TIPOFF – November 5 – LeBron is in town

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you a daily conversation, leading off with the NBA 5 and then digging deep on the Utah Jazz.

PODCAST – Get to Know Your Utah Jazz #5 (Jeremy Evans)

Utah Jazz radio voice David Locke sits down with Utah Jazz players to do production pieces for Jazz radio broadcasts, and these interviews have turned into the Get to Know Podcast. Today’s guest is Jeremy Evans.

TIPOFF – November 4 – Flash from Down Under

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you a daily conversation, leading off with the NBA 5 and then digging deep on the Utah Jazz.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Strong night in L.A. for Jazz in loss

  • Strong night for the Jazz. The Clippers hadn’t clicked in yet, and after playing three lackluster games you knew they would be sharp tonight. Lots of things went wrong tonight, and the Jazz fought through them and improved throughout the game. By the end, they were battling the Clippers to the horn.
  • Derrick Favors was limited by foul trouble, and for the Jazz to have a partial performance from their big man and stay in the game is impressive. Favors finished with just six points and three rebounds in 26 minutes. Derrick played nine minutes of the first quarter and had four points and two rebounds. He looked like he was on his way to another substantial night but he played just seven seconds of the second quarter and never found his rhythm.
  • The Clippers hard hedged on the pick-and-roll, which means the big comes out and traps the point guard. This caused a lot of problems for the Jazz early in the game as they committed six turnovers and scored just 20 points in the first quarter. However, the Jazz improved as the night went on, making more and more plays out of the trap and getting more and more open looks. This is a difficult one for the Jazz because they do not play the hard hedge, so they very rarely play against it in practice. Neither Houston nor Dallas play it either.
  • Through four games, Gordon Hayward is averaging 19 points, seven rebounds and five assists per game. He’s shooting 48% from the field, has hit on 37% of his threes and has been perfect from the free-throw line. Tonight, he carried the team when Favors was out. When everyone is asking for leadership, this is a good example of leadership. Tonight, he had 27 points, seven rebounds and five assists. He did commit two turnovers in the fourth quarter.
  • The Jazz went on a 13-0 run in the third quarter to come all the way back from a 15-point deficit in the second quarter to tie the game at 62. The group on the floor was Burke, Burks, Hawyard, Booker and Favors, and when Favors picked up his third foul he was replaced by Kanter. And Hood came in for Burks in the midst of the run. It’s a good sign when a run continues even in the midst of substitutions.
  • The game was tied at 62, 70 and 75. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin came back in the game with 7:33 left in the fourth quarter with the Clippers up 85-82. They promptly stretched the lead to seven at 91-84 with 6:19 left and to nine with 2:52 left.
  • Utah’s bench had a nice night for a road game. Booker was strong again with 12 points, five rebounds and two 3-pointers. Rodney Hood hit two threes and had six points. Danté Exum wowed the crowd with a quick left-hand drive on the left angle with an incredible burst of speed for a layup. Exum finished with seven points, two assists and an awesome blocked shot. Rudy had another solid 15 minutes. He ended up on a Jordan poster, but you have to love that he tries to make those plays.
  • Consider that Exum had eight turnovers the first time he played the Clippers in preseason and tonight he was fine and really was more than fine. That’s remarkable. He has incredible ability to take instruction and integrate it into his game. He made three or four plays with his length. All signs with Danté are pointing upward—it’s just going to take some time. The goal this year is to build the foundation for him to build off in the future. This is as much off the floor as on the floor. There will be times when he is overwhelmed and times when he finds a rhythm. We’ll all want it accelerated, but it is a process and it will be slow.
  • Enes Kanter had a nice offensive night with with 17 points and nine rebounds.
  • Trey is shooting 33% with just two 3-pointers. He’ll get it going. He was trying very hard tonight to make plays.
  • Solid night tonight. Looking forward to the next two at home.

POSTCAST – Boone and Locke review Utah’s strong performance in L.A.

