EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Huge progress being made by the Jazz

  • What’s going on with the Utah Jazz is really impressive. This is a collection of assets. The Jazz have not moved  into team-building mode. Yet somehow, Quin Snyder has formed a team that is beginning to get an identity and it’s playing the best in the NBA toe-to-toe each night. The Jazz have played the Clippers, Warriors and the Blazers (three of the top four teams in the West, with the fourth one coming Wednesday) and looked like they belonged in every minute of these games.
  • Tonight there were numerous chances for the Jazz to wilt and for the Blazers to run away, and each time the Jazz fought back and at different times took the lead.
  • We’re not a very good final five minute team yet. The Jazz entered the game with the second lowest FG percentage in the final five minutes and the lowest 3-point percentage in the final five minutes of a game within five points. With 5:00 left tonight it was Portland 90-87, and within 90 seconds the Jazz were down by nine. In three possessions, Mathews hit two threes and Aldridge got 2 FTs while the Jazz went empty—Burke missed a three, Favors missed inside and Burke missed a runner.
  • The Jazz started the third quarter with Rudy Gobert on LaMarcus Aldridge and Gobert completely shut him down. Aldridge had 0 points in the third quarter on 0-for-4 shooting. In the fourth quarter, Aldridge made one great move to hoop when he brought out all the bag of tricks, but that was it as he went 1-for-3 in the fourth quarter. Aldridge was 1-for-7 while being guarded by Gobert.
  • Favors had a big game on the pick-and-roll playing from the top coming straight down the lane to the rim.
  • The Jazz had the best pick-and-roll sequence I’ve seen from them all season. Trey hit Favors on back-to-back plays going to the basket. Then Trey drove, faked the pass to Favors and finished at the rim. Then the Blazers began adjusting and Trey hit a pull-up 15-footer. Finally, Trey passed to Favors, who swung it to the corner for a Hayward three. How good is that sequence?
  • Favors and Gobert played a little more than 20 minutes together on the floor. The Jazz were +1 in those 20 minutes.
  • The Jazz are playing a slow pace and it is disrupting teams. If Gobert is going to be a core to this team, there is a value to playing slow and keeping teams in the half court where he can impact games the most. Fast breaks are a low percentage of plays in the NBA (about 10%). If you can be great in half court defense, you’ve got a chance to do big things.
  • Trey played the pick-and-roll tonight really well.
  • Enes Kanter got yanked after two plays of the game and then was put back in the game after being coached by Quin.
  • Enes has a part of his game that is elite (offensive rebounding) and a part of his game that may be his downfall (no passing). Tonight he had four offensive rebounds. He has been averaging four offensive rebounds a game over the last 10 games.  This is mammoth. Assuming he scores 6 to 8 points on those plays, it has a crazy large impact on the game. The other issue is he doesn’t pass. More specifically, he never passes in a way that he creates for teammates. He had three assists in over 300 minutes in January and had zero tonight in 23 minutes. He’s assisting at the same rate he did as a rookie when he had eight assists in 800+ minutes.
  • Jazz starting guards were 1-for-8 with five points and three assists.
  • I hope we’re not taking this for granted: Hayward 27-5-5. On 16 shot attempts. WOW. That is a huge night. He has scored at least 20 points in 5 of his last 6 games, and he’s 20 of his last 42 from 3-point range.
  • Elijah Millsap had another good defensive game.
  • I have tonight’s game at 86 possessions, so allowing 103 points to the Blazers is not going to be a good defensive rating. The Jazz got in the penalty early in the third and then allowed 28 points in the third and 31 in the fourth.
  • The Jazz threw the ball all over the gym in the third quarter, but were really solid with the ball other than the third quarter.
  • Solid night. Great fight. Super experience-gaining games. Still a long process, but progress is obviously being made.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz handle the NBA’s best

