JAZZ GAME REWIND – Jazz fight through to beat the Nuggets

Jazz Game Rewind takes you back to the key stretch of the game, the player of the game, and more. If you missed the game, the Jazz Game Rewind will let you know what happened. Voiced by Mitchell Marshall.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Catch-and-shoot game returns

• Very much a redo of the Indiana game for the Jazz. They trailed early. Stayed close enough to be in contact. By halftime it was a 2 point game and then they put the defensive clamps down. They lead by 1 going into the 4th and ran away in the 4th quarter on their way to another solid road win.

• Jazz road record under Quin Snyder is stunningly good.

• On the broadcast we opened talking about the Jazz lack of assists and moreover being last in the league in catch and shoot chances. Tonight you saw a completely different approach from the Jazz offensively. Gordon Hayward told us post game that they focused on this in film session today and saw that they were missing the back side guy.

• Tonight the Jazz had a season high in assists and a huge increase in catch and shoot chances.

• Derrick Favors didn’t play the second half because of the flu.

• Trevor Booker was terrific. The first half Kenneth Faried was making a ton of plays and out working the Jazz for extra points. In the second half it was Trevor Booker making those plays for the Jazz.

• Jazz played a ton of triple wing tonight, with no true point guard. 16 minutes of the game was played without a traditional point guard tonight. Joe Ingles started the offense sometimes, other times it was Alec and late in the game it was Rodney Hood.

• The Jazz were even in the 16 minutes of the triple wing.

• Rodney in the fourth quarter had 5 points and 4 assists.

• The Nuggets played the opening 6 minutes of the 4th without Gallinari on the floor and without Gallo they have no offensive flow if you keep them in the half court.

• Joe Ingles played 26 minutes tonight and was +23. He played everything from point guard to power forward. He is shooting the ball terrifically. He came in shooting 57% and went 3 for 5.

• Gordon got rolling tonight. The better passing really helped him. His ball had more arch on it. 13 shots 20 points. Back to being Gordon.

• Rudy Gobert on the back end of a back to back played 35 minutes and finished with 8 points, 16 rebounds, 2 assists (one a gorgoues back cut bounce pass) and 3 blocks. Really solid outing.

• Foul trouble was a big problem early in the game and broke the Jazz rhythm. Both Hood and Hayward had to sit with 2 fouls in the fist quarter.

• Jazz trailed by 13, 24-11 in the first before working their way back.

• Denver finished with 39 percent shooting and 25 percent from three. Solid defensive game from the Jazz.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – CJ and Dame too much too handle

• Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum were too much for the Jazz to handle tonight. In the first half Lillard and McCollum were able to get where they needed to get on the floor. McColllum is the key, he couldn’t miss and when you couple that with the 2 time all-star Damian Lillard it becomes a real beast to guard.

• In the halftime interview Zach Guthrie mentioned that bigs have to come out more and make an impact on the ball and when they did that in the 2nd half the Blazers were able to spread the Jazz out and get bigs rolling to the basket or open looks and then when the Jazz were spread out they had a hard time on the offensive glass.

• The Jazz are a great defensive team when they are guarding the rim. The Blazers are not attacking the rim the same way as other teams instead they were stretching the Jazz bigs out away from the basket.

• The Jazz got 8 blocked shots but the Blazers had the Jazz spread out and running all over the floor – The Blazers scored 27 in the first, 30 in the 2nd and 32 in the 4th.

• The fact that both McCollum and Lillard are able to make plays off the pick and roll and can run multiple pick and rolls in a possession makes them very difficult to guard. Lillard is unreal. He is hitting from everywhere on the floor. It taxes the entire defense. McCollum has a great mid range game to go with his range. When CJ goes 10 of 13 they are going to be tough to beat. I am not sure he will be doing it on a nightly basis yet but the progress he has made the last two years is fantastic.

• The Jazz offense was not good tonight. They finished with 37.5% shooting. They had only 9 assists. Hawyard is not creating for anyone. Burks is not creating for anyone and the point guards had zero assists combined.

• Aminu is one of the best defenders in the NBA. I am a huge Aminu fan. He is long athletic, impacts games, is an elite rebounder and impacts game.

• Terry Stotts has a good thing going with a ton of young energy guys, two guards that are pushing and attacking the other defense and bigs who hit the boards.

• This team may go as Derrick Favors goes and he got screwed in the first half on two terrible foul calls and the Jazz never got a rhythm. Favors initiated the run in the early part of the 3rd with his energy but the Jazz couldn’t make enough plays to continue the run.

• The Blazers are playing with nothing to lose and when they took the lead you saw the Jazz play with tension and pressure. They made a ton of mistakes and were clearly pressing. This will be interesting to watch this year. The Jazz are playing with expectations for the first time.

• Trey Burke was very good tonight. The first 4 games of his season are very encouraging to Trey evolving as a player. Trey is shooting 50% from the field. This is a crazy thought and I am not taking time to look it up but my guess is this is the first 4 game stretch of Trey’s career at 50% . He is taking different shots. He is approaching plays differently. He is in control and most of all he is really busting his butt on defense.

• If Alec is not going to shoot the three he is going to have to get to the line as much as he did tonight but if he isn’t going to shoot the three he is going to find it very hard to have room to drive.

• Joe Ingles is playing well.

• Gordon is struggling to find a rhythm and he is the best player on the team. Remember he had surgery in the off-season it may have altered either his training or some of his movements and he may just be a little off. Honestly, without your best player playing well it is hard to win games.

• The Jazz are not getting assists. Assisted field goals is a sign of a good offensive team. The Jazz have assisted on 58 of 143 field goals which is an alarmingly low number. This is instantiable if you are going to have any success offensively.

• Disappointing loss. Home opener against a team you would expect to beat. However, the bottom of the West is much better than it has been in the past so this is going to happen. Denver, Sacramento, Utah, Phoenix, Portland, Dalllas, Minnesota are going to beat people. The Lakers aren’t but everyone else is going to win games you wouldn’t anticipate.