Skal Labissiere
Fr. Kentucky 6’11 225lb

– Born in Haiti, moved to US after Earthquake in 2010
– Family trapped under wall after the earthquake collapsed their house
15.8 MPG
6.6 PPG
3.1 RPG
0.3 APG
0.9 TPG
.516 FGP
.661 FTP
4.2 BLK/40
7.6 PF/40
Physically Gifted
– 7’2.5” wingspan
– 9’0” standing reach
– Able to finish above the rim
– Light on his feet and soft hands
Offensive Skill Set
– Smooth with good balance and touch
– Uses good footwork and TOUCH
– Jump hooks using either hand
– Shown flashes from NBA 3 point range
– Able to knock down turn arounds
– Able to cover a lot of group
– Stays vertical when contesting shots
– Uses instincts well
– Very raw but has ton of potential
– Intriguing tools and skill set
– Played very little basketball before coming to UK
– Improve spacing and rim protection

– 5.7% fat, very skinny in chest and rear
– Lacks mental toughness
– Lets some player drive through him on the way to the rim
– Can’t contain on mismatches, burned easily
– Limited upper body strength and tries to avoid contact
Defensive Rebounding
– Can sometimes lose focus on defense and rebounds
– Struggles in challenging spots where loses positioning boxing out
Offensive Polish
– Drives straight into defense
– Always looks to dribble first
– Poor spacing
– Still putting everything together
Fundamentals on Defense
– Lacks discipline
– Bites on fakes
– Caught ball watching
– Slow reaction

3 Things to Know
– Upside and Potential- While Skal may look underwhelming to some with a limited skill set entering the draft, he’s only played basketball for a limited time and the skills he’s already developed are impressive enough that he can polish them for an even greater upside. His jump hook is one aspect of his game that is impressive already.
– Toughness- Skal’s biggest question mark during his rookie year will be towards his toughness. Too many times did he get bullied by other big men while at Kentucky on both defense and offense. On defense especially, he tends to get handsy and foul too much.
– Mental Game- Skal’s mental game needs to improve in order for him to find success. He makes simple fixable mistakes that need to be corrected like biting on pump fakes, yet it extends all the way to the hard parts of bouncing back when things aren’t going his way. Skal hasn’t played basketball that long so with time his IQ should improve. He just needs to get more adjusted to the competitive game of basketball. He explained that when he arrived in the states he noticed how much more serious the game is here than in Haiti.


The following was put together by Leif Thulin and Garrett Furubayahi by scouring all draft sources and making a compilation of the player.

Wade Baldwin
6’3 194 So. Vanderbilt Guard

30.4 MPG
14.1 PPG
5.2 APG
4.0 RPG
1.2 SPG
2.8 TPG (67->91 between fresh & soph)
.799 FTP
.427 FGP
(Fox Sports)
Physically Gifted
– 6’10 wingspan
– Big hands
– Wide shoulders
– Length gives him an advantage at the rim
Defensive Ability
-Good feet
-Good close out
-Get through screens
-Can guard both positions
(Physical gifts lead to a HIGH ceiling to be a huge defensive presence)
-Distribute the ball well through variety of ways off of pick and roll or pick and pop
-Able to find shooters while on the move
-Good range
-Better shooter with feet set
– Good spot up shooter if defender goes under screen
Creating Offense
-No floater (5 all season)
-Poor finisher
-Ball Handling
(Limited control, limited moves, NOT SHIFTY)
-Lazy on defense
(Sometimes gives up after a few steps or doesn’t)
-Shooting motion isn’t always the same leads to poor shots
Decision Making
-Sometimes telegraphs passes
-Can be careless & panic
-Looks to pull up WAY too early in shock clock
(Draft Express)
3 Things to Know
Physical Profile
-Wade’s 6’10 wingspan gives him amazing versatility and the ability to guard the 1-3 positions in the NBA as well as the ability to finish around the rim (doesn’t always though, but length helps).
Defensive Potential
-Wade showed in college his ability to be a top notch defender through his techniques and actions. He’s already shown he’s a GOOD defender but his ceiling could allow him to be an EXCELLENT defender if he works out a few inconsistencies
Passing Ability
-Wade showed the variety of ways he can distribute the ball, especially by finding different ways to hit the roll/pop man off of screens. Wade needs to learn to make better decisions by staying calm in pressure situations and not being careless with the ball.

What insights and life lessons did you gain from making the varsity team your freshman year, after basketball was your “worst” sport growing up?
What influences did your favorite athlete growing up having on your development as an athlete yourself?
Describe how watching your friend and high school teammate KAT helped motivate you in your own journey.


The following was put together by Leif Thulin and Garrett Furubayahi by scouring all draft sources and making a compilation of the player.

Domantas Sabonis:
So. Forward/ Center, Gonzaga.

