TIPOFF—June 4—Finals breakdown, Exum at 5, plus what is 5 worth?

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke breaks down the NBA Finals, looks at what would accelerate the plan and who is in town today, then does a FILM STUDY on LeBron’s shots in last year’s NBA Finals.

FILM STUDY—Watching Washington and my new favorite play

I’m preparing for the Washington Wizards tomorrow, and they just ran a play that might be my new favorite play (and it is so basic). Just imagine it with the Jazz personnel.

On the play before, John Wall and Marcin Gortat had executed a great pick and roll. It looks like they are setting it up again. Wall is playing great as of late, so there’s lots of attention on Wall. Trey Burke has to start demanding attention if he is going to be successful.

part 1 wiz playHowever, instead of using the pick, Wall goes the way Conley is pushing him and drives with his left hand into the defense. It will force Gasol to move farther toward Wall and then force Ariza’s man (Prince) to slide into the middle of the lane to help on Gortat.

part 2 wiz playWall passes over the top to Ariza. Imagine if Marvin is the wing on left in the corner and Jefferson is on the right corner with Hayward getting this pass from Burke. That is tough to defend. As the pass goes to Ariza, Gortat could just turn and pin Gasol on his back and be wide open at the rim for a basket as the rest of the defenders leave the area.

part 3 wiz playAriza gets the ball and Gasol has to rotate all the way back to the other end of the paint to help stop his drive. Ariza could also hit Beal in the corner for a three at this point, but Tony Allen has a nice angle and makes that pass tough. A lesser defender might not take as good of an angle.

Ariza brings the defense to him.

part 4 wiz playNow Gortat is wide open and he lays it in. Too hard for the defense to rotate back. The Wizards, though, are not spaced well on the back side. If this were the Jazz you could have Burke and Marvin spaced for 3-pointers on the left side of the floor for a pass from the ball handler or on a reversal by the big.

It’s a very basic play. Everyone in the NBA runs it. It is action of a pick and roll, but this is an example of shooters, spacing and ball movement.

The first key to the play is that your first pick and roll has to start at the 3-point line or lower so that the point guard’s initial action brings the defense. The second key is that the receiver of the pass has to act quickly, forcing the defense to switch strong side and weak side. Lastly, the big has to make himself available.

FILM STUDY—One play shows Kanter’s development

The easy way to see a player’s improvement is his offensive stats. However, basketball coaches want to see correct floor positioning and an understanding of the game that allows all of the players on the team to perform at their apex.

A late-game play by Enes Kanter against the Wizards showed Kanter’s improved focus and floor understanding.

The play is a pick and roll on the right side with Burke and Favors. The Jazz are spacing the floor. With Kanter heading to what the Jazz call the “dunker” (a spot on the baseline slightly behind the glass on the weak side of the floor).

kanter 1

As the play begins and Burke drives, Favors dives. Nene leaves Favors and shadows Burke. Kanter stays in the dunker with his hands ready for the pass. This is huge. Gortat has left Kanter to worry about Burke, and Kanter is making himself available. If Kanter leaves that spot and goes to the rim too early, Burke is dead. Hayward has slid up slightly to be in a passing lane if the Wizards slide to Kanter.

kanter 2

Kanter’s hands are ready. He is holding his position and Burke finds him.

kanter 3

Kanter ends up rolling to the basket for a middle hook that gives the Jazz a two-point lead with 4:30 left. Huge play for Kanter, who showed a strong understanding of where he needs to be. This is a play Kanter may not have made a month ago.

FILM STUDY – Why Jazz were so perimeter centric last night

I am reaching the Jazz Thunder game and the Thunder is just suffocating the post and the Jazz have become a totally dependent on the outside shot.

