FILM STUDY – Spurs offensive play by play 1st quarter

Spurs Possessions – BOLD MEANS SCORES
1st Quarter
1) Duncan left block – Duncan miss on Jefferson – well defrend
2) Duncan left block – isolation on Jefferson scores. Cut off initial pick and roll
3) Duncan right block – Duncan misses over Jefferson
4) Parker/Duncan high pick and roll – Defended well – Parker turnover
5) Diaw Right Block – Baseline spin on Millsap for two
6) Diaw Drive to Leonard – Diaw drives on Millsap into the lane over shoulder to Leonard
7) Parker/Duncan side pick and roll – Dish out to Green misses open three
8) Duncan handoff to Parker – very well defended by Harris for a miss in the lane
9) Parker/Duncan pick and roll – pick at 18 on clock Parker easy floater in the lane
10) Parker/Diaw/Duncan double pick – – pick at 17 on clock – Parker misses open 15 footer.
11) Parker/Duncan pick and roll – early at 20 on clock – Millsap strips Duncan
12) Ginobili Jumper off in bound – hits from right baseline 16 footer
13) Parker off double curl – Parker comes off baseline and catches hits runner in lane.
14) Fast Break Diaw – Parker pushes gets into the lane no problem finds Diaw 3 pt play
15) Parker pull up – Jazz deny the Ginboli/Diaw pick and roll and Spurs swing to Parker who misses
16) Ginobili/Duncan pick and roll – Jazz defend it well and Duncan reverses to Jackson for jumper
17) Parker/Duncan pick and roll – early set at 18 – Jackson misses three from the top
18) Jackson straight line drive – offensive rebound out to Jackson who straight-line to the hoop
19) Fast Break Dunk Manu – Duncan throws an amazing outlet pass
20) Jackson/Splitter pick and roll – defended only ok Jackson got deep in paint, great close by Favs
21) Neal /Splitter pick and roll – Neal open for 16 footer. Jefferson zoning area.
22) Manu/Splitter pick and roll – Jefferson show harder on Manu Splitter slips wide open and misses layup
23) Bonner spot up 3 – Neal/Splitter pick and roll started it – Jefferson showed hard. Favors slides to Splitter and then Bonner is open in corner.
24) Manu misses jumper – Off inbound Manu deeks Gordon gets wide open but misses
25) Splitter tip in on o-rebound – Kanter gets pushed out but he battled harder than I thought when it happened.

FILM STUDY – The Spurs Pick and Roll, who is running it, who is defending, what happens

Looking at the Spurs Pick and Roll plays, these are only those plays that end with the ball handler or the roll man on the pick and roll. This does not count any time Parker penetrated and dished off to someone other than the ball handler. Those are in a lot of the spot up plays.
Overall observations before you look at it play for play.
• Tim Duncan sets the best picks and from all different angels. On PARKER/DUNCAN pick and rolls the Spurs were 4 of 6 from the field.
• Manu Ginobili wants his picks high and Tony Parker gets his early in the offense and very low
• When Al Jefferson was the defending big and ball hander shot (usually Parker) he was 5 of 7. They were 0 for 3 with 2 fouls when the ball went to the big.
• Jefferson and Millsap seems to zone the paint playing back near the rim with very little aggressiveness. Favors went to the ball handler and shadowed the ball handler and Kanter was the most aggressive going out to the ball handler and altering the route. I have no idea which was correct but it is very telling that all 4 Jazz bigs defended the play differently.
• On all of these when Favors is the big the Spurs scored on 1 of 4 times.
• The Spurs are really really good.

The first 18 will be where the ball handler ended with the ball. The next 8 will be the roll man
1) MAKE JUMPER- PARKER/DUNCAN — Right to left into middle of the lane. Off Duncan pick, Jefferson is way off Duncan has no impact on the play and Harris is picked off trailing and Parker hits easy floater in the lane. Harris tried to go over pick.

2) MISS JUMPER – PARKER/DIAW/DUNCAN – left to right double pick – jump shot from the right elbow missed. Harris gets buried by Diaw. Both Millsap and Jefferson slide down to cover area. Parker opts for 15 footer with lots of space and misses.

3) MAKE JUMPER – NEAL/SPLITTER — Neal comes off corner for a 16 footer and hits. Tinsley does little to get through the pick and Jefferson shades back having no impact on the play.

4) TURNOVER – MANU/SPLITTER – Nearly at midcourt and Manu splits the pick and roll and Hayward reaches from behind for the steal.

5) MAKE LAYUP – PARKER/SPLITTER – Parker Left to Right in early offense. Kanter is the defender of Splitter. Kanter steps out on Parker Tinsley able to get back and cut off Parker and Parker retreats to run it again with Splitter. This time to the baseline. Kanter slows his progress, Burks rotates perfectly and Parker hits a circus up and under reverse layup.

6) MISS JUMPER – PARKER/DUNCAN – Parker from top to right – Has picks waiting at each elbow goes off Duncan off a right hand dribble. Favors steps out and shadows Parker and forces him into a miss on floater

7) MISS JUMPER – DIAW/DUNCAN – Jefferson switches with Millsap staying on Duncan and Diaw misses a runner.

