Compiled by Leif Thulin




Height:  6’6.75”

Weight: 203 lbs

Wingspan:  7’2.25”

Standing Reach: 8’6.5”

No Step Vert: 34.5”

Max Vert:  37”

Measurable Comps:  Kendall Gill (NBA Draft. Net)



What a body.  7’2.25 wingspan.  6’7 body.  203 pounds at 19 years old.   With a sweet stroke.   Used very little at Kansas in Bill Self’s point guard post centric offense.  Opening month of his time at Kansas was very rocky.  Not an incredible athlete but moves smoothly and could have a huge impact defensively with his length.  Has a decent handle.  Didn’t always look like he was playing hard at Kansas.   Grabbed 5 rebounds a game which is a lot for a wing and if he continues that in NBA puts him in elite category.    Have to decide if you believe he is waiting to explode once out of the shackles of Kansas or is all body no game.


Kelly Oubre is a man from Louisiana, forced to move because of Hurricane Katrina, moving to Texas, playing AAU basketball with the likes of Justise Winslow and Justin Jackson. Oubre at Kansas, was known as a good athlete, with an improving offensive game. Both his free throw and three point percentages are respectable. Using his combination of speed, size and strength, he could be a good two way player in the NBA. He is predicted to be selected in the lottery or a few picks below the end of the lottery.



Chad Ford: 14th

Draft Express: 14th


Sports Illustrated: 20th

NBA Draft Net: 19th



Minutes: 21.0

Points per game: 9.3

Rebounds per game: 5.0

Assists per game: 0.8

Steals per game:1.1

Blocks per game 0.4

Field Goal Percentage: 44.4%

Three Point Percentage: 35.8%

Free Throw Percentage:  71.8%



Spot Up Shooting:  29 of 81 (50% efg)

Post Ups:   NA

Isolations:  7 of 13 and went to line 17% of the time

P&R Man:  NA

P&R Handler:  8 of 31 and went to the line 31% of the time

Jump Shots:   31 of 89  (49%)

Around the Rim:  35 of 66 (53%)

Catch and Shoot:  25 of 70  (54% efg)

Catch and Shoot Open:  8 of 19 (63% efG)

Jump Shot off the bounce:   6 of 18

17 feet to 3 point line:   3 of 4


Compiled by Leif Thulin




(Kevin O’Connor’s 2015 NBA Draft Guide)

Height:  6’6”

Weight: 206 lbs

Wingspan: 6’8.25”

Standing Reach: 8’6.5”

No Step Vert: 27.5”

Max Vert:  34.5”

Measurable Comps:  Klay thompson (NBA Draft.Net)



Labelled as the best shooter in the draft in a league desperate for shooting.   However, what else does he do?  As the youngest player in the Draft there is a lots of room for improvement.   With all the talent at Kentucky it is hard to tell if he was limited to his role because of what surrounded him or because he is limited.  If he is a just a shooter then taking him in the top 12 is a huge stretch.   He shows some off the bounce game but the college numbers are not good in this area.  He has decent measurables.  Opposing teams went at him defensively whenever he was on the floor.   He has a perfect release and terrific form on his shot.  Has been schooled well by former NBA dad.



Devin Booker is an intriguing prospect because of his lack of playing time on a loaded Kentucky team, featuring 9 All Americans. Booker is known for his shot, shooting 41.1% from three and 82.8% from the strike. Booker projects to be a mid to late lottery selection, even with his full array of skills not being shown at Kentucky. Booker, although known for being a shooter posted good results in the combine, with a 10.22 second lane agility time, 2.75 second shuttle run and a 3.28 second ¾ quarter court sprint. His main knock is being a poor finisher at the rim, but at only 18. he still has time to mature physically into his body, and put on some weight in order to compete better at the next level physically.



