EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – The Warriors add another to the list

• Followed the script of a Warriors game. Win at home (31 straight). Win by 15 or more. Win in control the whole way. The Warriors are stunningly terrific. They beat you in so many ways. Tonight they did it with their defense. The Steph insanity didn’t happen. The Klay blow up quarter didn’t happen. The Warriors just did their thing in a calm methodically way. They won for the 27th time in 28 games this year.

• If the Warriors beat the Cavs on Christmas Day I don’t see how they lose more than 2 more games before the halfway mark. In other words, I think there is a legit chance the Warriors are 39-2 or 38-3 at the half way mark. It goes a little past the half way mark so they would realistically be 44-3 or so.

• Turnovers killed the Jazz. The Jazz didn’t turn it over much in the first game and only allowed 4 fast break points. By the first break of the first quarter tonight the Warriors had 8. The Jazz turned the ball over more than 20% of their possessions. This is the impact of the Warriors speed, the tendency to try to play at their pace and the Warriors ability to switch defensively and not give you an advantage.

• The Jazz did a tremendous amount of dribbling. Rarely did the dribbling improve their situation. Too often the Jazz dribbled and it stagnated the offense without creating an advantage that could be built upon in the next action.

• Gordon Hayward had a dreadful night. Some of this is the Warriors decided that they weren’t going to let Hayward get free. Hayward needs to find a way to assert his will on the game even when the elite teams are trying to negate his game. This is far easier said than done and very few players in the NBA can do this, but the Jazz need this.

• Favors had two incredible moves in the 3rd quarter tonight. First was a low dribble from the left block to the baseline side for a reverse layup. The second was a left handed jump hook to the baseline from the left block. Big time

• Starting two rookies v the World Champs is probably not yielding great outcomes very often.

• Alec Burks had a ton of incredible moves to the basket. He finished with 13 points on 12 shots with 2 turnovers and 1 assist.

• Steph Curry was not brilliant tonight. He hit on only 5 of 14 and 2 of 8 from 3. He did add 9 assists and 5 rebounds.

• Draymond Green was the game changer tonight. He just does a little of everything. Warriors were +23 when he was on the floor.

• Nothing really surprising here. Hayward having another poor night against an elite team is a bit disappointing. The Warriors controlling the game and beating the jazz soundly is honestly to be expected.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz blow out the Suns

• Jazz complete whitewash of the Suns tonight. A wire to wire win and never in doubt. The Jazz jumped early and then jumped the Suns again to open the 3rd quarter and it was over early.

• Alec Burks had the dunk of the year late in the 4th. It was awesome you will see it everywhere.

• Trevor Booker plays with the most awesome amount of energy. He played harder than anyone on the floor.

• Gordon Hayward got rolling early and got the Jazz to the early lead. He had another huge night with 24 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists. He has done this all month long

• Derrick Favors was a beast. He did things down low that principals stop on playgrounds.

• The Jazz clicked in the first quarter with a season high 33 points. They moved the ball. Got great looks and the Suns put up no resistance.

• As good as the Jazz were tonight a lot of this is about the Suns. They were awful. They were disengaged. They were supposed to make a defensive jump this year and they have done the opposite and the Jazz took complete advantage.

• The Jazz play hard every night. In the last week I watched the Pelicans not play against Phoenix, Houston not put out effort v. Denver and then tonight Phoenix gave limited effort against the Jazz.

• The Jazz had an interesting game plan on defense. On the high side pick and roll they went under the pick but then got back into position and channeled it to the wing. I had never seen this before and it seemed to cause Eric Bledsoe some issues.

• Jazz were far superior tonight and my drive to Park City is going to be brutal so I am out.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Hayward leads Jazz past Nuggets

• Jazz break the 4 game losing streak with a solid win against the Denver nuggets and move to 2-0 on the season against Denver which might matter in the playoff race.

• Gordon Hayward was mammoth tonight. He had 26 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. He hit 4 of 7 from 3. Gordon had 17 points in the 2nd half and 8 in the 4th quarter. Gordon has been an elite offensive player for the entire month of December. He has been one of the top 10 most impactful offensive players.

• The Jazz have been fouling a lot and it has been a major point of emphasis by the coaches. However, late in the first half the Jazz started fouling too much and the Nuggets got back in the game. In the second half, the Jazz stopped fouling and the Nuggets only shot 7 free throws. This is a huge key to the Jazz improving defensively.