Look at this screen shots and see where all 5 Thunder defenders are placed. This makes you a jump shooting team. The answer is to penetrate and kick and then penetrate and kick again but that is not our style of team.

thunder d

thunder d 2

FILM STUDY – Play by play breakdown of final 6 minutes

Reviewing the final 6 minutes

Randy Foye has just hit a three off a Millsap offensive rebound to make the game 86-84 C’s

86-84 6:00 – Jazz defend initial action perfectly, C’s move into high pick roll , Jefferson slides down with Garnett forcing him to bail on shot leaves it up top for Sullinger who calmly hits a 16 footer. Nice play by the C’s

88-84 5:34 – High pick and roll with Mo and Favors. Mo throws nice skip pass to Millsap who drives and misses the runner.

88-84 5:12 – Pick and roll from left elbow with Green and Garnett. Jazz astutely switch it and Favors ends up on Green, Green misses 16 foot jumper over Favors

88-84 4:57 – Jefferson left block on Sullinger. Jefferson misses, Jazz rebound kick out to Mo who drives finds Jefferson who slides between two defenders to score

88-86 4:34 – Celtics run same Green/Garnett pick and roll and isolate Green on left wing on Favors he drives, super defense by Favors but Millsap comes down reaches in and fouls him. Millsap played defense with hands not sliding feet. Green to the line.
Celtics bring Pierce in for Lee and Bass in for Sullinger

90-86 4:09 – Big Al guarded by Garnett catches high left block and makes a terrific pass to a cutting Millsap for a lay-up

90-88 3:49 – Green posts up on Foye and Foye fouls and Favors goaltends. Jazz get caught with Foye on Green and Favors shouldn’t have goaltended. Little plays that matter. Lot wrong on this play. This is the real defensive killer of the night. Help from the top was late to Foye on the mismatch.

Hayward in for Foye

93-88 3:37 – Left block on Al slides inside three defenders to the rim and scores. Guarded by KG.

93-90 3:15 – Pierce mid block right guarded by Hayward – Pierce turns it over

93-90 3:07 – Mo and Big Al play pick and roll – Jefferson catches in the lane on the roll and is fouled and makes one of two free throws

93-91 2:53 – Barbosa pick and roll with Pierce super defense from Jazz suffocate Barbosa force bad pass that is knocked out of bounds – 7 on shot clock for C’s Jefferson nice defense to cut off initial drive of Pierce and get back to Bass forcing pass to left baseline to KG who misses over Favors

93-91 2:26 – 1st chance to tie – Mo poor pick and roll with Favors jacks a long three with 5 on the shot clock with Barbosa in his face, Jefferson offensive rebound. Second try Hayward roll of Jefferson to the right baseline flairs back to Jefferson who nails a 16 foot jumper. TIE GAME

93-93 1:58 left – Pierce goes 1 on 1 on a ton action on Hayward and misses driving layup. Great job by Hayward going one removed through the screens to stay with Pierce

93-93 1:37 left – 1st chance to lead – well executed. Millsap sets cross screen on Jefferson then comes up to top off Favors screen for top of the key jumper with :10 on shot clock. Millsap is the 3 at this point this is his play. Misses the shot.

93-93 1:20 left – Hayward denies Pierce drive – swings out to Bass who finds Green left corner. Millsap close out is only ok. Green able to penetrate and drive middle. Defense collapses, hand off to Garnett who is fouled. Millsap being asked to guard out at the three point line. Garnett makes 1 of 2

94-93 1:11 left – 2nd chance to lead – Mo and Favors pick and roll. Mo takes step back 17 footer with 16 on clock. Nothing about the play has broken down. Still lots of options. Hayward wide open on left side for skip pass.

94-93 :50 left – Pick and roll Pierce and Garnett. Pierce rolls left Favors shadows as Pierce goes to shot Hayward takes away shooting pocket forces pass back to KG, Favors recovers and KG misses contested shot.

