EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Hots and a poor performance

  •  I am pretty blank tonight crew.   Sorry.  Tough night for everyone in the Jazz family and I am sure for you as well as a Jazz fan.  We lost one of our pillars.  This foundation has come a long way.  So far I don’t think many of us realize where it once stood.  Hot Rod brought legitimacy to this franchise.  He educated a city about the NBA and then he took us on a joyous ride through the ups and downs of a developing franchise until we peaked in the incredible run to the Finals.  Then he kept us on the journey.  Each night was filled with passion for the game and a love for the franchise.


  • Hots started as my hero when I was a kid.  Then he was my mentor over the 7 years that I was the studio host for the radio and finally he I am proud to say he was my friend.


  • There has never been a day when I have the radio voice of the Jazz where I didn’t feel like I was doing hot rod’s job.  Tonight it was overwhelming.


  • Very nice touch by the Denver Nuggets to do a moment of silence before the game tonight.


  • On the floor the Jazz were not good tonight.   For a long time I have been saying at some point the hard word and constant demand on these guys will lead to a dead night and here it was.  Other than Gordon no one could hit a shot early in the game.  Somehow at the end of 1 quarter they were still in the game.   The 2nd quarter was a game of runs with the Nugs going 13-0 the Jazz following with 11-0 and then Nugs got the extra one and the Jazz never recovered


  • The ball is beginning to stick on offense more than it did earlier in the year


  • Rudy has to roll to hoop and put pressure on the rim to flatten out the defense.  They were better at this in the 2nd half.


  • The Jazz allowed Ty Lawson to get in the lane and create and the defense collapsed.


  • The whole team was poor tonight.  But G put up another 20 point night finishing with 24 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists.


  • Favors left the game with back spasms.


  • This team is really limited.  There are pieces in place but this roster is not complete.  For these guys to go on the run they did for over a month has to have taken a toll.  Most nights the other team is more talented so the collective energy and focus by the Jazz has to be at an incredibly high level to have success.   This may have worn these team down and there are not a lot of spots the rest of the way to catch your breath.


  • Dante Exum had the flu and that is why he didn’t play the 2nd half.


  • Trey Burke had another 25% or below night.  He has to find a way to not be under 25% 1 out of every 4 nights.


  • Denver hit a season high 13 three pointers.  They came in 29th in the NBA in 3 point shooting.



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EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Great battle but All-Stars took over


  •  Really solid effort from the Jazz tonight.   Without Hayward, Hood and Burks it is almost impossible for Quin to build an offense and use his playmakers and these guys battled all night.  This performance shows all the same signs of the Jazz being a very good team with some adjustments.


  • The Blazers two all stars were terrific late in the game.  Namely Dame Lillard.  Lillard carried the Blazers late and willed them to the win.  Lilliard had 13 points in the 4th and 21 in the 2nd half.  He took over and he was the best player on the floor.   Aldridge had 9 in the 4thquarter and a huge offensive rebound.  The Blazers had to win tonight.  They had lost 5 in a row and had to win.  Simply couldn’t afford to lose to an undermanned team like the Jazz.   They didn’t.


  • Trey Burke was really solid tonight.  He stayed is lane.  He didn’t over play the game.  He made some runners, he hit a few mid range shots and only took 1 three pointers.  I would like him to take more than 1 three pointer a night but in this slump it is smart to take the other looks.


  • The Blazers on average shoot 28 three’s and only allow opponents to shoot 18.  Tonight the Blazers took 27 and the jazz took 16.


  • This was not a well officiated game.


  • Favors had 19 in the first half and finished with 26 points and 13 rebounds.  22nd time he has gone over 20 and 13th time he has gone 20-10.  His array of moves in the first half was awesome.  He hit a hook coming from each side.  He hit a fade away jumper on the left baseline.  He hit the free throw line jumper.  He had a vicious follow jam.  Very impressive outing against a high level defensive team.


  • Joe Ingles did not try to miss the free throw late in the game.


  • Favors was the release valve on the final play.  It was designed for Trey or Joe and neither could get open so Derrick is designed to come to the ball as the final option.  He almost banked it in.


  • Elijah Millsap did a lot of aggressive things tonight.  He really struggles to finish at the rim, he missed 4 free throws and he had 4 turnovers.  He also had 3 steals, 2 assists and 8 rebounds.  A real mix bag that showed that he has some NBA talents and that he need to make progress in other areas this summer. This is a great learning tool for him to understand the NBA game.  He has played in so many places but to finally have the NBA experience will help him grow a ton.


  • The jazz played 4 rookies, 3 2nd year players of the 9 players they played tonight.   The short minutes in the 2nd and the 4th quarter where Quin had to play Clark, Cooley and others were costly.  Jazz were -7 in Cooley’s 5 minutes but Quin didn’t have a choice he was trying to stretch the game and not bury Gobert and Favors.


  • Jazz held the Blazers to a season low 12 points in a quarter in the first and stymied them again in the third allowing just 18 points.


  • This was a lot to ask a lot of guys.   Asking Trey to carry this team, for Joe and Elijah to be offensive initiators and for Clark and Cooley to battle in important minutes is tough and they all gave everything they had in the effort. The all-stars were really good late.

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