• The game of basketball is really simple. It is about shots going in. Tonight, with the shot clock winding down the ball rotated to the corner and Trevor Booker caught it. He threw up a high arching three and it went in. It went in. Two nights ago Gordon Hayward had two looks and the ball went deep in the cup and then popped out. The Jazz lost. Tonight it went in and the Jazz won. I am not sure the Jazz overall performance was greatly different tonight than the most of the past nights, excluding San Antonio.

• Joe Ingles was big tonight. Nuggets didn’t have a match-up to try to go at Joe and Quin recognized that and used Joe in very valuable moments. Interestingly, Joe played the win tonight and not the stretch 4.

• Alec Burks who has been scuffling tonight played a season low 17 minutes.

• The Jazz scored 13 points in the 12 minutes Gordon Hayward was on the bench. They were +20 with him on the floor and – 11 with him out of the game in the 12:16 he didn’t play.

• Trey Burke had his 8th straight game in double figures.

• Derrick Favors was gassed tonight after playing 20 minutes in the first half and battling the big bodies of the Nugs. Quin did a great job of managing his minutes and keeping him fresh. The Jazz survived when he was on the bench.

• Trevor Booker was better than Kenneth Faried tonight. That is the second time this year.

• Denver ran the same play time and time again in the 3rd quarter and the Jazz adjusted and took it away. Nelson would roll to the right side of the floor and lure the defense over, then he would swing the ball to the top and they would bring the guy from the left corner up for a handoff. They ran numerous variation and caused the Jazz major issues.

• Joe Ingles made some very good fundamental defensive plays tonight.

• Jazz held the Nugs to 6 of 28 from 3.

• Hayward defended Gallinari for a lot of the night and he finished with 11 points, 1 rebounds and 2 assists.

• Solid win. Let’s see if they can get Monday v. Phoenix.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz collapse in 4th v. Pelicans

• Jazz lead by 6 going into the 4th quarter. The Pelicans had only 1 road win and hadn’t won a game all year when trailing going into the 4th quarter. The Jazz collapsed. The scored 1 field goal in the final 7:22. The Pelicans outscored the Jazz by 16 in the 4th quarter. The Jazz defense allowed the Pelicans to score 31 4th quarter points.

• The Jazz fall to 2-6 without Rudy Gobert.

• Over the last 8 games the Jazz are not defending at all. The Pelicans scored 104 points tonight in 87 possessions. Coming into the game the Jazz were allowing 110 points per 100 possessions. Tonight the rating is 119 per 100 possessions.

• The Pelicans came in 30th in the nba defensively and the Jazz scored 94 points. In this slow a game it is an offensive rating of 108 which is not terrible.

• Favors had a mammoth 3rd quarter. He scored 16 points. He dominated Anthony Davis. He dunked on him. He hit baseline jumpers. He nailed a top of the key shot. He did a little of everything in the 3rd quarter. 16 points is the most he has ever scored in a quarter.

• Favors had a career high 5 assists as well.

• Rodney Hood got a knee contusion and had foul trouble had little impact on the game playing on 20 minutes. However, in those 20 minutes he was -20.

• Alec Burks is in a shooting slump. Over the last 8 games he shooting 32% and 25% from 3. He now has an EFG of 44%.

• Jazz had breakdowns on close outs. They blew switches. The mistakes they are making defensively are very disturbing.

• Quin Snyder was upset about the amount of fouling. Ryan Anderson had 13 free throw attempts tonight.

• The Pelicans starting blitzing the pick and roll (meaning the brought the big onto the ball, creating a double team) this should open up all sorts of opportunities for the Jazz offensively but they weren’t able to break this defense.

• Raul Neto came off the bench with a ton of energy and hit two threes. He is now 9 of his last 16 from 3.

• Jazz missed Joe Ingles tonight because it forced Trey Lyles and Trevor Booker to play together. Before the game tonight the Jazz had played Lyles and Booker on the floor for 39 minutes and the Jazz were -17. Tonight they played about 10 minutes together and were -10.