The Utah Jazz radio team of David Locke and Ron Boone recap the Jazz game with POSTCAST.

TIPOFF – November 3 – Burks, Win #1, Favors, and oh my rookies

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you his daily podcast. Today, he opens with the NBA 5 and then moves into a deep dig on the Utah Jazz.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Favors, Hayward deliver Quin his first win

  • Congratulations to Quin Snyder on his first NBA win.
  • Derrick Favors was masterful tonight. The team did a lot of things well, but it was all propelled by the play of Derrick Favors. Derrick played in a way he has never played before in his life. He had continued effort on numerous plays. When he got denied, he took it as an affront and took it right back at the Suns the next play. Maybe most impressive was his postgame interview when he said that he saw his team come out sluggish and he had to pick them up and lead the way. He saw them begin to feel bad about themselves and he needed to take control. Did he ever. He was a beast and the Suns don’t have the big men to answer this type of performance.
  • Derrick rang the 30-point bell for the first time in his career. The question now is did he just find out something about himself? The last time Derrick had a game like this was his high school championship game when he had 38 points and 21 rebounds. Did he just realize what he is capable of accomplishing in the NBA? Derrick is in a really good place. I have thought Derrick would be the player who takes the biggest jump under Quin. Next stop is Blake and DeAndre in L.A. How does Derrick attack them? That’s what this whole season is going to be about. Derrick never scored 30 points in college, and he only scored more than 20 twice.
  • Derrick also had nine rebounds, an assist, two steals and two blocked shots.
  • The Jazz allowed 19 fast-break points in the first half and only two in the second half. The Suns played last night v. San Antonio and got a great win. They were ripe for the picking, but you have to get them. The first half proved the Suns would get out if you allowed them to, and the Jazz cut that off in the second half.
  • Five different guys had at least three assists. That’s what this team is going to be about.
  • The team scored in the second quarter when the bench came on and didn’t have the offensive stall when Rudy was on the floor. I’ve said numerous times that I don’t see where it is reality to Rudy, so I think it will be solved.
  • Gordon Hayward did so many things well tonight. His rebounding, nine defensive, was great. The outlet passes he throws off the rebounds is changing the way the other guys are approaching it. Quin wants a rebound and an outlet. Not a rebound and a dribble. He wants a pass up the wing and then another ahead pass where the attack at the 45 takes place. Too often, guys are getting the first outlet and then never making the ahead pass and never attacking at the 45. Gordon is changing that by doing it right. His open-court play was terrific. He’s really good in the open floor. His confidence in attacking the basket is at an all-time high.
  • The Jazz still only shot 7-for-26 from three. Some guys are not stroking it right now—Rodney Hood is 1-for-10; Trey Burke is 2-for-15.
  • Rodney Hood is a really nice player. He’s going to be a good NBA player. Lots of people have wondered how he dropped in the draft. One play told that story tonight: He drove the right baseline and had a chance to go up and pack it, but he isn’t that type of athlete. Instead, he jump stopped in the lane and the defender jumped on his back and he got fouled. A top-15 pick (maybe top-10) rises up and flushes.
  • Quin wants the wings and guards to flatten the defense with an initial probe at the 45. Too often, our guards are willing to just stop outside the arc and get into the flow without trying to probe the 45.
  • Quin went to Trevor Booker just a few seconds into the third quarter, and he played very well with the other four starters. It changed the course of the game. Enes is not playing as well as he has at other points—he’s just 10-for-25 shooting. The Jazz need Enes to play well and find a way to be productive.
  • Great win. The ball movement was excellent. The intensity was terrific. They never let the Suns get going in the game. Great to have something positive to build on. Now time for another road game against a playoff team. This opening month is brutal, so every win should be cherished.

POSTCAST – Locke and Boone recap Utah’s win

The Utah Jazz radio team of David Locke and Ron Boone recap the Jazz game with POSTCAST.