Minutes: 31.7
Points per game: 17.5
Rebounds per game: 11.7
Assists per game: 1.8
Steals per game: 0.6
Blocks per game: 0.7
Field Goal Percentage: 60.6%
Three Point Percentage: 35.7%
Free Throw Percentage: 77%

Height: 6’10.5”(with shoes) 6’10”(without shoes)
Weight: 230 lbs
Wingspan: 6’11”
Standing Reach: N/A
No Step Vert: N/A
Max Vert: N/A
Measurable Comps: Luis Scola/ Marc Gasol (NBA

Fantastic motor.
High basketball iq.
Great feel for the game.
Skilled scorer
Excellent footwork in post and on defense.
Very good at establishing deep post position.
Established scorer down down low, with the ability to shoot from mid range effectively. (counter moves, up-and-unders and drop steps)
Fabulous finisher inside. Good patience.
Soft touch
Good in the pick and roll, with ability to catch in traffic and locate the rim.
Willing and improved passer.
Runs the floor superbly. Rim running extraordinaire.
Great rebounder. Physical. Maximizes his frame (238 lbs)
Always boxes out and uses great instincts and timing to grab the ball at its apex.
Solid intangibles on defense. Good rotations off ball.
Good post defender, who sacrifices his body to help his team.
Makes winning plays.
Good defender on switches as well as on traditional matchups. Potentially a very good two way small ball player.

Potential areas for improvement
Left hand dominant and could have issues scoring against NBA length.
Stiff mechanics on his jump shot, however he shoots a decent percentage from the free throw line and also is improving his range, presenting the potential for being a good pick and pop player due to his good touch.

May be hard to find role on offense due to mechanics on his outside jumper if they aren’t fixed.
Not a terribly explosive player.
Plays below the rim.
He is only 6’10.5” and has a subpar wingspan, making it difficult for him to be a five.
Shows pretty good lateral quickness, but struggles frequently on switches, switching him onto shifty and and long forwards.

What part of your game have you attempted to improve upon the most in the months preparing for the draft?
What influence does your father, a hall of fame player in his own regard, have on you and your game?
What role do you envision for yourself in the future?
What is the main thing you want to show the team that drafts you?


The following was put together by Leif Thulin and Garrett Furubayahi by scouring all draft sources and making a compilation of the player.

Denzel Valentine
Sr. Guard/ Forward, Michigan State.
Minutes: 33.0
Points per game: 19.2
Rebounds per game: 7.5
Assists per game: 7.8
Steals per game: 1.0
Blocks per game: 0.2
Field Goal Percentage: 46.2%
Three Point Percentage: 44.4%
Free Throw Percentage: 85.3%

Height: 6’5.75” (with shoes) 6’4” (without shoes) (Draft Express)
Weight: 210 lbs (Draft Express)
Wingspan: 6’10.75” (Draft Express)
Standing Reach: 8’6” (Draft Express)
No Step Vert: 27” (Draft Express)
Max Vert: 32” (Draft Express)
Measurable Comps: Danny Green/Greivis Vasquez
(NBA Draft Net)

Fantastic feel for the game
Great vocal leader
Great understanding of the proper timing and spacing
Fabulous shooter, off the bounce and catch and shoot.
Great ability to square shoulders and remain balanced whiole shooting off of screens.
Tremendous distributor. Sees over the defense with his size and makes very accurate passes.
He does a good job in the pick and roll.
Great patience, especially in pick and roll.
Makes good decisions and changes pace well when attacking.
Crafty and versatile scorer, who uses guile to put the ball in the hoop. (floaters and hook shots)
Good finisher with both hands
Versatile player. Has ability to play on and off the ball.
Great rebounder for size.
Great instincts for the game especially well used for positioning on rebounding.
Very hard worker, and dedicated team player.

Potential areas for improvement:
Can improve his transition game, taking less risks, while making up for his lack of overwhelming athleticism.
He will have to adjust his game in the NBA, as he is no longer the alpha dog leader.
Capable of defending multiple positions due to size and good fundamental technique, but must stay disciplined due to his athletic flaws.

He has issues, creating space, and relies heavily on screens.
Subpar athlete that might have to rely on athletes around him.
Occasionally plays flat footed and struggles with his lateral movement.
Beat in isolation frequently.

Which aspects of your game are most applicable to the NBA?
While preparing for the draft, what aspect of your game did you work the most on to improve heading into the draft?
Of your four years under coach Izzo, What was the most important thing you have learned from him that you will remember as you prepare for the NBA?
Of anyone past or present, who would you say you try to emulate the most?

TRADE DEADLINE BREAKDOWN #2 – Memphis moves Courtney Lee to Charlotte

TRADE – Memphis trades shooting guard Courtney Lee to Charlotte for PJ Hairston. Charlotte trades Brian Roberts to Miami and Miami sends Chris Andersen and 2nd round picks to Memphis

MEMPHIS DOES THIS WHY – Courtney Lee was an expiring contract at end of the year and they turn it into PJ Hairston and 2nd round picks. Honestly, not clear on why Memphis would do this. Hairston is not a good NBA player right now and 2nd round picks hit rate is very low. Memphis losses their pick to Denver if it falls between 6 and 14 so they don’t have a lot of incentive to fall into the lottery without Marc Gasol.