• Tough loss for the Jazz. They need to find a way to get wins in this next period of games. These are the games the schedule maker gave the Jazz after send them through the ringer.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Spurs torch the Jazz

• Tough night for the Jazz. Got blown out off the court in the early going and had nothing in the tank after two exhausting, heartbreaking games v. OKC. Total and complete whitewash tonight.

• Playing the Spurs is hard, and understanding how they are coming at you is hard until you experience it. By the time the Jazz had any idea how to handle it, this one was on the wrong side of the ledger, plus the Jazz were tired from the night prior.

• The Spurs’ defense this year has been historically great. It has been even better in the first quarter and first half. They held the Hawks to 25 points last week. They did the same to the Jazz tonight. When the Spurs won the championship the awesome part of their offense was that every pass was made assuming the player would be there without any hesitation and it made the Spurs faster than everyone else. They are doing the same thing on the defensive end now. There guys move anticipating the next pass and are always a step ahead of the offense. The know their assignments. They understand where the ball is likely to go. They cover that and know that their teammates will cover everything else.

• I seriously wonder if they have done some mastermind study that tells them where passes go from spots on the floor with the stats vu cameras and have adjusted defensively in a way that no one else in the league has done. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that this team is that great defensively and they are not just great they are on the verge of being the best defensive team since the 3 point play was instituted in the game. It is incredible.

• Kawhi Leonard is incredible. His hands are so quick. He gets to everything. He was guarding Gordon early in the game and Gordon was never a factor in the game.

• Favors tried to battle. After two straight nights of banging with Steven Adams hard to image he had anything left in the tank. Favors has picked up an incredible burden without Rudy. Going into tonight he was averaging 36 minutes a night since Rudy went out.

• Alec Burks went 2 of 9. He is in a nasty little shooting slump. Last 6 games he is around 32%.

• Gordon Hayward plus minus might never recover. He was -42 tonight in 22 minutes

• Jeff Whitey played well for the Jazz tonight. He has proven he is bonafide NBA player. He needed to prove that after New Orleans quit on him last year

• Not much else. This was pretty unlikely game for the Jazz to start and then once the Spurs hit them early it was out of hand and gone.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz push the Thunder to the limit again

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Thunder game #22 – December 13, 2015

• Incredible effort by the Jazz to take the Thunder to the wire for the second straight night. The Thunder are one of four, maybe five teams that are title contenders and for the Jazz to battle them for 96 minutes on back to back the way they did is incredible. The toughest part will be to take the positives out of this despite the loss

• The Jazz were gassed in the overtime. Fact is they looked gassed for the last part of the 4th quarter

• The Jazz dictated the game early and throughout the first half. They forced the Thunder to play in the half court. Westbrook had very little early action. Durant scored his career low 2 points in the first half of a game and the Jazz controlled the entire 24 minutes.

• The Jazz started the Triple Wing with Burks, Hood and Hayward and outscored the Thunder 17-10 to start the game. For the night the Triple Wing was in the negative. However, they changed the game and slowed Westbrook. It gave the Jazz more options offensively.

• Rodney Hood got rolling. He came into the game 4 for 42 from 3 in the first half and made 3 of 6 in the first half. I think I might have pulled Rodney from the line-up after his struggles. Have to give Coach Snyder credit for giving Hood confidence.

• Alec Burks finished 8 of 22 tonight as the head of the triple wing. Worth keeping an eye on if this line-up works for him. In the past when he moved to the point it neutered his game. He stayed aggressive tonight but it is a very different game playing from the top then playing from the wing.

• The Thunder blasted the Jazz to open the 3rd quarter. They got out running and they got into the fast break action where Westbrook thrives. They jumped to a 7 point lead. Impressively, the Jazz counter with a 20-4 run of their own. To do that in the Thunder building against a title contender is really cool.
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• Play of the night is Durant cross court pass to Ibaka for a three. Game was 94-91 Jazz with :48 left and Ibaka tied it for 3. If he misses and the Jazz rebound the Jazz are in great shape.

• Jazz lead it by 6 after a Burks bucket with 3:09 left Durant answered. Then Hayward hits 1 of 2 free throws to make it 5 with 2:28 left. Alec and Gordon miss on the next two possessions. Then Ibaka hits the 3. Hayward puts the Jazz up 2 and Durant follows with a driving dunk.