  • Incredible effort from the Jazz. The Jazz took a 20-10 lead and never relented for 48 minutes. The Jazz never allowed the Warriors to have their usual run. They had a 6-0 surge on two Steph Curry 3-pointers but that was it. The Jazz led wire to wire and it was the first time all year. It was also the first time the Warriors were on the wrong side of a wire-to-wire game.
  • One of the huge plays of the night was a Favors mid-range shot with 5:47 left in the third quarter. The Warriors had gone on a 6-0 run to cut the game to 12 and Kanter scored one free throw, the Jazz got a stop, and then Favors hit a jumper that put the Jazz back up 15. The Warriors had hit the Jazz with a solid six-minute surge and the Jazz had stretched the lead from 11 to 15 and you could see it took a little out of the Warriors.
  • Favors had some big jump shots in the fourth quarter as well.
  • If you’re going to beat the best team, your best player has to be very good and Gordon made a statement tonight playing against two All-Stars. He was terrific.  Gordon finished with 26 points,15 rebounds and 6 assists. That is a mammoth night when you’re being guarded by one of the elite defenders in Andre Iguodala for a good portion of the night.
  • Jazz had length on Steph Curry all night with Danté Exum and Elijah Millsap and Curry still had 32, but it was a hard 32.
  • Gordon started on Klay Thompson early in the game and Klay never got going. He had 12 points after dropping 52, 32 and 31 in his previous three.
  • The Jazz did a lot of late switching on defense and were willing to have mismatches on the floor if it broke the Warriors’ offense. The Warriors ended up with just 21 assists on 37 field goals. The Jazz got the Warriors out of their offense for a lot of the night.
  • Seven assists for Trey Burke.
  • Trevor Booker had a great second quarter. He had 12 points in the second quarter on 5-for-5 shooting and it catapulted the Jazz to an 11-point lead. He finished with 17 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists. Funny to do it against Steve Kerr, who last year on a TNT broadcast said that Trevor Booker was his favorite player in the NBA.
  • Joe Ingles ignited the first quarter with seven points and two big threes. He’ll get those looks as scouting reports say to drop off.
  • This was an all-around team effort. The defensive effort was solid. The gameplan from Quin was terrific and the team followed it terrifically. The execution on both ends of the floor was terrific and the 48-minute effort was as solid as we’ve seen all season.
  • Jazz are 11-11 over the last 22 games. The last two games were against the #1 and #3 offenses and Utah’s defense had an impact on the game.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Clippers late game superior to the Jazz


  •  This is a high emotion night against a very annoying team the Clippers.  But wow what a game.  The Jazz lead by 7 for a total of 6 seconds otherwise the entire game was within 2 possession.  The game had 12 lead changes and 14 ties a great many of those came in the 4thquarter.


  • The game was tied with 5 minutes to play.  That is when high level playoff teams win and developing teams lose.   Really it is not that complicated and the Jazz offense went away down the stretch.  Jazz went 6 for 25 in the 4th quarter and 3 of the field goals were off offensive rebounds.   That has become a huge part of the offense but that is too much.


  • Trey Burke finished 4 of 15 and 1 for 9 in the 4thquarter.  In the 4 games off the bench he is shooting 22 of 59 (37%) and 12 of 34 from 3 (35%) almost exactly his season numbers.  He has 6 assists in those 4 games, 1 in the last 2.


  • We can over simplify this one a bit that the Clippers made some big shots. Blake hit a tough one over Derrick.  Matt Barnes hit a tough 3 and Chris Paul gets to that spot angle right on the floor and it is lights out.  That is why they win.


  • The Clippers are a dominating offensive team.  They are #1 in the NBA in offensive efficiency, they are #2 in shooting at 47.5, #3 3 pt field at 38.4%.  Tonight the Jazz held them to 94 points which is great.  The Clipper shot 45% and 36%.  This is terrific.  To hold the best offensive team in the NBA below their league averages is a clear sign the Jazz are moving toward a top 10 defensive team.