94-93 :38.7 left – Could play 2 for 1 with quick hitter – timeout at 32.3 with 18 on shot clock. Nice play but slow developing – Mo runs initial pick and roll with Favors. Mo and Derrick aren’t connecting on pick placement and drive very well. Mo rolls right Bass stays with Mo and Favors dives to basket Bass able to recover. Jefferson pops to left elbow for pass, Mo comes by for handoff and rub. Great defense by Celtics. KG steps back allowing Barbosa to get through. Textbook. Mo tries to turn the corner but Barbosa is there. Mp runs out of real estate and throws up a baseline prayer.

94-93 :19.5 – because play took so long Jazz have to foul. Pierce makes both free throws

96-93 :19.5 – inbound to Millsap at the top. He drives on Green beats him nicely but as he goes to the rim he feigns away from Garnett who in a 3 point game would never foul Millsap and Sap misses the lay-up. Ball game.

• Defense was amazing – Jefferson played defense well and Hayward and Favors were world class

• Offense didn’t get good looks and lost Jefferson. His last left block play was at 3:37

• Millsap at the 3 was a problem in this sequence the big line-up is nice but it has flaws and they were exposed in this stretch. You are asking Millsap do entirely different things than he has ever been asked and it is just hitting shots. It is closing out, playing off the bounce, shooting off screens not as a spot up, etc.

• The real killer is the one possession where Foye gets caught as a mouse in the house and and Favors goal tends

• Mo took three shots – 1 was a late shot clock three – one was great defense by the Celtics and the other was a force trying to make a play to early in the clock with a lot of options.

FILM STUDY – What Spurs have done to Al Jefferson


Film: Game 2 v. Spurs

1st Quarter
Starting lineup
AL gets touch up top on handoff to Devin no chance to make impact.
Al gets pushed off block by Duncan. Comes out for pick and roll with Harris gets ball on pocker pass at free throw line passes to Millsap.
Terrible outlet pass for a turnover
No touch
Gets ball mid block left side, Duncan swipes at it when he straightens up, then bumps and back. Duncan 1 on 1 defense. Al awkward fading shot to the middle. Miss
Touch at left elbow. Passes. Never fights to be part of the play
Catch high block left side, straightens up, Duncan swipes puts back to Duncan works to middle fades and misses. Duncan 1 on 1
Hayward quick 3 – no touch for Al no posession for Jazz- Jazz go to 0 for 7.
Catch left elbow straight up on Duncan, puts in on the floor neat spin mover and reverse side lay-up – GOOD
Gordon sets cross screen. Harris pass over Al head in the post – Awful play
No touch – Hayward turnover on entry pass to Millsap on other side of the floor.
No touch – Josh Howard baseline jumper GOOD
Al with really nice pass to Millsap in the post from the right wing to Millsap in the post for 2.
no touch – transition Hayward misses open three
deep left block – puts on floor when he spins to baseline double team comes and he passes out of the double. Harris gets open three and misses
No touch – transition – turnover on Millsap
Only touch was a swing pass from top of the key
No touch – Posting on DeJuan Blair – Hawyard swings to the top and comes back to Hayward for missed 3 open shot .
no touch – transition Hayward gets fouled
no touch – transition Howard dunk
no touch – posting on Blair – Howard swings up to Tinsley – Tinsley ends up taking three
no touch – Caroll transition turnover

2nd Quarter
No one comes to set pick for Carroll and bad pass leads turnover – worst possession of the night.
Left block catch – tripled teamed immediately kicks out to Burks who mis shot.
Swings pass from left to right side but no offensive touch – Millsap miss on drive
Catches Left block, straightens up on Duncan, Duncan knocks it away and Al bumps and backs to the middle for a fader and misses.
Sets high pick for Harris, cross court pass to Burks who misses on drive
No touch – Harris turnvoer on travel
No touch – Millsap fails going 1 on 1 on Duncan
No touch – Howard misses 16 footer.
Catches low left block – Greeen shades at him. Duncan 1 on 1. Weezy shot from 14 in no good.
No touch – Hayward misses open 18 footer.
Catch at free throw line – wide open jumper from 15 no good. wide open
No touch – Howard drive
No touch – Millsap 1 on 1