• Hayward airballed a pass to Hood with a chance to win it. In the final 4 minutes the Jazz had 8 trips down the floor and got 8 points. Not sure you can expect much more than that in a half court grind it out setting. Yes, 1 more play wins the game and there are a ton to look at but the execution down the stretch is not as bad as I thought.

• Millsap got a lot of time tonight. His offensive game is so limited right now. 1 for 6 from the field including a miss with 4:40 and a turnover with 3:37 left after a great offensive rebound. His hustle got to a bunch of balls and his tenacity got in the Thunders skin and bothered them

• Durant had 10 points and 3 assists in the 4th quarter in 7:31 minutes of action. Westbrook was 0 for 5 in the 4th quarter.

• Jazz only got 2 defensive rebounds on 6 chances in the 4th quarter.

• Thunder only got 4 defensive rebounds on 10 chances. That tells you the type of fight that was taking place.

• Hawyard and Favors went 41 minutes tonight. Hayward played 41 shadowing Durant for a good deal of the night.

• Jazz had just 14 assists on 39 field goals.

• The jazz have played title contenders Golden State, Oklahoma City, Cleveland and you could probably include Indiana. The Jazz have taken them all the wire in one possession games. Huge steps being made in the development of this franchise.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Relentless Jazz fall short to Thunder

• Really impressive performance by the Jazz tonight. The Thunder grabbed an early lead and had a double digit defense for a good deal of the night. The Jazz never relented. It is really hard to be playing as hard as you can and not make any progress and stay in a game. It shows a huge level of commitment and dedication.

• The Jazz tied the game late in the 4th quarter and Kevin Durant took over. Durant scored the Thunder final 11 points over the final 6:24 and it was just too much. The play of the night was Durant hitting a three on the pick and roll. Booker stepped out but Durant broke the tie with a great 3 and broke the 87-87 tie

• Jazz trailed the game by 83-72 with 5:39 left and fought all the way back to a 87-87 tie. Lots of different guys made plays, Hood hit a 3, Burke hit a 3, Burks made plays. It was terrific.

• The Jazz had a great game plan on Durant. They wanted to take away the three point game and he only hit the one dagger all night. Durant was insane late in the game. One of the best players in the world. He is unguardable. Hayward played him as well as you could ask and Durant was still able to make the plays.

• Hayward didn’t get a shot attempt in the 4th quarter. Not sure how many chances he had.

• Alec Burks had a great 2nd quarter. That kept the Jazz in the game

• The Thunder are super physical and these two teams are not on each other Holiday card list. This is going to be interesting on Sunday because it was really chippy tonight

• Jazz dominated the offensive glass tonight. Trevor Booker was all over the glass. Jazz had 17 second chance points off 11 offensive rebounds compared to Thunder 8 on 11 offensive rebounds

• Game had 0 lead changes and 1 tie. Thunder started on a 7-0 run

• Trey Lyles box score line doesn’t look good but he is playing much better basketball.

• The slow starts are an issue. I am not sure what the answer is to solve them. Burke and Burks are so good for the bench.

• I know everyone wants to take playoffs and I am with you on that but the organization is still in development mode and we are seeing all the core important things for building this culture into a winning program.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Gordon and Derrick Lead the Jazz to the win

• Solid blow out win for the Jazz tonight. The Knicks scored first and the Jazz scored 18 of the next 20 an the game never got close after that. The Jazz stayed in control and the Knicks lost interest in competing.

• Jazz had their largest lead of the season at 33

• Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward did what your best players should do. They dominated the first quarter of the game. They lead by example and they completely took the game out of the hands of the Knicks. Neither G or D-Favs is going to be a vocal leader but they do care. They care a lot. This is how they are going to lead. Favors leads by getting back in transition defense every time. Hayward leads by caring deeply about wins and how the team performs. Over the long run that is better leadership than the rah rah stuff that wears everyone out. Both Derrick and Gordon have had terrific seasons.

• Gordon Hayward has had a monster last 10 games. He is averaging 22 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals while shooting 48% from the field 51% from 3 and 85% from the line

• Derrick Favors has been equally as terrific

• The Jazz are 5-5 in their last 10 games having played 7 playoff teams. Knicks are not one of them.

