POSTCAST – Jazz get hammered by the Mavericks

The Utah Jazz radio team of David Locke and Ron Boone recap the Jazz game with POSTCAST.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Dirk is terrific, the Jazz were not

  • The Jazz got blasted tonight by the Mavericks. The Jazz led 2-0 and the Mavericks followed with back-to-back threes and the game never got closer. On a few occasions, the Jazz made a run and tried to get into it but were unable to knock down the shots and the game got away from them in the third quarter.
  • Dallas went under on the pick-and-rolls and the Jazz couldn’t knock down the shots. Couple that with 23 turnovers and you really have no chance. Missing shots is an issue. They shot very poorly last year on uncontested shots, and teams are going to start making the Jazz players make shots. If Trey doesn’t shoot well and Alec isn’t a natural shooter, then the guard line will have a hard time breaking the paint on penetration.
  • The defense was not good tonight. Being on the wrong side of 23 turnovers and 32 points off turnovers, it’s hard to be good defensively. However, the defense was not good. The Mavericks run 80 plus ball screens and the Jazz were trying to hard hedge the pick, and the Mavericks guards were able to get past the hedge, turn the corner and get straight into the lane. The Jazz were unable to execute the defensive game plan. Part of this is that the Mavericks are experienced and have seen it all.  Their guards are all 9–10 year veterans and they know how to react to every defense.
  • Dallas’ guards were doing something that’s becoming more and more common.  When they get by the pick, they curl back underneath the pick away from the sideline and to the middle of the floor. Now the big is on the other side of the ball rather than the middle and there is no weak-side defense to help with the roll man.
  • Monta Ellis has become a drive-and-dish, not a drive-and-finish guy. This is a huge change in his game from when he played in Golden State.
  • Trey Burke was 4-for-12 and is still shooting 33% for the year. He needs a good shooting night. He’ll be back in Michigan for the next game where he was great a year ago.
  • Rodney hood went out with plantar fasciitis and was not available after the first quarter.
  • Kanter and Favors combined for 7 turnovers.
  • Alec Burks is not having an impact on the game offensively right now. He’s not great at going off picks in the pick-and-roll—he would rather play one-on-one, and those chances are not how the offense is built.
  • Dirk is awesome.
  • Off to the road we go. Interested to see if the Jazz can play better defense against bad offensive teams like Detroit, Indiana and New York.

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EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Was this Utah’s “Phoenix” night?

  • Wow. What a night. This could be a big one. Jeff Hornacek was asked when the Suns turned the corner last year and he talked about the team playing head-to-head with the Spurs on the fifth game of the year and even though they lost they learned they could play with the best. This was the fifth game of the yearDid the Jazz just learn they could play with the best?
  • For Hayward, it’s huge. He has been brilliant. Quin Snyder said before the game that Gordon has been playing with “fire.” That shot changes him. He was great. He had 21 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists. He’s putting mammoth games linked one after another.
  • So many plays tonight that were the key to the game—Burks hits four free throws late in the game, Booker hits the three off an inbound with 1.9 seconds left on the shot clock. Burks makes a hockey assist to Booker, who finds Favors on a paint-to-paint pass on a mid-roll.
  • The Jazz controlled this game most of the way and were better than Cleveland most of the night. The Cavs took their first lead in the fourth quarter. Impressively, after giving up the lead, the Jazz battled back to regain control. For the first three quarters, the Jazz moved the ball, they got great looks, they simply outplayed Cleveland.
  • Joe Ingles throws the inbound for the game-winner. That’s the level of detail that Quin Snyder deals with. Who’s my best passer? Plus Ingles pump-fakes the pass to the baseline to move the defense to open the passing lane to Gordon.
  • Danté Exum had to play a lot of key moments tonight because Trey got into foul trouble. He played 25 minutes. He’s making improvements. His defensive length is a problem for other teams. He’s penetrating the paint more and getting out of the paint without making mistakes. He had zero turnovers tonight.
  • Utah’s ball movement was great. The Jazz are playing like a team. Thet had 26 assists tonight. The offense came in ranked fourth in the NBA and they hit 51% of their shots, added seven 3-pointers and hit on 17 foul shots. They had a good offensive night.
  • Cleveland has major issues. I’m not convinced they are going to figure it out, and I’m not convinced that LeBron is right. Mentally, he is way out of his game, but physically he is not doing what he used to be capable of doing. He is lacking lift.
  • With that said, LeBron had 31 points. But his night was strange.
  • Favors is really figuring out how to play in the spacing of Quin’s system. He almost never has to play forcing the ball into the post. He’s catching on the block lower with a quicker move, and when he plays up top he has room. Also, he’s coming off the baseline to get the ball and do damage.
  • Do you like Trevor Booker yet?
  • Rodney Hood in as a defensive replacement late to get Trey off the floor with five fouls and not as much length. I love these type of moves.
  • Rudy Gobert was really good tonight as well. Three blocks in 12 minutes.
  • If the Jazz get good bench minutes, this team will be much better than people anticipated.
  • Jazz go to 2-1 at home, and each team has been on the back end of a back-to-back. So will Dallas on Friday.
  • Great crowd tonight. My head still hurts. Standing most of the fourth quarter. Jazz Nation, you are awesome.

POSTCAST – G-Time puts a Jazz Note on LeBron

INSIDER – Here may be the issue with the Cleveland Cavaliers

The NBA floor has a left side and a right side.  The problem is the Cavaliers need three left sides.

Last year, Kevin Love took 305 left side 3 pointers and only 91 from the right side.  In addition, Love took over 250 left side 2′s and only 90 right side twos.

Here is Love’s short chart

love shot chart


Seems like no big deal until you look at where LeBron James was best last year

lebron shot chartLeBron is awesome from the left side, but is below the league average when he has to play on the right side of the floor.

This brings us to Kyrie Irving.   And once again he prefers the left side of the floor

irving shot chartKyrie Irving’s shot chart is almost identical to LeBron James.  The angle right three for both James and Irving is a 27-29% shot.  Irving shot chart is more balanced, but he is better on the left side of the floor.

Not a lot leaning left these days but the Cavaliers three main scores all do when on the basketball floor.



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