TIPOFF – December 12 – Heat is on

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you the NBA 5, breaks down winning, and looks at ESPN’s Top 25 Under 25 and the Utah Jazz.

PODCAST – ESPN’s Kevin Pelton

Utah Jazz radio voice David Locke phones a friend ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton to discuss the latest in numbers and the early portion of the NBA

TIPOFF – December 11 – One play by whom?

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TIPOFF – December 10 – Fun one to break down

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke breaks down Utah’s win over the Spurs, gives the NBA 5, then breaks down six plays that show the growth of Utah’s offense and defense.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Lots of victories tonight

  • That’s a fun way to end a nine-game losing streak. This was a complete effort.  Everyone had a part, and the guys stayed engaged for the complete 48 minutes.  At no point did the Jazz let the game get away.
  • Key portion of the game was early in the second quarter when Gordon Hayward went out of the game and the Jazz were able to score. The Jazz have not been able to score for most of the season with Hayward on the bench, and this prevented the Jazz from having another second-quarter collapse.
  • The Spurs only hit four 3-pointers the whole night and only one in the second half. Tony Parker being out of the game restricted the ability of the Spurs to collapse the defense and get it out to shooters. At the same time, there were numerous plays where the Jazz cut off the penetration with good help defense and still got out to bother the shooter.
  • Derrick Favors really impressed me tonight. He struggled against Tim Duncan early and only increased his effort and desire to impact the game. This is a hard night for a big like Favors. They play solid defense. The slip lanes are not there. They protect the rim. They don’t get called for fouls and they don’t break down. For Favors to work through the night and impact the game the way he did is a huge sign of where he is headed.
  • Crazy night—the officials called traveling, a moving pick and three seconds in the key all on Tim Duncan in the same game. Have to assume in his 17-year career that has never happened.
  • The two calls late in the game against Favors were as bad as I’ve ever seen in this league. They were no-doubters. Usually when I’m upset about a call there is a little “well maybe.” Not on these. Just brutal.
  • Rodney Hood has been a little better each night. Tonight he took three strong drives to the basket. On one of them he elevated and tried to pack it with one hand. I didn’t know he could do that. It was really impressive—a level of athleticism that I haven’t seen. It’s very encouraging.
  • Rudy Gobert had a good night again impacting the game. Gobert Land is a nasty place for people to go.
  • Hayward showed the strength driving to basket tonight. He’s able to make so many plays that he couldn’t make a year ago. Gordon has scored 74% of his fourth-quarter baskets unassisted this year. That’s exactly what he couldn’t do a year ago.
  • While talk radio and Twitter are killing Enes Kanter for his defense, the narrative inside the team is very different. The narrative inside the team is that Kanter is making big steps—that he’s making a continual effort to learn how to play the game right and that he’s improving a great deal. His playing time is reflecting that.
  • Strong win tonight for the Jazz. Wins are more fun than losses, but the little victories are still what’s important. Had the Jazz fallen late, the night would have been about the fight and the effort and growth—steps toward the system and numerous individuals making strides.

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