FILM STUDY — Defending Kobe Bryant

Defending Kobe

Bryant 20 shot attempts
1) CJ Miles – split double drives lane to the rim – blocked by Millsap – MISS
2) CJ Miles – isolation right wing three point jumper – contested – MISS
3) CJ Miles – isolation right side mid block fader – contested – MISS
4) Howard – right block deep off cross – uncontested – MISS
5) Howard – catch at rim – uncontested – MISS
6) Tinsley – left elblow forces Kobe to drive – contested – MISS
7) CJ Miles – off a pick three point shot – contested – GOOD
8) CJ Miles – three ball straight away – uncontested – MISS
9) Howard – angle left three point jumper – uncontested – MISS
10) CJ Miles – right win isolation 1 on 1 21 footer –contested – MISS
11) CJ Miles – pick and roll splits double into lane misses floater – uncontested – MISS
12) CJ Miles – left block – stymied on move fade away – contested – MISS
13) CJ Miles – left mid block – fadeaway – contested – GOOD
14) Hayward – left wing 17 footer – contested – MISS
15) Hayward – drive left to baseline 16 foot fader – contested – MISS
16) Hayward – deep right block to the middle -3 footer – contested – MISS
17) Hayward – drive from top to right spin back and fade – contested – MISS
18) Hayward – pop out angle left three – contested – MISS
19) CJ Miles – drive into traffic from three feet — contested – GOOD
20) CJ Miles – off screen three to tie the game – contested – MISS

I don’t have the data on the 9 free throws that Bryant took

Kobe also committed 7 tunrovers
1) CJ Miles defending in the post pokes it away
2) CJ Miles slides his feet and takes a charge
3) CJ Miles reaches in a knocks ball off Kobe’s foot
4) Kobe drives into traffic and losses the dribble.
5) CJ Miles draws an offensive foul in the post
6) Kanter and Harris force a terrible pass for a turnover
7) CJ Miles defending and Kobe throws ball away.

• CJ Miles forced 6 turnovers on the night. Bryant was 3 for 11 when guarded by CJ and 9 of those were contested shots.
• Hayward guarded Kobe for 5 4th quarter possessions and Kobe went 0 for 5 and all shots were contested.
• Josh Howard had a tough time with Kobe. Kobe missed three shots he almost always makes when guarded by Josh.
• The take away here is how little Kobe was able to get himself free.
• Kobe was unable to drive past the Jazz defenders to get to the rim.

FILM STUDY – Part 2 – How the Jazz big men perform in the post?


At this point, not a lot to learn here. Almost everything is in the left block. Unlike the other guys he has a nice foundation of moves that he is mixing between with a set goal on each touch.

He seems to know based on how he is being defended where he is going with the ball everytime. The question is could he do it quicker? His footwork is really special so he is able to adjust when he needs to.


Watching the collection of post ups by Paul recently is a hard watch. He is usually on the right block and he is trying to get by guys with his quickness off the dribble and he isn’t. Then if he beats someone and any help defense comes he is not a good enough athlete to rise up over them and his lack of height really shows. His lack of height is very obvious on these plays. Ron Boone has been mentioning this he is getting really tough looks.

His counter move is a fade baseline jumper similar to what Boozer used to do, but Paul is not getting the separation he needs and that shot is getting blocked at times and he hasn’t used it recently. He has become almost entirely straighten up and put the ball on the floor at the big man.

When he scored it was off Jefferson getting the ball in the high or mid post and he sneaks underneath the rim for deep position. Paul is remarkable off the ball at getting himself free. When is guarded by a young player he is able to draw a foul, Patrick Patterson, Jan Vesley or Derrick Williams. However, he is not facing the best defenders. Those players are on Jefferson and Millsap is not beating Scola, Patterson, Bonner, Booker, Ayon and Cunningham.


Watching him he is much more comfortable on the left block going to the middle than anything else. He is a bit lost on the right block of what he wants to do with the ball. His best move from the right block is to the middle for a little fading jumper. All of the moves are there but it doesn’t feel like he has a progression of what he is trying to do. For example, against New York he had a really nice move from the right block where he started to the middle and then came back for a baseline jump hook. That was really solid. If he could put those two together into his primary and his counter then he has the framework for a post game. Against, LA they went to him on the right block and Murphy overplayed him to the middle and he went up and under to the baseline for the lay-up. That is the three play package that he needs from the right block. Yet, at times we still see other things, like a left hand hook. It is just too much.

From the left block his primary move is rolling hook to the middle. The other thing he will do is straighten up fast and put it on the floor to the baseline side. His other left block play is a jumper over the top. Again this is the package he need but none of it is refined. This is less effective.

The Oklahoma City game on Feb 10th Favors was really engaged and active. Since then he has been much more passive with his moves.


