TIPOFF – October 21 – Can you shoot the three?

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you his daily podcast. Today he opens with the NBA 5 and then moves into a deep dig on the Utah Jazz. He also takes a look at who can shoot the three and the best drivers in the NBA.


PODCAST – Collection of Quin Snyder from the Coach’s Show

Each night before the game, Utah Jazz radio voice David Locke sits down with new Jazz head coach Quin Snyder. This is a collection of the most interesting parts of their conversations over the last six Coach’s Shows.

TIPOFF – October 20 – Can we emulate Charlotte and Phoenix?

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you his daily podcast. He pens with the NBA 5 and then moves into a deep dig on the Utah Jazz.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – 29 turnovers allow a Lakers comeback win

  • The Jazz led this game by 22 points late in the second quarter and ended up losing it to the Lakers. The Jazz rested Trey Burke; Trevor Booker was out with an ankle injury; and Gordon Hayward or Derrick Favors didn’t play after the first quarter. The Jazz did play their primary bench players much of the second half, and they were overwhelmed without being on the floor with the primary guys. The jazz committed 19 turnovers in the second half.
  • Until the plethora of turnovers, Utah’s transition defense was terrific again. They didn’t allow a fast-break point in the first half of the game. This is the single biggest change Quin Snyder has made to this team. They get back defensively and they build a wall that is preventing teams from getting the fast-break points the Jazz allowed last season. The Lakers still only had 10 fast-break points for the entire game. Last year the Jazz allowed an average of 15.5.
  • Gordon Hayward had another strong effort. His first quarter was eight points, two rebounds, three assists and three steals while holding Kobe to 2 -for-7 shooting with three turnovers. Hayward did have four turnovers in the first quarter.
  • Rudy Gobert was brilliant in the second quarter. He blocked three shots in a four-play sequence, including a block of Kobe’s fadeaway. The Lakers shot 6-for-26 in the second quarter, and Rudy played 9:40 of that quarter. He had four blocks. Most importantly, Rudy went 4-for-6 from the line and is now 14-for-21 (66.6%) from the free-throw line in the preseason for. Hitting his free throws is a must if he is going to stay on the floor.
  • Alec Burks was 6-for-8 in the first half with 12 points and four rebounds. He was one of the only regulars on the floor in the second half and tried to carry the load, going only 1-for-6 in the second half.
  • Ian Clark was the backup point guard tonight with Trey Burke out for the night. He made some nice runners in the lane. Ian does a nice job turning the corner off the pick-and-roll. He also had some moments where he didn’t look comfortable at the 1.
  • Lakers picked it up in the second half and Exum had four turnovers in the second half. Exum had some nice moments. He exploded to the rim and got blasted by Randle. His shot didn’t fall tonight. He is now 7-for-17 from three and 41% overall.
  • Utah’s performance without Trey was a reminder of what the Lakers are going through without Jeremy Lin and Steve Nash; what Portland was like without Damian Lillard earlier in preseason; and what the Jazz were like last year without Trey.
  • Not a great night for Jeremy Evans or Carrick Felix. It’s hard to be able to performa at their highest level with the limited time they have, but both had some tough moments. Evans got a bad matchup and was overpowered, and Felix looks to be rushing.
  •  With three games in four nights, the Jazz are probably getting a bit worn out.
  • Jack Cooley, Brock Motum and Toure’ Murry didn’t play.

POSTCAST – Locke and Boone after Utah’s loss to the Clippers

The Utah Jazz radio team of David Locke and Ron Boone recap the Jazz game with POSTCAST.

TIPOFF – October 17 – Sample size grows, results stay the same

Utah Jazz radio voice and Jazz NBA Insider David Locke gives you his daily podcast. Today he opens with the NBA 5 and then moves into a deep dig on the Utah Jazz.

JAZZ GAME REWIND – Jazz blow out the Lakers

Did you miss the Jazz game? Do you want to know who played well and what the key stretch of the game was? Tune into the Jazz Game Rewind to get a recap on last night’s action.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz blow out the Lakers

  • Ron Boone said it best after the game. It’s hard to be sure how much of this is real, but I’m certain it’s a lot better than losing these games.
  • The offense was strong again tonight. The ball movement was a constant. The Jazz scored 30 or more in each of the final three quarters. There was a sequence in the second quarter where the Jazz looked as sharp as you could imagine. They got into a flow and started making reads and getting good looks. The Lakers were not interested in defending.
  • The Lakers are awful. I’m not sure how much Jeremy Lin, Nick Young, Robert Sacre, Jordan Clarkson and Steve Nash are going to be able to help that crew, but if they don’t help it’s going to be a long, tough season. The last two games, the Lakers are 0-for-8 from 3-point range. They have taken 168 shots—for an average team, 41 of those would have been 3-point attempts … and the Lakers have only taken eight threes. Their offense is archaic.
  • Derrick Favors had another terrific game. He’s really good playing in space, and this system is going to be his next step. He may never be a great shooter, but his athleticism on the pick-and-roll is going to be a force.
  • Danté Exum bounced back very well tonight. We learn a little about Danté every day, and today we learned a lot of good things. After being humbled by Chris Paul, he came out with a strut and confidence. When Ronnie Price got up on him on the first possession, he dealt with it and was prepared for it. He was being forced to use his left hand and he answered it. He is so quick that if you overplay him too much he’s gone. As he gets stronger and more experience, there is no way people are going to be able to overplay him because he’ll complete plays in the paint—he’s so quick if he beats you, he’s in the paint. Danté had 13 points and six assists (and zero turnovers) in 19 minutes.
  • Rodney Hood played a very solid game and got to go up against his childhood hero Kobe Bryant. He’s shooting it really well and put a few 1-on-1 moves on the floor that were solid. His release point is so high that he’ll be able to get his shot off.
  • Carrick Felix made his first appearance but it looked as though he was out of rhythm. Toure’ Murry got some time and grabbed a rebound or two and had an assist but nothing remarkable.
  • Both Brock Motum and Jack Cooley got sometime tonight against the Lakers’ third unit and held their own.
  • The best play of the night was a Rudy Gobert pass from top of the key to a back-cutting Gordon Hayward from the right wing to the basket. A gorgeous dime for Rudy.
  • Rudy Gobert played 11 minutes and had a stat line of nine points, four rebounds, two assists and one steal. He and Exum are developing a really good relationship on the floor.
  • Trevor Booker showed an array of offensive moves.
  • Solid win against an awful team. Things keep moving in the correct direction.