INSIDER – Exciting trend for Gordon Hayward

In past years when the calendar hit December it was time for Gordon Hayward to start a new.  This year he will try to build on a fabulous November.

For the first time in 4 years Gordon Hayward hits December with momentum  In the three previous year, Gordon Hayward shot 33%, 41% and 39% in November.  This year Gordon has been on fire.  He is shooting 49% from the field and has hit on 39.7% from 3.

Prior to this season, Gordon was 35 of 130 from 3.  This year he is 27 of 68 in November.

gordon november

PODCAST – Get to know – Dante Exum

Utah Jazz Radio Voice David Locke sits down on production day with a Jazz player for a season long  series long of interviews.  Today’s is with Jazz rookie Dante Exum

TIP OFF – December 3rd – Mindset

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you the NBA 5 with some interesting comments from Stan Van Gundy and then digs deep on the Jazz defensive mind set as well as Rudy Gobert’s progress

INSIDER – Something dramatic changed with Rudy Gobert

Inside of this short 18 game season something dramatic has changed with Rudy Gobert.

In the first 9 games of the season the Jazz defense with Gobert on the floor allowed 108.2 pts per 100 possessions.  In the last 9 games it has allowed just 96.7 pts per 100 possessions.

The answer may be rebounding.  In the first 9 games of the season with Gobert on the floor the Jazz garnered just 69.8% of defensive rebounds.  Over the last 9 games the Jazz have grabbed 79.9% of defensive rebounds with Gobert on the floor.

In the first 9 games of the season teams shot 67.9% in the restricted area with Gobert on the floor and took 34% of their shots in the restricted area.   Since then they have shot 61.8% in the restricted area while taking 39% of their shots in the restricted area.

Moreover, in the first 9 games of the season the Jazz were -8.8 per 100 possessions Gobert was on the floor.   In the last 9 games the Jazz are +2.5 with Gobert on the floor and -11.3 when he is off.

Over the last 5 games the Jazz defense with Gobert on the floor has allowed 98.5 pts per 100 possessions and with him on the bench has allowed 117.1.  Some of this is because Gobert has not been playing against the other teams starters, but nonetheless it is obvious he is having a huge impact.

INSIDER — Have the Jazz found their defensive cornerstone?

Every good defensive team has a 7 foot holding down the middle of the floor.   The five best defensive teams in the NBA this year are the Warriors (Bogut), Rockets (Howard), Spurs (Splitter/Duncan), Memphis (Gasol) and Wizards (Gortat).

Most of the best rim protectors in the NBA are 7 footers, Hibbert (38.5%), Dalembert (38.9%) Howard(39.5%) and Bogut (39.7%)

The Jazz have a remarkable 7 footer in Rudy Gobert. Not only is Gobert listed at 7’1 but he also has a wingspan of 7’9 and a standing reach of 9’7.

In just his second year in the NBA Gobert is beginning to have his impact felt defensively.

When Gobert is in the game teams are shooting 43.6% when he is on the bench they shoot 49.1%.   Per 48 minutes opponents score 94.4 pts when Gobert is on the floor and 105.2 when he is on the bench.

gobert defense overa

No surprise Gobert’s impact is felt around the rim.   Opponents shoot just 58% in the restricted area when Rudy is on the floor and only 27.6% of their FGA come in the restricted area.  In contrast,  when Gobert is on the bench teams shoot 65.2% in the restricted area and take 33% of their shots in the restricted area.

gobert defense by area


The next step is for the Jazz to figure out how to succeed with Rudy on the floor offensively.  The Jazz currently average just 99.2 points per 100 possessions with Rudy on the floor and 105.7 with him off the floor.



TIP OFF – December 2nd – NBA Realignment, Gobert impact and Jazz v. Nuggets

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke looks at the NBA 5 and then digs deep into the Jazz wild game with the Nuggets

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Gobert’s defense, Jazz fight and the process

  • The signature of this Utah Jazz team is they comeback and fight. Down by 22 and being ran off the floor, the Jazz put on a furious rally before falling short by one play here or there.
  • Lots of moments to look back at and wonder about or be upset about. Trey Burke drove to the basket in a fast break in a tie game and the ball went out of bounds (originally called off the Nuggets but overturned ruled to be off the Jazz). The killer is that Burke was obviously fouled on the play when you looked at the replay but the rules don’t allow the officials to go back and call the foul—they can only look at what they are reviewing and the ball never touched a Nugget player.
  • Arron Afflalo was called for a “Flagrant 2″ foul on Alec Burks going to the basket and was ejected. During the raucous that followed, Enes Kanter came to Alec’s defense and went after Afflalo a bit. Nice to see. With the play clearly stopped but no official timeout, Jazz trainer Gary Briggs went on the floor to check on Alec Burks.  Unfortunately, the rules state that if the game has not been stopped the trainer can’t come out on the floor or it is a technical foul. No one’s fault on this but the one point the Nuggets got on that technical changed the entire complexion of the game down the stretch.
  • Ty Lawson ended up hitting the game-winner on one of the best defensive possessions of the year by the Jazz. They denied the entire play, held strong with rotations and forced the Nuggets into a shot-clock prayer. It went in. A lucky shot.
  • The problem on the night is the Jazz were trying to come back from a 22-point deficit after a disastrous stretch when the starters were on the bench. This team is built for the next generation of Jazz players to take over and become the team’s leaders. However, it leaves the Jazz with a really thin bench and that showed again tonight. The Jazz led the game 21-18 and went to the bench, and over the next 12 minutes got outscored 38-13.
  • The Jazz have to learn two things. How hard they need to play to be successful.  First, they are learning how to be aggressive. Quin is pushing them to be more and more aggressive, and I’m not sure they really understand what that is. The second thing is how to stem the tide when things are going wrong. Right now, when the game starts to get away, this team hasn’t learned how to regain control the game and stop the other team’s run.
  • Hayward had 11 points in the fourth quarter. He ‘s scoring 78% of his fourth-quarter baskets unassisted. These are big-time plays. Alec stepped up with four fourth-quarter rebounds.
  • Rudy Gobert changed the game defensively tonight. The Nuggets shot 19-for-49 (38.7%) when Rudy was on the floor and 23-for-38 (60.5%) when he was on the bench.
  • Quin had another moment. He pulled Gobert and Kanter off the floor in the third quarter and laid into them. He was furious and Gobert was fighting back a bit trying to explain himself. The Jazz were down 14 at the time and Quin put the two of them back in the game immediately afterward, and it ignited the rally. The best part was that Gobert and Kanter sat at the scorers table talking about what they need to do better.
  • Gordon Hayward has as many games of 25 or more points this year (7) as he had all of last season.
  • Lots has to come together for this team. It’s a slow process. It’ not going to suddenly click one night or one week, but tonight was a positive part of the process.