz holding the Spurs to 43 1st half points  and keeping the Spurs under 90 for the game.   The Jazz dictated tempo.  The Spurs had just 2 fast break points and just 32 points in the paint.  The game plan n Tony Parker was executed very well he was a non factor.   The Spurs are the world champs and better than the Jazz in every facet of the game but the Jazz were able to make themselves felt on half the floor tonight.  That is a big deal.



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EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz workman win over the Lakers

  •  Solid win by the Jazz tonight.  The Lakers have been a better team without Kobe all year and they put up a solid fight.   Coach Phil Johnson had a great point during the 4thquarter of the broadcast.   Don’t try to blow them out just try to win and that is what the Jazz did closing on a 11-4 run.


  • In two of the last three games the Jazz have forced over 20 turnovers.  That is an increase activity level on the defensive end by the Jazz.  Quin Snyder talks to the guys about activity index all the time at practice and it is the next step in the defensive process.  First was to understand the concepts and to know where to go and how to play.  Then the Jazz need to up the activity index to be able to impact plays and play with force.  The Lakers came in as the 4th best team in the NBA at taking care of the ball and the Jazz forced them into 21 turnovers


  • Gordon Hayward was solid in all 4th quarters.  He dominated the 1st quarter and then kept it rolling all night.  He had been having a tough January but the break in games made him look very re-freshed.  Hawyard is carrying one of the largest work loads in the NBA this year and fatigue is going to impact him.  Tonight he looked solid all night.


  • Jazz issue of scoring with Hayward on the bench continued tonight.  In the 6:21 he was on the bench in the 2nd quarter the Jazz scored 4 points and in the 4th quarter he sat for 6:02 and the Jazz scored 10 points.  So in the 12:23 he was on the bench the Jazz scored 14 points.


  • Derrick Favors and Trey Burke are building a nice relationship on the pick and roll.   Burke is coming off the pick and roll with aggressiveness and creating opportunities.   It looks as though the pick and roll is starting lower than it did earlier in the season.   Favors is really strong playing from the top and coming inside the 45 degree angle on each side on these pick and rolls.


  • Quin Snyder said minutes to the bigs would go to who is playing well.  Favors had 32, Gobert and Kanter 25 and Booker 13.


  • Hayward also had 7 assists


  • Over the last 14 games the Jazz have allowed the 4th fewest amount of points per game.   Tonight they only allowed the Lakers 85 points


  • The Lakers shot only 8 three pointers tonight and only took 1 one of them in the first 3 quarters.  That is criminal.


  • Rudy Gobert was solid again tonight.  He played 25 minutes and scored 7 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and 3 blocks


  • The Gobert effect tonight when Rudy was on the floor the Lakers shot 15 of 31 (48%) and when he was off the floor they shot 17/35 (48.5%).   The Jazz shot 21 of 43 (48.8%) with Rudy on the floor and 15 of 42 (35.7%) with him off the floor.  That is the most important note of the night.  The Jazz learning how to play offensively with Rudy.


  • Always good to beat the Lakers

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