  • More impressive is the defensive improvement of this team has not been exclusively Rudy.   Tonight he was a non factor. He played 10 minutes and the Clippers were more successful offensively when he was on the floor.  For the Jazz to have this type of defensive night with Gobert playing just 10 minutes is a big deal.


  • This was an incredibly slow paced game.  I have the possession count around 85 for the game.


  • The Jazz got 14 offensive rebounds on 40 chances  – 35%.  The Clippers usually grab 76% of the defensive glass.  This is impressive.


  • Gordon Hayward did not have a field goal in the 4th quarter for the 2ndstraight game against the Clippers.


  • Enes Kanter was terrific tonight.  21 points, 11 rebounds and he even had an assist.


  • Joe Ingles equaled his career high in assists and lead the team with 7.


  • Jazz held the Clippers to 34 points in the paint.  Last time these teams played they only allowed 18 points in the paint.


  • Frustrating night because the Clippers bring that out of you but in the big picture this is a really strong night.   The defense is playing really hard and the things that are leading to losses are not surprises when you see the age of this team.  Clippers starters have played over 3,500 games and the Jazz starters have played just over 1,000.   That is a world of difference.



EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz get beaten up by Celtics



  • Boston got physical and knocked the Jazz out of everything they were trying to do and for the first 24 minutes the Jazz didn’t respond.  Down 24 at halftime and the game is virtually over.  Very little chance you are coming back to win.   It is nice the Jazz had some fight and brought the game back and gave us some entertainment but the reality of the final outcome is they got beat in the 1sthalf that is it.


  • Jazz rallied to within 4 but never got to the top of the mountain.  The Celtics made a quick surge to get it back to 11 and that was it.   Tayshaun Prince and Tyler Zeller were terrific for the Celtics.  Zeller is a nice NBA player.  They got him for free in a salary dump by Cleveland.  He is a solid rotation player.


  • Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart are probably the toughest most physical defensive combo in the NBA and they dominated the Jazz guard.  Dante Exum was physically overwhelmed tonight and finished with 0 field goals.  Trey Burke who made some shots in the 2ndhalf after a poor first half had 0 assists.


  • Trey Burke’s 7 for 20 is a bit misleading he missed two buzzer beaters from longer than half court and two late game bombs.


  • Joe Ingles defense ignited the Jazz in the third quarter. He got up on Even Turner and got two steals and made a bunch of plays.   Another 5 assists as well for Joe.


  • Enes  Kanter had a brutal opening 5 minutes but rallied back with a 20 point and 6 rebound night.  He grabbed another 3 offensive rebounds.   He is averaging 4 offensive rebounds per game over the last 10 games.  He is a big time force on the offensive glass.


  • The Jazz were incapable of playing without Gordon Hayward tonight.  Jazz were -22 in the 13 minutes with him on the bench and +13 with him on the floor.


  • The Jazz are 0-13 when trailing going into the 4thquarter at home.


  • Gordon made a huge defensive play late in the game with a chase down block but none of his teammates ran the floor after his block.  This is going to be an embarrassing film watch for 4 guys.


  • Gordon is averaging 25 over the last 3 games.


  • Enes Kanter has 2 assists in his 302 minutes on the floor and 1 assists in his last 175


  • Boston Celtics shot 55% with Gobert on the floor and 39% with him off the floor.  Jazz shot 40% with him on the floor and 46% with him off the floor.


  • Jazz got physically beaten up today.  Bottom line.  Game was over by halftime.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – All around dominance


  • This is going to a quick one as I have to drive to Jackson Wyoming to see my sons ski race tomorrow


  • Simply a dominating performance from the Jazz.  They got a Nets team that is reeling and they spanked them.


  • The game turned in the 2nd quarter when the Jazz hit 7 three pointers in the quarter.  The Jazz have not been able to score all year with Gordon Hayward off the floor and Trey Burke lead the 2ndunit to a runaway.   Jazz lead it 58-37 at the half and the night was over


  • Very balanced solid all around performance from the Jazz. Hayward had 24 and a big 1stquarter.  Trey added 19 off the bench and Exum and Ingles threw in 13 and 16 respectively.


