INSIDER – Notes from a conversation with Enes Kanter

Yesterday before the Jazz game with Houston I spent some time with Enes Kanter. We don’t hear much from him so I wanted to share a little about how he is doing and some of his thoughts. Sometimes there is a language barrier so I could have misunderstood, but I believe this is a correction depiction of our conversation.

He Skypes with his parents about twice a week. Both are working full time jobs so he doesn’t think they will be able to come visit this season. If they do it would be at the end of the season. His younger brother is in school in Boston so he can have a collegiate basketball experience without NCAA interference.

He doesn’t have a lot of friends still in Turkey. He doesn’t Facebook or doing any of that so it limits his communication. He came to the US to go to prep school trying to get eligible for the NCAA and bounced around, he was in West Virginia, then took another short stop and then ended up in Simi Valley.

The best game he has ever played was the U16 world championships when he crushed Jonas Valanciunas. He averaged 23 and 17 in that tourney. He might have been speaking of the U18 championships I am not sure.

He said this is the first time he has ever played people as strong as he is and he really noticed the night the Jazz played Minnesota and he hit Pekovic , who is 6’11 and 290.

The hardest thing for him so far has been just playing again after not playing for so long. At times the game feels fast for him. He still says he is not comfortable.

His bad game in New York he was sick.

I will share more with you as I get to know Enes better.