8) MAKE LAYUP – PARKER/ DUNCAN – early offense. This is the ultimate how they talk about the different angles Duncan sets the pick. Parker takes a hard step right and cross back over left and Duncan is right behind Tinsley. Jefferson had guessed on the first move and is way out of position. Parker finishes off contact from Millsap

9) FOUL – PARKER/DIAW – Early offense again, Parker gets pick from Diaw going left to right much higher than Duncan sets it. Millsap shadows the pick and Tinsley fouls on a pass off.

10) MISS JUMPER – PARKER/DUNCAN – From the top goes to his right off Duncan. Jefferson plays it soft in the middle of the lane and Harris swipes at the shot and blocks it.

11) MISS JUMPER – PARKER/DIAW – Parker left side comes to the right and then reverse off the pick. Millsap is the big on the play and is out of the play by the time Parker drives, nice help from the weak side by Jefferson forces the miss.

12) MAKE LAYUP – PARKER/DUNCAN – Parker left side again goes away from pick. Jefferson is no where near the play and Harris is burned by trying to force him away from pick . Easy layup to the window – terrible defense from all involved.

13) MISS LAYUP – GINOBILI/BLAIR – Hayward and Favors are the defenders. Ginobili gets by Hayward, Favors shadows terrifically and forces Manu into a fade away shot that is blocked.

14) TURNOVER – GINOBILI/BLAIR – Same spot as play before – same defenders, Hayward and Favors, this time Manu goes to the middle, Hayward gets over pick well and gets another steal of Manu

15) MAKE LAYUP – PARKER/BLAIR – Kanter is the big defending with Tinsley – pick is very high above three point line. Parker get to the basket and a foul.

16) MISS LAYUP – PARKER/BLAIR – Early offense pick set in the paint. WOW. Kanter steps out on Parker and blocks the shot – Popovich gets a tech off this play.

17) FOUL – GINOBILLI/DIAW – Hayward and Favors again. This is from the logo, Favors stays with Manu well but gets called for foul at the end

18) MAKE JUMPER – PARKER/DUNCAN – Left to right from the top of the three point line. Jefferson stays back and zones the lane – Parker hits a 8 foot jumper
8 WHERE THE PICKER GOT THE BALL (The final two were with Ahearn in the game)
1) MISS LAYUP – PARKER/DUNCAN – Early offense Parker right to left, pick set in the lane, Parker gets to rim hands to Duncan who gets it ripped by Millsap on the catch. Well played by Millsap. Jefferson was the other big.

2) MISS LAYUP – MANU/SPLITTER – Manu from the top defenders are Hayward and Jefferson. Jefferson shows Manu finds a wide open Splitter as Jefferson couldn’t get back in time and Splitter misses a wide open layuo

3) FOUL – LEONARD/SPLITTER – Great defense by Tinsley denies Parker the ball with 7 on shot clock this is all that is left. Kanter is the big and he and shows and the pass gets down to Splitter, Favors late coming over fouls Splitter on the ball fake

4) FOUL – PARKER/DUNCAN – Early offense left to right. Jefferson the defending big. Jefferson commits out to Parker and Parker finds Duncan going to the window. Millsap slides over and fouls Duncan. They are good.

5) MISS JUMPER – PARKER/DUNCAN – Parker goes left to right. Jefferson zones the lane and then goes to Parker leaving Duncan open for 15 footer that he misses.

6) MAKE LAYUP – GINOBILI/BLAIR – Blair slips the pick before it si set and Favors is too high, easy layup for Blair—these guys are good.

7) MISS LAYUP – PARKER/BLAIR – Kanter is the big defending. He goes out and attacks Parker who is going left to right from the top. Favors with great help forces the miss

8) FOUL – PARKER/BLAIR – Tinsley and Jefferson the defenders. Parker comes off pick at the free throw line, Jefferson zones the middle and bounce pass to Blair and he is fouled at the rim.

FILM STUDY – The Spurs Spot Up Offense

The Spurs are a pick and roll and spot up team. For the season 23% of the Spurs offense is pick and roll and 23% is sput up. They were at their numbers on Sunday. 23% of the offense was spot ups and they hit 11 of 23 shots with 6 of 15 being three’s scoring an incredible 1.25 pts per possessions on spot ups.

Here are the 22total spots up – some of the items defined by Synergy don’t seem to be spot ups so I left those out.

1) MISS – Parker penetrates off early offense to Green in left corner Hayward flys at him but had to sag in on Parker penetration. Green misses shot.

2) MISS – Jazz defend a Manu pick and roll well, Spurs swing and Parker misses a dribble in 14 footer – not truly a spot up

3) MAKE – Duncan right block throw out to angle left to Stephen Jackson for 22 footer. Very slow close by DeMarre Carroll.