  • The defense was solid all night and the Nets never made a run.   The Nets finished shooting just 38.7% and hit only 5 threes.  Plus the Jazz forced 18 turnovers.


  • Turnovers have been a major issue for the Jazz recently.  They are 30th in the NBA at taking care of the ball over the last 10 games.  Tonight they turned it over 6 times in the 1stquarter, then reduced it down and ran away from the Nets.  They ended with 17 which is still high.


  • Ingles had a career high 16 points the night after he had a career high 7 assists.  Not sure why having Dante playing as the starting point guard is helping Joe but it seems to have ignited something in his game and his opportunities to make plays.


  • Jazz defensive game plan was built to deal with the Johnson/Lopez pick and roll low on the left block and they completely eliminated that.  In addition, the Nets never got the Johnson/Jack pick and roll going.  Joe Johnson only had 6 points on 3 of 7 shooting and Lopez was 2 of 9.  Those are the Nets two threats.


  • I thought Enes Kanter moved the ball better tonight than I ever seen from him.  They were creative passes makingplays but they were passes in the offense that kept the tempo and the flow. This has not always been a strength.


  • When the Jazz used both sides of the floor they got good looks and the offense was very effective.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Exum starts, Enes shines and Jazz win

  • The Jazz have beat the Milwaukee Bucks, the Detroit Pistons and the Charlotte Hornets all on their floors. Those teams are going to be the 6, 7 and 8 seeds in the East this year. The Jazz would be an Eastern Conference playoff team. I have no doubt. Think about how different everything would feel if we could play in the East and have the confidence of winning half your games and making the playoffs.
  • Good win tonight by the Jazz. Solid fourth quarter performance taking care of the ball. Turnovers were the story of the night. The Bucks are long, active and physical.   They are committed on the defensive end. They are long and able to switch all over the floor. This caused the Jazz major issues. The Jazz, who are having an issue taking care of the ball right now, turned it over 22 times leading to 32 Bucks points.  But in the fourth quarter, the Jazz only turned it over three times and when the Bucks don’t have turnovers they have a hard time scoring in the half court.
  • The Bucks really adjusted to Rudy Gobert tonight. He was dominating in the first half of the game and in the second half they clearly changed how they were playing, bringing a weakside slasher for a pass and never trying to challenge Rudy.
  • Trevor Booker’s shot will forever be the play of the year, but Rudy’s reverse dunk from the left side of the floor to the right side of the rim without a dribble is going to be tough to beat for second this season. That was absurd,
  • Gordon Hayward was the best player on the floor down the stretch. He took over. He scored or assisted on 10 straight points in a 10-0 run that won the game for the Jazz. He was guarded by O.J. Mayo for a little while in that stretch (and yes, you should be asking yourself why the Bucks would have Mayo on Hayward).  Gordon had 13 points and two assists in the quarter and was nails at the line.
  • Back-to-back 20-15 games for Enes Kanter. Wow. Tonight was strong with 13 defensive rebounds and a huge mid-range jumper late in the game. He finished with 23 points and 16 rebounds and hit all six of his free throws. Jazz grabbed 12 of 37 chances on the offensive glass as well.
  • Danté Exum made his first start of the year with a healthy Trey Burke. He looked a bit different tonight. The Jazz played with great pace early in the game and got into the early thrust. Quin wanted three things from Danté tonight: the early thrust on offense, make himself felt on defense and make some plays. 3 for 3. It helps when you hit your shots, and Exum is not going to be a 50% 3-point shooter, but if he can make that shot enough he’ll be able to start driving and getting to the basket when he gets stronger. He had 5 assists tonight. The 35 minutes was a big chunk for Exum. He told us on the postgame show he was coughing and tired on the floor.   Hopefully, with strength he’ll have better stamina than he has right now. He gets tired very easily.
  • The biggest part of Danté’s game was how good he was defensively. He took Brandon Knight out of the game to start.
  • Trevor Booker played great defense late in the game on Giannis Antetokounmpo.
  • Might take Rudy over Giannis, which would make Rudy the #1 pick of that draft if you re-drafted.
  • Rudy had another 14-10 night with huge impact on the defensive end in 35 solid, impactful minutes
  • Jazz played just 8 players.
  • Shooting 45% and nailing 14 3-pointers is a great offensive night on a team as good as Milwaukee. Jazz EFG% tonight was 58%.
  • Joe Ingles had a career-high 7 assists. His biggest assist of the night came before the game when he met with a young Australian girl who has been through major surgeries for a disease that is eating away at her face and the expert in the world is in Madison, Wisconsin. She has followed Joe’s career and Joe met her before the game. Joe is wonderful to have in the Jazz organization.
  • Tip of the hat to Trey Burke for how professional he was dealing with Danté Exum starting and how well he dealt with the media before the game. He also had a solid game.
  • Two soft landings for Danté with Brooklyn and Jarrett Jack and Boston with ???? before he gets Chris Paul and Steph Curry.


