STAT CHECK – Jazz Advanced Numbers last 10 games

I was asked via twitter for the Jazz advanced numbers over the last 10 games.
TS% – True Shooting percentage (pts per scoring opportunity)
EFG% – Shooting % weighing the 3 point shot
STUD – Is Cringe or Grin. Use of possession compared to league average
LHM – The Larry H Miller rating
Locke Offense: Is my rating that weighs ability to use a possession and efficiency of that possession.
Activity – Is a system used by former NBA coach Bob Hill.
Jack – how often you use a possession

Here is the more traditional look

STAT CHECK – How Jazz players use their possessions

This is how player use possessions. Every offensive possession ends with a 2 pt shot, a 3 pts shot, a turnover or free throw attempts. This breaks down how each player uses a possession. At the top is the league average. Pts per scoring opportunity does not count turnovers but turnovers are included in possession count. Kevin O’Connor keeps a close eye on Pts/FGA.

On tip off the other day I commented you can’t win if your number #1 shot attempt guy scores less points than FGA. Same really goes for the #2 guy. Jefferson is way to close to averaging 1 to 1 at 1.09.

STAT CHECK – Utah Jazz Locke Advanced Stats

These are the numbers that I watch the most often.
CRINGE/GRIN – Is the raw breakdown of if a players uses a possession above or below the league average
LHM – Is the late Larry H Miller’s stat that he used to use.
LOCKE – This is my stat – 0= replacement level 10 = is usually average this year it is 5.26 20= high level starter and 30=is elite very elite
ACTIVE – is a rating system used by former NBA Head Coach Bob Hill to see an impact a player has on a game
JACK% – the amount of time in between player use possessions
POSS – Amount of possessions used.