• Knicks came in as the #1 3 point shooting defense in the NBA and the Jazz hit on 9 of 21. Jazz are the 6th best team in the NBA at shooting the three and it showed tonight. Hayward lead the way 4-4 and Burke was 3 for 6.

• Trey Burke has been playing with terrific energy the last few games. He controlled the game for a while tonight with his controlled dribble, playmaking and shooting.

• Trey Lyles is looking more and more comfortable every night. He still makes a ton of plays that used to work in high school or college that won’t work in the NBA but that is the growth process.

• Rodney Hood got ejected for hip checking Sasha Vujacic into the basketball standard on a fast break. The two of them had been battling and getting on each others nerves. Vujacic is known to be a pest. Hood lots his bearings and gave him a hip check that was a flagrant 2 and ejection.

• Jeff Withey had a solid night – 10 points and 9 rebounds. He throws really good outlet passes.

• Solid win over a Knicks team that was disengaged. The Knicks have lost 7 of 9 and maybe headed in the wrong direction.

• So excited to see Porzingis and their was nothing to see tonight. He was terrible and played just 13 minutes.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Kings in control the whole way

• The Jazz allowed a 12-0 run right out of the shoot and never lead again. The Jazz didn’t deal with the transition speed of the Kings early in the game and the Kings got lay up after lay up early. From there the Jazz made some runs behind three point shooting and knocked on the door a few times but never took the lead other than 2-0. Each time the Jazz got close the Kings answered with a run that stretched the game back to 7 or 9.

• The Jazz defense was not good enough tonight. They didn’t impede any routes of the Kings and that allowed the Kings to get the ball moving and play as a unit.

• The Kings ran early and then spread the floor the rest of the night with some good line-ups. The Jazz couldn’t contain the Kings. The Jazz are missing Favors at the 4 a good deal in the defense because Lyles and Ingles are not great defensively and Booker lacks size. Once the Kings got in the half court they were able to spread the Jazz out and take advantage.

• Booker’s hustle got him another double double.

• The Kings had lost three in a row and are filled with turmoil but the Jazz never made them feel that. By falling behind early the Kings got momentum and were never pushed to feel all the bad mojo they have had for the last week.

• The jazz took advantage of the 30th ranked three point defense in the Kings hitting on 15 of 36 from three. That is 42%. The problem is the Jazz were 23 of 56 from 2 for the night. That is 41%.

• The good news on the night is Rodney Hood got his stroke hitting 5 of 8 from three. In the first half the Kings layed off Rodney Hood and gave him huge air space which hurt the Jazz spacing a great deal.

• Trey Lyles hit 3 nice shots tonight but seemed to have a hard time staying with Casspi and the inside outside responsibilities of guarding a stretch 4. He looks much better on the floor but the defensive responsibilities are tough for a rookie.

• DeMarcus Cousins stayed under control and has a force tonight. He made Derrick Favors look small at time and bullied him to the basket on numerous occasions.

• Trey Burke made some shots late on night that saved him from one of those brutal nights. Early in the game he was missing by a large margin but he was able to correct it and make some shots. 5 of 14 is where he lived most of last year and he needs to avoid too many nights like this. His shooting over the last 8 games is back to the numbers of the first two years and hopefully he can get back to where he was the first 10 games of the year.

• The loss tonight changes the feel on this next stretch. Knicks at home on a back to back and then two v. Oklahoma City and a road game v. San Antonio. This is going to be really hard.


Thoughts as I watch the final 5 minutes of the regulation and the overtime
• Incredible defense by Favors sliding out on Paul George and forcing him into a fade away 18 footer with 4:49 left. Derrick Favors stayed with Paul George

• Really hard to ask Elijah Milsap to be ready for this speed

• Trey Burke threw some incredible passes

• Offensive foul on Hayward was a good call.

• Huge shot by Gordon. Indiana by 6 with 3:29 left. Stuckey goes under pick and roll and Gordon in his sweet spot, angle right, rises and buries a 3. Huge shot #1

• Jazz double PG in post guarded by Gordon with 2:40 left. Good team defense. Dig out by Hood. Booker stunts at Stuckey who gets the pass out of the post from George. Hood closes out. Poor 3 point shooter in Stuckey has no where to go shoots three and misses. Indiana still leads it 104-101 with 2:26 left

• With 2:02 left in 4th Indiana runs a 1/3 pick and roll with George and Hill. Jazz switch it. Leaves Trey Burke on Paul George. He has no chance. Pacers score. But this is the last time Jazz will switch this. The Jazz will double for rest of game and the Pacers keeping trying to go back to it.