  • Thought we were on our road to Minnesota last year there for a moment but luckily the Jazz started making some shots in the 2nd half.   Offense is becoming hard to come by for this team.  Tonight Cleveland didn’t guard Ingles or Kanter, they went under on Trey and dropped off Favors a bit making it so there was no room on the floor for driving lanes and that makes it very hard to execute an offense without any spacing.
  • There has to be a little honesty in who we are playing right now.  This team was the 3rd youngest team in the NBA on opening night.  That is not good by the way if you are looking for wins.  Then as the season has gone on they have scored more points than any team in the league from players under 23 years old.   That is not great if you are looking for wins.  Now they have lost two players at the same position with a roster that doesn’t have a safety net.   It leaves the Jazz playing 75 minutes from rookies.  They played 32 minutes from guys on 10 day contracts.  They played about 140 of the 240 minutes from players with less than 2 years experience.  Wins are going to be tough to come by.
  • Points are also going to be tough to come by as well.   We have lots of guys who don’t really want to shoot.  We don’t have a lot of guys that have gravity on the offensive end.
  • When teams get into us defensively we don’t have a lot of answers on how to combat. At halftime we had just 40 points so we had scored just 109 points in 6 quarters.
  • Maybe tonight will ignite Enes Kanter.  Kanter had his 2nd 20-15 game of his career finishing with 24 points and 17 rebounds.  He had 14 points and 6 assists in the 4th quarter.  Nice of him to bounce back from a quiet first half shooting 2 for 8.
  • Jazz lead it 17-16 and then the offense went south.  The Jazz went from the 4:42 mark of the 1st quarter to the 8:08 mark of the 2nd quarter without a field goal and with only 3 points.  Then the Cavs opened the 3rd quarter on the wrong side of a 22-8 run and the game was over. Jazz down 28.
  • Trey Burke’s hot spell went out the window.  He is 2 for his last 20
  • Gordon Hayward is shooting 41% since December 1st
  • Milwaukee will be a real test they are one of the top defensive teams in the NBA over the past 15 games.   The offense will be tested.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz felt on half the floor


  •  Ok I finished watching and reading everything I can about the Seahawks win and nothing about Andrew Luck’s disaster so I will give you a quick run down on the Jazz loss to the Spurs.


  • It was obvious doing my prep the Spurs are about to click in.  They are healthy and the Western Conference is so nuts that they have very little margin for error.  It is time to make a run before the all-star break and tonight they looked ready to do it


  • The Spurs defense was stifling.  They made everything hard on the Jazz. Hayward was getting contested hard shots early in the game and then retreated out for mid range shots and they weren’t falling.   Favors was rolling to the basket and the interior of the Spurs defense was shutting everything down.   The Jazz would run a play and get what they think they wanted and the Spurs would take it away immediately.


