Age: 22
Position: PG/SG
College: Colorado, Senior

Height w/o Shoes: 6’3 ¼”
Height w/ Shoes: 6’4 ½”
Weight: 190
Wingspan: 6’7 ½ ”
Standing Reach: 8’5 ½”
Max Vertical: 36.5”
(Via Draft Express)

College Statistics (2016/17 Season)
MPG: 32.9
PPG: 18.3
RPG: 4.1
APG: 4.3
STLPG: 1.2
FT%: 80.5%
2-PT FG%: 57.0%
3-PT FG% 40.1%

Best Case Comparison: Greivis Vasquez, Patty Mills

2017 Big Board Ranking
Kevin O’Connor: 32
Chad Ford: 43
Draft Express: 31
Sports Illustrated: 28
CBS Sports: 62

3 Things to Know
1. Offensive potential and effective scorer (Especially with his jumper)
2. Needs to improve his focus for the entire game. Too many silly mistakes
3. Maturing and possibly still growing into his frame with the best yet to come

Size and length help him while guarding point guards/combos
Physical gifts help cover his limited athletic abilities
Great in various pick and roll situations
Good footwork into pull-ups
Arsenal of tools (jabs, shot fakes, step-backs) against closeouts into pull ups
Effective floater game with a soft touch
High Guard IQ and strong feel for the game
Great passing ability to hit the roll man out of a pick and roll
Good cutting instincts
Good understanding of defensive positioning
Great 1st move anticipation on defense
Late bloomer and could still be maturing into his frame

Has a hard time turning the corner with an average 1st step
Relies on jumpers out of pick and roll
Has a hard time beating bigs on the switch in pick and roll
Has a hard time finishing in a crowd
Lives off jumpers instead of attacking at times
Not very vocal on offense
Telegraphs passes at times
Reaches instead of sliding his feet at times
Upright and lazy without contesting at times
Needs to improve intensity because of lack of defensive tools

Derrick White’s had an intriguing story thus far in his basketball career. He graduated high school standing 6’0” tall with very little collegiate options, which steered him towards a Division II school in Colorado. He had a growth spurt, right before the start of his college career, which allowed him to excel at the Division II level and transfer to the University of Colorado for his senior season where he averaged 18.3 PPG. He’s demonstrated a nice pull-up jumper and soft touch floater along with good passing and cutting instincts to give him a well-rounded offensive arsenal of tools. White has also shown a high overall basketball IQ and awareness for his positioning in defensive sets. He could benefit from finishing better through contact and not relying too much on his jumper. The most important part of White’s game he must improve is his overall level of focus for the entire game. He has a high IQ, yet sometimes he tends to make lazy passes that are picked off for breakaway dunks, or he’ll reach instead of staying down and moving his feet on defense. These issues seem to be relatively easy fixes with a higher level of attention and willpower to change these bad habits. Derrick White is a prospect many teams will consider giving a chance, so look for him to be drafted near the last few picks of the 1st round or early in the 2nd.

Draft reports compiled by Garrett Furubayashi and Leif Thulin


Age: 20
Position: PF
College: UCLA, Freshman

Height w/o Shoes: 6’8 ¾”
Height w/ Shoes: 6’9 ¾”
Weight: 222
Wingspan: 6’11”
Standing Reach: 8’11”
Max Vertical: 34.5”
(Via Draft Express)

College Statistics (1 Year)
MPG: 29.9
PPG: 16.3
RPG: 8.2
BLKPG: 1.1
APG: 2.4
FT%: 67.9%
2-PT FG%: 64.4%

Best Case Comparison: David Lee, Trey Lyles

2017 Big Board Ranking
Kevin O’Connor: 47
Chad Ford: 20
Draft Express: 26
Sports Illustrated: 24
CBS Sports: 23

3 Things to Know
1. Shown great offensive potential
2. Must improve defense in order to stay on the court
3. Needs to get stronger and more physical

Runs the floor well
Great rebound anticipation
Good rim protection thanks to size and athleticism
Impressive coordination, shown in ball handling skills
Good pull up game
Good offensive footwork
Effective from 3 (Especially in trail 3 situations)
Soft touch and good post work
Threat out of pick and roll and pick and pop game
Good court vision and IQ

Needs to become more physical against aggressive big men
Needs to be more aware on helpside defense (Avoid flat feet)
Needs to be quicker on his feet and lateral movements
Needs to show more toughness and ability to fight through contact at the rim
Needs to Attack more and get to the line (Averaged only 4 FTA per 40 min)
Pushed around on the blocks when rebounding
Can’t create separation when going to the rim, which causes poor shots
Slow shooting release

TJ Leaf is an interesting prospect in this year’s draft class with all the tools necessary to become a great NBA player. He showed great offensive promise in his only year in college by averaging 16.3 PPG while showing off good moves and a soft touch around the rim and the ability to knock down pull-up jumpers as well. He also showed flashes of a high basketball IQ with great court awareness as well as the ability to handle the ball well for a big man. Some scouts question whether his offensive game will translate into the tougher and more skilled NBA level of defenders, but the biggest thing Leaf will need to improve is his physicality and strength. Some of the more physical big men Leaf faced in college were able to push him around on the block and caused him to lose his position when rebounding as well. He could also benefit from trying to earn more trips to the line by playing more physical on offense. Finally, he needs to work on his defensive awareness, especially in helpside off the ball situations. Overall Leaf will most likely be drafted somewhere near the end of the 1st round in the upcoming draft.

Draft reports compiled by Garrett Furubayashi and Leif Thulin