CHARLOTTE DOES THIS WHY – Charlotte is a 3 point shooting machine and they just got a lot better with Courtney Lee rather than PJ Hairston. Hairston was a stop gap while Michael Kidd-Gilchrist got healthy but he is now out of the for the season.

MIAMI DOES THIS WHY – Miami gets Brian Roberts who is not a bad player but more importantly they saved nearly 6 million dollars in luxury tax

WHAT IMPACT ON THE JAZZ – Could be significant. With Marc Gasol out for the year it is not clear where the Grizzlies are headed. Obviously, any hope of a surprise playoff run is out the window. Memphis offense was 3 points better per 100 possessions with Lee on the floor. Now without the spacing of Lee and the passing of Gasol Memphis is going to have a hard time scoring. Memphis is currently on pace for about 45 to 47 wins and the 5th seed. If the Jazz gets hot and close 20-10 they finish with 46 wins.

TRADE DEADLINE BREAKDOWN #1 – Harris to Detroit from Orlando for Jennings and Illyasova

TRADE – Detroit acquires Tobais Harris from Orlando for Ersan Illysova and Bradon Jennings

DETROIT DOES THIS WHY – Tobais Harris becomes a part of an exciting young core with Reggie Jackson, Caldwell-Pope, Stanley Johnson and Andre Drummond. Harris is under contract for 4 years and 64 million and that would be a good off-season free agent signing. Harris will be able to play between the 3 and the 4.

DETROIT RISK — Harris maybe a player that has put up numbers on a bad team and does not help a team win.

ORLANDO DOES THIS WHY – Clears a cap space for off-season and allows them to sign Even Fournier. It will clear time for Mario Hezonja. It wasn’t working in Orlando and they decided Tobais Harris was not part of the plan for the future.

ORLANDO RISK — Gave up on Harris and got nothing but space in return

IMPACT ON JAZZ — None. None of these players fit into the Jazz mold or the Jazz needs. Nor does it impact the West race. Might be a little worrisome to New Orleans that Harris didn’t grab much and they are trying to trade Ryan Anderson for assets. Might force New Orleans to consider other moves

BREAKDOWN – Re-watch of the 4th quarter of Jazz v. Dallas

Re-Watch of 4th quarter of Jazz win over Mavericks

• Hood 3 – started in diagonal line. Jazz have gotten rid of the stack plays out of timeout because they were being held all the time and never called. Hood came from left corner all the way to the top and then waits. Lyles just posted Parsons to get the inbound. Now Gobert finds Hood and sets a pick on Hood’s man. Hayward comes from the inbound and also sets a pick on Hoods man. Deron who is guarding Hayward switches out of this mess onto Hood.
Great D by Deron. Lyles hands off to Hood and bumps Deron. Parsons steps out on Hood and forces an incredibly tough look. Dallas guards this near perfectly.

Great defensive switch by Gobert to make Deron Williams miss

• Pick and roll between Hayward and Favors was great early in the 4th quarter. Hayward throws the pocket pass at a high level for a big wing. Jazz just kept pounding this play everytime down. Scored and scored and scored.

• Gordon is 2 of 12 with 9:00 left in the 4th but he has dominated the first three minutes of the quarter with passing and playmaking.

• Chris Johnson defense on Deron Williams was important

• Huge play – Jazz run another pick and roll with Favors and Hayward. Zaza is now in the game and covers it perfectly denying a drive and a pocket pass. Hayward maintains the dribble in the lane and Favors moves over to a baseline jumper and hit the 13 footer. So big because Dallas guarded the first action perfectly and Hayward and Favors just played basketball at that point.

• Lyles in the game is giving the Jazz a lot of space for the Hayward/Favors pick and roll.

• Trey Lyles has really good basketball instincts. Wesley missed a 3. Mavericks got the offensive rebound and out of the scramble moved the ball to Parsons for a corner 3. Lyles started the possession on a switch, then fending off Zaza and as the ball starts to swing from right wing to left he is on the right side of the lane and gets out to the left corner to alter Chandler Parsons three who is not his man.

• Make or miss league Dallas missed some good looks mid way through the 4th quarter

• Great recognition by Hayward – two straight plays of pnr with Favors so Dallas shifted and he went straight line to the basket and Dallas had no rim protection in the game.

• When Favors needed a break Jazz went to the Hood/Lyles pick and roll. The options are increasing. Hood is an incredible shot maker.

• Dallas broadcast team called Neto feisty and compared him to JJ Barea

• Gobert’s block of D-Will is great but the play is made by Neto effort and Lyles willingness to dig down off Dirk and bother Deron route and making him become very methodical

• Raymond Felton had no chance guarding Hood. You can’t guard Hood if you are smaller than him.

• Rudy Gobert impressively active on defense

• Great use of timeouts by Quin to save one for the final play of regulation

• Favors free throw line jumper with no concern with 1:20 left to put Utah up 1. Wow. Confidence

• Chris Johnson hustle plays – loose ball rebound on first play of 4th quarter leads to a Favors dunk. With 7:29 l