• Trevor Booker saves the game. Hayward misses on drive down 5 with 1:37 left and if Indiana gets the rebound game might be over. Instead Booker offensive rebound and bucket – Huge Shot #2

• Interesting Hayward guards Paul George but Rodney Stuckey took Hayward on the other end

• 1:26 left – next Pacers play they ran the same 3/1 pick and roll and Jazz trap PG and get it out of his hands. Stuckey hits a pull up J with :1 on shot clock. Pacers 108-103 with 1:18 left.

• 1:08 left – Hayward beats PG on left hand drive. Lavoy Allen has to come help. Favors does an awesome job of making himself available for the pass by hanging back and bit and gets a good pass from G and is fouled. Favors hits 1 FT – 108-104 with 1:05 left – Huge Shot #3

• Strange move by Vogel. He takes CJ Miles out and puts in another big. So Indiana plays the next possession with 2 bigs. Lavoy Allen misses 17 footer that would have been a CJ three.

• Mahiimi misses both free throws. Jazz ball 108-104 with :42

• Favors misses tough look and missed a wide open Gordon Hayward in the corner. WIDE OPEN. But foul on Mihimini on rebound and Jazz get another shot. Booker lured him into the foul. Bad call. Booker earned this one by fighting but bad call by officials.

• Booker makes one with :31.1 seconds left to make it 108-105 but Jazz rebound the miss. Favors knocks it out of Hills hand, Booker knocks it away from Mahimi, and Hayward gets it. Bullets a pass to Booker who is fouled and goes back to the line.

• Booker makes it 108-107 with both free throws and :27 left

• Jazz trap in bound. Create havoc. Ball gets to Paul George up 1 with 22 seconds left and he inexplicably shoots up 1. Looked like Jazz were trying to foul.

• Paul George makes two free throws Jazz down 3 with 16.4 seconds left.

• No timeout by Jazz – AB goes straight line brings three defenders to him and makes a great pass to Favors for the bucket and now a free throw to tie. Incredible pass and super tough shot by Favors. He was going full steam about to go past the glass. Alec was close to horizontal wrapping the pass around the Pacers bigs – Huge SHOT #4


• Super D by Favors forces George to miss a pull up jumper. Great help

• Pacers run the 3/1 pick and roll. Jazz trap again taking ball out of PG hand and Favors makes an incredible play to deflect ball and then save it to Hayward. 3:26 left. Pacers by 1

• Super play by Paul George on an unselfish pass to Allen to put Pacers up 3 with 2:57 left

• Maybe the play of the game. 7 seconds on shot clock Pacers up 1 with 2:40 left and out of a time out the Pacers try to run the Elevator Door play and PG gets tripped going through the elevator door and Hayward gets ball and dunks on other end. Jazz lead it

• 2:00 minutes left Pacers back up 1. Hayward throws really bad pass and it gets deflected into the backcourt and PG fouls Hayward with :03 on shot clock when he is stuck in the backcourt. Jazz get fresh clock and take advantage on a Favors dunk. Nice pass from Trey Burke

• Hayward misses on a runner. Booker grabs another rebound but gets it stripped and the Pacers turn it into a fast break Jazz down 1 with 1:03 left. – Huge Shot #5

• Pacers go back to 3/1 pick and roll and the Jazz trap it and force a turnover. So Pacers go the switch once. Then Jazz trap it three straight time and Pacers don’t get anything out of it.

• Up 1 with 18.6 seconds left. Favors slips the pick for the first time in the final 10 minutes rather than setting the pick and Trey Burke finds him. Favors finishes it over traffic.

• Jazz pick and rolled everything from the top in the overtime

• Solid defense from Jazz forcing CJ into a missed 3. Nice close on CJ from both Elijah who was guarding Hill and Alec.

• Pacers get a 2nd chance. They inbound to Stuckey inside the 3 point line. For some reason, not sure what Elijah Millsap goes to Stuckey and doubles him inside the arch. They pass back to Hill who gets a good look, though Elijah scrambles back quickly,. Lucky break.

• Heck of a game great fun