  • The Jazz defense was really very good all night.  It is hard to have a good defensive night when your offense is as bad as the Jazz offense was tonight but the Jazz were able to do it.  For most of the night they kept the Spurs under 40% shooting and without many three pointers (4 in the first three quarters).  This slipped a little in the 4thquarter but overall the defense was super impressive.


  • Rudy Gobert was at the center of the defense again.  It is undeniable what a huge impact he has on games for the Jazz on the offensive end.   He had a career high 18 rebounds.  Many early came on failed tip in attempts but the 11 defensive rebounds is awesome.  Rudy finished the night with 13 points, the Jazz leading scorer, he also had 18 rebounds, another 2 assists and 4 blocks.   Plus, he altered the Spurs activity around the basket all night.   He is tremendous.


  • The offense struggled all night but it really struggled with Rudy on the floor.  This is going to be a work in progress.  That is all part of the development of the team.


  • Gobert started the 2nd half instead of Kanter.   Quin said after the game their were no long term implications.  He said Rudy was playing better.  Kanter was disengaged tonight.  He has to be active and he has to be better than he has been.   Kanter is seriously lacking effort plays right now.  Kanter finished with 20 minutes, 4 points, 2 rebounds.


  • Kanter has stopped passing or at least stopped passing for assists.  In the first 28 games this year Kanter had 21 assists.  Not great but at least showing some improvement.  He has 1 in his last 9 games.   He has 1 assist in his last 224 minutes.


  • Rodney Hood hurt his left foot again.   It is really sad.  I was in a good deal of pain in the locker-room after the game.  Hope Rodney is out.  Feet issues are scary and clearly his are not in good shape so far this season.   He was playing with great aggressiveness today and was making progress then boom.


  • Tough night was a tough offensive night all the way around.   The Spurs plugged in and locked down.  I was really impressed with the Jazz holding the Spurs to 43 1st half points  and keeping the Spurs under 90 for the game.   The Jazz dictated tempo.  The Spurs had just 2 fast break points and just 32 points in the paint.  The game plan n Tony Parker was executed very well he was a non factor.   The Spurs are the world champs and better than the Jazz in every facet of the game but the Jazz were able to make themselves felt on half the floor tonight.  That is a big deal.



EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz workman win over the Lakers

  •  Solid win by the Jazz tonight.  The Lakers have been a better team without Kobe all year and they put up a solid fight.   Coach Phil Johnson had a great point during the 4thquarter of the broadcast.   Don’t try to blow them out just try to win and that is what the Jazz did closing on a 11-4 run.


  • In two of the last three games the Jazz have forced over 20 turnovers.  That is an increase activity level on the defensive end by the Jazz.  Quin Snyder talks to the guys about activity index all the time at practice and it is the next step in the defensive process.  First was to understand the concepts and to know where to go and how to play.  Then the Jazz need to up the activity index to be able to impact plays and play with force.  The Lakers came in as the 4th best team in the NBA at taking care of the ball and the Jazz forced them into 21 turnovers


  • Gordon Hayward was solid in all 4th quarters.  He dominated the 1st quarter and then kept it rolling all night.  He had been having a tough January but the break in games made him look very re-freshed.  Hawyard is carrying one of the largest work loads in the NBA this year and fatigue is going to impact him.  Tonight he looked solid all night.


  • Jazz issue of scoring with Hayward on the bench continued tonight.  In the 6:21 he was on the bench in the 2nd quarter the Jazz scored 4 points and in the 4th quarter he sat for 6:02 and the Jazz scored 10 points.  So in the 12:23 he was on the bench the Jazz scored 14 points.