The bright side is he is so big he gets great position and can really seal people. Otherwise, his post play is where you can tell how little he has played. Where his rebounding is instinct, his post play needs some patter and thought and it is not there yet.

He has a signature move from which to build. He gets the ball on the left block and he will always take a slight move to the middle and then drop step to the baseline side to the rim. He uses his body so well that he moves people.

I am not sure he has scored on any other move all season. He has a nice touch so he will develop a jumper off that move and maybe a short J to the middle. When he doesn’t get to his main move is can be a pretty tough possession.

He is elevating more as the season goes on. Looking at his early season plays and he was having a hard time finishing because he couldn’t get off the ground.

He dribbles the ball way to close to his body and is susceptible to getting the ball swiped on the reach around. This has happened numerous times.

FILM STUDY – Jazz offense the last 5 minutes v. Spurs

Al Jefferson scored back to back baskets from the left block over Tim Duncan. From that point on the Jazz offense got just two field goals. Let’s breakdown what took place in this film study.

Jefferson’s 1st fg was a 17 foot jumper that gave the Jazz a 2 point lead with 5:40 left.

Then Jefferson went up and under on Ducan to give the Jazz the 96-94 lead. Then the Spurs adjusted.

4:43 left – Spurs 97-96 – Spurs commit back to back fouls defending Jeferson. They bring the double team from the baseline and Richard Jefferson. Al gets fouled by Jefferson.

4:33 left – Spurs 97-96 = Jazz got to the right block for Millsap guarded by Matt Bonner and Millsap works to the middle and misses the 6 footer over Bonner.

4:07 left – Spurs 98-96 = Harris runs side pick and roll with Jefferson. Parker intercepts the pass to Jefferson that had no room. Turnover Jazz.

3:44 left – Spurs 100-96 = Jazz run Jefferson to left elbow. Hayward is coming off a baseline curl but Spurs are switching so Howard instead of picking pop out to the right elbow off a Millsap pick and Howard misses the 15 foot jumper. Really good execution on the play by the Jazz and a good look.

3:16 left – Spurs 100-96 – Spurs double Jefferson in left block with Bonner. Jefferson kicks out to Harris who swings to Howard. Howard penetrates and finds Millsap under the rim to left of the basket but as Millsap goes up Duncan and Bonner recover and Millsap can’t make the shot in the paint in traffic. Again very good execution by the Jazz.

2:50 left – Spurs 100-96 – Jazz run a pick and roll angle left with Harris and Jefferson. Key to this play the pick and roll is not really a side and not a high pick and roll they catch the Spurs in between. Jefferson sets the pick and Harris veers left for a nice open 16 footer and he hits. Very strong play set by the Jazz. Pop takes a timeout.

2:27 left – Spurs 102-98 — 1st option on the play is to go to Millsap in the left block but Bonner denies and Millsap can’t get the ball. Jazz then go to option 2 nicely. Howard hits Harris at the top and quickly get into a pick and roll at the top of the key with Harris and Jefferson. Harris goes left kicks to Jefferson for the free throw line jumper and he hits. Jazz execution so far has been flawless.

1:49 left – Spurs 102-100 – Parker misses, Jazz have transition opportunity and Howard throws awful outlet pass that is stolen. Turnover.

1:25 left – Spurs 102-100 – Howard with the steal. Great transition defense by Spurs. Jefferson in left block. As he goes to work Spurs double with Bonner. Jazz spacing is not as good as Howard is in the right block standing next Millsap allowing Richard Jefferson to guard both players. Jefferson passes out to Harris. Howard flashes to the free throw line. Same play as before, but last time he was at the three point line. Howard goes 1 on 1 and misses the runner. Hayward was wide open in right corner but has not been making that shot. Jazz got Howard on a runner but the play was never smooth out of the inbound wth :14 on the shot clock. Howard shot with :09 Jazz rushed this a little. Offensive tip by Jefferson no good, next rebound in Millsap arm’s and gets ripped away.

:39.8 left – Spurs 102-100 – notice time difference from Howard’s turnover at 1:49. Jazz only get 1 chance in 1:10. Spurs brilliant use of the clock. Jazz make an initial quick look to Jefferson in left block. Hayward couldn’t get free on the left wing to make the entry pass. Harris astutely re-sets the play with a wing pass to Howard on right wing who then re-sets Harris.

The Jazz then run into a high pick and roll with Harris and Jefferson at top of the key. The pick by Jefferson is at the top of the three point line straight away and he flairs to the right elbow. Harris finds Jefferson and he misses the jumper. This is the same play that worked at the 2:27 mark. The lack of a three point shooter hurts the Jazz because Neal slides in off Hayward on the left wing and never gives Harris any chance to really drive and therefore, Duncan is able to get back to Jefferson and effect the shot. Execution was as good as it could have been again.