Chad Ford: 9th

Draft Express: 9th

Kevin O’Connor’s guide: 18th

Sports Illustrated: 8th

NBA Draft Net: 14th



(Draft Express)

Minutes: 21.5

Points per game: 10

Rebounds per game: 2.0

Assists per game: 1.1

Steals per game: 0.4

Blocks per game 0.1

Field Goal Percentage: 47%

Three Point Percentage: 41.1%

Free Throw Percentage: 82.8%


ADVANCED NUMBERS  (I will take care of these)

Spot Up Shooting:  50 of 122 (58% efg)

Post Ups:   NA

Isolations:  3 all season

P&R Man:   NA

P&R Handler:   2 for 7

Jump Shots:   72 of 178 – 41% (58% efg)

Around the Rim:  11 of 20

Catch and Shoot:   52 of 126 41% (58% efg)

Catch and Shoot Open:   25 of 51 (69% efg)

Jump Shot off the bounce:   19 of 51 (38% efg)

17 feet to 3 point line:  14 of 25

DRAFT BREAKDOWN – Stanley Johnson



MEASURABLES ( Kevin O’Connor’s guide)

Height:  6’7’’

Weight: 242

Wingspan: 6’11.5”

Standing Reach: 8’6’’

No Step Vert: NA

Max Vert:  Na

Measurable Comps:  Kawhi Leonard and Ron Artest (NBA Draft.Net)



Great body with super athleticism.   Dominated Sam Dekker and Norman Powell on the defensive ends in games that I watched.  Strangely, the athleticism doesn’t transfer over to the offensive game.  Very little lift around the basket.  Has a really hard time finishing at the rim.   Handle isn’t good enough right now for a dribble drive game.  Played against zone in two of the games I watched and is much better against a man where he can use his strength.  Has a nice touch on his jump shot though at higher volume it is unclear how it maintains.  College shooting numbers are great as you will see below



Stanley Johnson has been recognized for his tenacious defense and combination of speed and brute strength. At Arizona, Johnson was used as a wing, attacking the basket, playing stellar defense and developing an outside shot, as he probably will be used the same way at the next level. Johnson projects to be a mid to late lottery pick with the potential to be a force in the NBA.



Chad Ford: 10th

Draft Express: 10th

Kevin O’Connor’s guide: 9th

Sports Illustrated: 10th

NBA Draft Net: 10th



(Kevin O’Connor’s Guide)

Minutes: 28.4

Points per game: 13.8

Rebounds per game: 6.5

Assists per game: 1.7

Steals per game: 1.5

Blocks per game 0.4

Field Goal Percentage: 44.6%

Three Point Percentage: 37.1% (ESPN)

Free Throw Percentage: 74.2%


ADVANCED NUMBERS  (I will take care of these)

Spot Up Shooting:   47 of 105 (59.5% EFG)

Post Ups:   5 for 11

Isolations:   18 of 46  (41% efG)

P&R Man:    NA

P&R Handler:   20 of 45 (49% efg)

Jump Shots:   65 of 148  (58% efg)

Around the Rim:   42 of 96  (44%)

Catch and Shoot:   35 of 80 (65% efg)

Catch and Shoot Open:   23 of 54 (63% efg)

Jump Shot off the bounce:   26 of 53 (54% efg)

17 feet to 3 point line:   5 of 14


Complied by Leif Thulin




Height:  6’9” (with shoes) 6’7.75” (without shoes) (Draft Express)

Weight: 219 lbs (Draft Express)

Wingspan: 6’11.5” (Draft Express)

Standing Reach: 8’10” (Draft Express)

No Step Vert: 25.5” (Draft Express)

Max Vert:  34.5” (Draft Express)

Measurable Comps:  Gordon Hayward (NBA Draft Net)



Terrific system player at Wisconsin.   Love wing player with high level of toughness. Biggest college strength was finishing around the rim. Biggest college weakness was shooting.   Hard combination to take to the next level.  Plays very hard and that is a skill.   Has the size to guard and play multiple positions in the NBA.   Made plays on the college level.   Understood his abilities and used them well.   Solid passer in the movement based system of Wisconsin.   Shooting numbers in college are concerning for his ability to be a threat in NBA



Sam Dekker is a player who has won from youth into highschool, and then the NCAA, losing in the final four two years in a row. Sam Dekker grew up in Sheboygan Wisconsin, winning a state championship under his father at Sheboygan Lutheran. After losing a heartbreaker to the Julius Randle led Kentucky Wildcats in the 2014 final four, he vowed to get another shot at the final four, and in route to the final four, and even through it,  he played his best basketball, averaging 19.1 points per game, leading his team especially down the stretch in games of the tournament, until losing to Duke in the National Championship game.



