STAT CHECK—Who passes the least in the NBA?

After watching the Kings last night I decided to see who throws the fewest passes in the NBA. I’m using the NBA player tracking data to do this. This includes players who play at least 20 minutes a game.

Here are the top 20 players who pass the least.

20 least common passersNow the 20 players who pass the most often (obviously there is a data error here).

20 most common passers

STAT CHECK – The Utah Jazz through the VU Cameras

VU Stats notes on the Utah Jazz

  • Gordon Hayward leads the NBA in 42.9 miles travelled and leads at 2.7 miles per game.
  • Derrick Favors has run 37.3 miles this season
  • Enes Kanter has run 33 miles.
  • Gordon Hayward has 1187 touches this season highest of any non point guard other than Kevin Love.
  • Gordon Hayward averages 67.2 front court touches a game the most of any non point guard
  • Derrick Favors 6.4 close touches a game is the 5th most in the NBA, Enes Kanter is 9th with 6.1 close touches.
  • Jazz run very little offense off the elbow – Favors lead Jazz with 5.4
  • Gordon Hayward is 5th in the NBA in secondary assists, passes that lead to the assist at 1.8 a game.  He is also 7th in the league in FT assists per game, assists that lead to FG at .9 a game.
  • Best rim protectors in the NBA are holding teams below 40% and the worst are allowing above 60%.  Derrick Favors is at 50.7%, Kanter is 54.4%, Gobert is 44.4%,  Marvin Williams is 46.2%,  Evans is 64.3%
  • Gordon Hayward gets 67.7% of rebounds he has a chance to get (within 3.5 feet) 16th best in the NBA of players getting 4.5 rebs or more a game.  Gobert grabs 66.3%, Marvin Williams grabs 61.3%,  Favors 58.7%,  Kanter 50% – Kanter is 114th out of 117 out of players averaging 4.5 rebs a game.  Millsap is 113th.
  • Favors is 10th in the NBA in contested rebounds per game at 4.1, Kanter is 16th at 3.9.  Kanter is 3rd in the NBA in the % of his rebounds that are contested.
  • Gordon Hayward leads the Jazz with 6.6 drives per game.  The Jazz get 7.3 pts on those drives
  • Richard Jefferson is shooting 52% on drives and the Jazz get 4.6 pts on his 4 drives per game
  • Marvin Williams leads the Jazz in catch and shoot points at 5.6 per game, he is shooting 44% on catch and shoot and 45.7% on catch and shoot three’s.
  • Richard Jefferson is shooting 36% on catch and shoot and 37% on catch and shoot three’s, he takes 4.7 catch and shoot attempts a game.
  • Gordon Hayward is getting 4.7 catch and shoots a game but shooting just 29.3% on catch and shoot and 32.7% from three.
  • Trey Burke has missed all 12 catch and shoot shots this year
  • Enes Kanter shoots 44% on catch and shoot.
  • John Lucas shoots 32.5% on catch and shoot and 35.1% from three.
  • Gordon Hawyward takes 6.6 pull shots per game and hits on 35.2% and 20% if it is a three
  • Trey Burke is hitting 40% of his pull ups and 50% if they are three.
  • Alec Burks shoots 24.3% on pull ups and 20%  from 3  – 9th worst in the NBA for EFG%

STAT CHECK – Jazz Locke Stats after 10 games

Jazz after 10 games


cringe/Grin — Does he use a possession above or below the league average

LHM – Larry H Miller evaluation system

Locke – My offensive ranking – 0 is replacement level  - 8 to 10 is league average

Activity – Former Coach in NBA ranking system

Jack % – How often they use a possession

2%,3%,FT%,TO% – % of possessions used to …

SO – Scoring opportunities per 40 minutes – scoring opportunity shot or trip to line

POSS – Possession used per game