  • Derrick Favors and Trey Burke are building a nice relationship on the pick and roll.   Burke is coming off the pick and roll with aggressiveness and creating opportunities.   It looks as though the pick and roll is starting lower than it did earlier in the season.   Favors is really strong playing from the top and coming inside the 45 degree angle on each side on these pick and rolls.


  • Quin Snyder said minutes to the bigs would go to who is playing well.  Favors had 32, Gobert and Kanter 25 and Booker 13.


  • Hayward also had 7 assists


  • Over the last 14 games the Jazz have allowed the 4th fewest amount of points per game.   Tonight they only allowed the Lakers 85 points


  • The Lakers shot only 8 three pointers tonight and only took 1 one of them in the first 3 quarters.  That is criminal.


  • Rudy Gobert was solid again tonight.  He played 25 minutes and scored 7 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and 3 blocks


  • The Gobert effect tonight when Rudy was on the floor the Lakers shot 15 of 31 (48%) and when he was off the floor they shot 17/35 (48.5%).   The Jazz shot 21 of 43 (48.8%) with Rudy on the floor and 15 of 42 (35.7%) with him off the floor.  That is the most important note of the night.  The Jazz learning how to play offensively with Rudy.


  • Always good to beat the Lakers

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Warriors explode, Favors evolves another good one


  • Before the game talking with the Warrior people talked about how they just put together 6 or 7 minutes and then run away from opponents.  That is exactly what happened tonight.  The Jazz kept the Warriors in the half court and held them to 41 points for the first 21 minutes of the game.  In the next 15 minutes the Warriors scored 56 points.  It was incredible.  They hit 8 three pointers in the third quarter.  Once the Warriors get the bounce in their step no one has figured out how to stop it.


  • Derrick Favors was fabulous tonight.  This was the best array of offensive moves I have seen from Favors.  He hit the jumper, he rolled to the middle, he dropped baseline and this was against one of the best rim protectors in the NBA.   Favors has put together 4 20 point 10 rebound games in his last 5 games.   He is playing like a beast.


  • Rudy Gobert came off the bench tonight.   When he was on the floor the Warriors shot 26/63 for 41%.  However, that is a bit misleading because in the 4th quarter without Curry, Thomspon or Green playing a single minute the Warriors shot 6 of 24 which skewed the numbers.  Prior to the 4ththe Warriors were shooting 20 of 39 from the floor.  However, the other side of the equation is clear the Warriors shot 71% with Gobert off the floor.


  • However, the Jazz offense shot 62% with Gobert off the floor and 40% with him on the floor.


  • Enes Kanter had 13 points and 10 rebounds and continued his assault on the offensive glass with 5 offensive rebounds.  However, he had 0 assists and is not doing a lot to make his teammates better.  His plus minus tonight was not good.


  • The Jazz defended well in the first half.  They kept the ball on one side of the floor most of the time.  They generally kept the Warriors in a half court game and they had good pick up points to prevent easy early three’s. Then the Warriors hit their rhythm and it was over.


  • Trey Burke had his 5thstraight strong game.


  • Steph Curry is just terrific.  He is the MVP in a talent laden league.  He has worked so hard on his ball handling and is in complete control of the game.   27 points, 11 assists on 16 shots in 29 minutes.   Wow.


  • The Jazz had a big focus on Klay Thompson tonight and they took him out of the game a bit.  He only got 8 shots off.  Joe Ingles had the assignment and did it well.


  • Warriors third quarter had an efg% of 77


  • Dante Exum needs to play harder.  I am sure he is fatigued but he needs to assert himself on the game a bit more.  He needs to challenge himself to be better and to learn how to play every moment.  In Australia, he didn’t need to play every minute.  Here he does and we can’t afford him to get bad habits.


  • The Warriors are the best in the NBA.  They are playing at near Chicago Bulls 72 win levels.  It is really awesome.  The Jazz lost by 11 and that is what the average is.  Nothing about tonight changed how I look at the Jazz over the last 14 games.  They are playing so much better and are engaged at a higher level and making huge progress.