Chad Ford:  17th

Draft Express: 16th


Sports Illustrated: 18th

NBA Draft Net: 12th



 (Draft Express)

Minutes: 30.6

Points per game: 13.9

Rebounds per game: 5.6

Assists per game: 1.2

Steals per game: 0.5

Blocks per game 0.5

Field Goal Percentage:

Three Point Percentage: 33.1%

Free Throw Percentage: 70.8%


ADVANCED NUMBERS  (I will take care of these)

Spot Up Shooting:  51 of 132 (51% efg)

Post Ups:   25 of 44 (57% efg)

Isolations:   19 of 35 (54% efg)

P&R Man:   NA

P&R Handler:  13 of 31 (50% efg)

Jump Shots:   58 of 176 (47% efg) — that is 33% overall

Around the Rim:  107 of 151 (71%)

Catch and Shoot:  40 of 125 (48% efg ) — that is 32% overall

Catch and Shoot Open:   12 of 36 (50% efg)

Jump Shot off the bounce:   18 of 48 (48% efg)

17 feet to 3 point line:   5 of 19




(Draft Express)

Height:  7’0.75”

Weight: 231 lbs

Wingspan:  6’11”

Standing Reach: 9’1.5”

No Step Vert: NA

Max Vert:  NA

Measurable Comps:  Nenad Kristic  (NBA Draft. Net)



Great college player who will have a big adjustment to the NBA.  At Wisconsin, had the ball in his hands a lot.  The offense was built for him.  Will have to adjust to being a complimentary player in the NBA.  His pure shooting numbers are great.  He is crafty with the ball and is able to handle and pass well for a 7 footer.  Plays low to the ground.  Struggled badly in the post whenever guarded by NBA length. Plays at a methodical pace will be interesting to see if speed of NBA game takes away a lot of his skills.  Will never be an impact defensive player instead will need to learn how to be viable defensively.  



Frank Kaminsky emerged as a bonafide star during the Wisconsin run to the final four, before losing to Kentucky in the semifinals. Returning for a senior year, Kaminsky improved, becoming the Naismith Player of the Year and John R. Wooden ward. Kaminsky once again helped bring his team to the final four, only to be thwarted by Duke. Kaminsky has the tools to be a lottery pick, as he is projected to be by most experts. Kaminsky’s stock will be dependent on his ability to adjust to the NBA’s three point line, which is three feet farther away from the basket than where he shot 41.6% in college. This transition will be key to his draft selection since his position in the NBA will be the highly valuable stretch four.



Chad Ford: 13th

Draft Express: 10th

NBA.com: NA

Sports Illustrated: 6th

NBA Draft Net: 19th



Minutes: 33.6

Points per game: 18.8

Rebounds per game: 8.2

Assists per game: 2.6

Steals per game: 0.8

Blocks per game 1.5

Field Goal Percentage: 54.7%

Three Point Percentage: 41.6%

Free Throw Percentage:  78.0%


ADVANCED NUMBERS  (I will take care of these)

Spot Up Shooting:  33 of 82  (51% efg)

Post Ups:   74 of 138 (51% efg)

Isolations:  29 of 55 (54% efg)

P&R Man:  27 of 62  (56% efg)

P&R Handler:  12 of 19 (63% efg)

Jump Shots:   52 of 129  (57% efg)

Around the Rim:  103 of 152 (68%)

Catch and Shoot:   42 of 94 (67% efg)

Catch and Shoot Open:  17 of 37 (69% efg)

Jump Shot off the bounce:  7 of 26 (27%)

17 feet to 3 point line:   3 of 10