4) MISS – Parker off early pick and roll with Duncan works left to right into lane, cut off by Carroll flairs out to Jackson who misses three

5) MAKE – Neal comes off early pick with Splitter, Bonner flairs to left corner, Favors gets caught inside off a pick. Long pass Jazz aren’t used to. Favors has to be following out better.

6) DUNK – Manu pumps fakes Carroll out of the gym and then has a clear lane to drive to the basket – Kanter never leaves his man and never contests. Favors is out on Bonner in the left corner after getting beat by three a few plays earlier.

7) MAKE – Parker penetrates into the lane gets under the hoop and throws to left corner for Jackson three. Good. Carroll came into the lane to almost the right side of the basket to stop Parker leaving Jackson wide open

8.) MISS – 2 for 1 to close the half Parker penetrates with ease by Harris, ball rotation to Ginobili who misses a three.

9) MISS – Parker at end of half kicks out to Bonner – Hayward runs at him and effects the shot.

10) MAKE – I would call this more of a isolation drive, Diaw into the lane with very little difficulty against Millsap and gets a sweeping hook.

11) MISS – Duncan open top of the key jumper missed

12) MISS – Leonard angle right three missed. Parker off the pick and roll, Howard steps down to cut him off and leaves Leonard wide open. Missed

13) MISS – Parker probing gets into the lane kicks out to Green angle right – best close out thus far by Hayward Green misses

14) MISS – Parker runs pick and roll on the left and gets baseline, back defense by Jazz big off search dribble throws to wide open Leonard who misses an easy three. This was against the big lineup

15) FOUL – Parker catches at the top off Manu penetration – Parker is fouled by a flat footed Harris

16) MAKE – Penetration and ball movement leaves Neal open on the left for a good look three.

17) MAKE – Jackson three with Carroll all over him, for the open misses this is a tough make. Parker assist off the pick and roll well defended by Tinsley

18) MAKE – Parker high pick and roll as 3rd quarter comes to close and Parker starts to penetrate and Favors takes a single step off Bonner and Parker hits Bonner for three. Millsap had done his job Favors didn’t need to sag in.

19) MISS – perfect defense and perfect ball movement – Jackson left corner misses the look. Kanter played the pick and roll high well and got back well but the Spurs move the ball so fast Jackson still got a really good look

20) MISS – Jazz run Bonner off the line and he misses runner in the lane

21) MAKE – Ginobili left wing pick and roll guarded well finds Duncan who immediately reverses ball to Jackson who swings to Bonner leaving Al Jefferson as the rotation out and no way

22) MAKE – Jazz defend this well and Hayward runs Leonard off the corner but he pulls up into a jumper.

My conclusion on this is the penetration from Parker was too easy as it was for Ginobili. The Jazz did rotate. The effort could be a little more intense but it was good and the Spurs move the ball faster than a guy can move that is the essence of who they are. Not sure the Jazz are trusting each other very well. Namely guys are all sagging in on Parker not believing the big is going to be able to get the job done in preventing Parker’s penetration. They may be right.

The Spurs run a ton off early offense pick and roll usually right to left and it is super effective.

FILM STUDY – Why Parker is so tough to guard

Spurs Tony Parker is having as good a year as anyone in the NBA. The next two plays show why he is so hard to guard. These are taken out of a Memphis v. San Antonio game recently and they happened near each other.

One play #1 Parker gets a low pick from Duncan. Notice where Duncan sets the pick. Mike Conley defending Parker has no choice but to go over the pick since it is so low. The Spurs have the floor spaced perfectly but the Grizzlies are still shading into the lane. Conley could make a bit more contact but this is pretty good and he still ends up trailing. The rest of the Grizzlies play this well. Gasol covers the middle, others shade in on Parker and force him into a 15 footer. Which he makes .

On Play #2 the Grizzlies have a bigger defender OJ Mayo on Parker. They are taking away his preferred left to right action. Mayo over plays forcing Parker away from the screed by Duncan. Look at the floor spacing it is perfect. Bonner is at the top and the two other Spurs are in the corners ready to hit the corner three. This forces the Grizzlies defenders to stay close to their men and it makes the floor wide open. Notice on the first picture how Gasol is shading his area to deny the drive from Parker. However, with the floor spaced this well Gasol has no chance. Parker drives at him and the defenders are too slow to come help because the Spurs are the top Spot Up team in the NBA.

FILM STUDY – Spurs 3’s off Pick and Roll

This season the Spurs are an unreal 16 of 27 when the picker on the pick and roll shots a three – can you say Matt Bonner.

This is really important for this series because it is how the Spurs can combat the Jazz trying to go big by making the Jazz big guard on the outside.

First I looked at the pick and roll and the how the roll man gets open for three. Whenever Parker runs the pick and roll with Bonner or Diaw they flair back behind the three point line which is really tough to defend becuase their is no third defender to come rotate. Parker takes two players with him and then Bonner flairs out and he is open.

Against the Jazz we rotated with our wings but CJ Miles and Josh Howard were very slow to get back to Bonner and hit threes.

Here is a three screen shot sequence that shows how impossible this is to guard