TIPOFF – December 1 – Hello December! Where do we stand? Plus the NBA 5

How did the Jazz do in the opening month of the season? And today’s NBA 5 is dominated by the Western Conference.

POSTCAST – Locke and Boone recap Utah’s loss to the Clippers

The Utah Jazz radio team recaps Utah’s performance against the Clippers.

TIPOFF – November 26 – Little plays and the restricted area

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA insider David Locke looks at the NBA 5 and then digs deep on the little plays that win a game and Alec Burks’ play in the restricted area.

TIPOFF – November 25 – Comeback hurt from start

Utah Jazz radio voice David Locke gives you the NBA 5 and then looks back at Utah’s performance against the Bulls.

TIPOFF – November 24 – AD, AB and AK

Today’s edition of TIPOFF includes a conversation about Anthony Davis, Alec Burks as this year’s Gordon Hayward, and the possibility of trading for AK.

PODCAST – November 21 – Locke visits with DJ & PK

No TIPOFF from San Francisco today. Instead, Locke joined DJ & PK to talk some Jazz basketball.

TIPOFF – November 20 – #nbanerd

Locke looks at a crazy night of games in the NBA 5, breaks down some Jazz trends, and introduces a new Excel sheet on who takes smartest shots and who makes most of their shots.

PODCAST – 2 guys on the Pac-12

Ian Furness and David Locke look in-depth at the final two weeks of the Pac-12 season. Who will rise to the top for the championship game? The also discuss the value of field position, punting and more.