BREAKDOWN – Exciting Jazz Lineup Data

The injuries this year have made it very difficult to evaluate if the Jazz core is a group that can be successful. For example, Favors and Gobert have only played 15 games together. Trey Lyles hasn’t played with Derrick Favors since his rapid improvement. Today I have looked at combinations that involve Hayward, Hood, Favors, Gobert and Lyles.

To understand offensive and defensive rating remember this. League average rating is 102.5 (102.5 pts per 100 possessions) The best offense is the Warriors at 113 and the 5th best is Clippers at 105.2. The worst offense is Philly at 94 but anything under 100 is really poor offense or really good defense.

Team rating only 6 teams in the league are more than +4. Only 3 are above +6.

Here are the Jazz details.

Favors and Gobert have only played together in 15 of the Jazz 45 games this year. They have been on the floor 305 minutes.

With Favors and Gobert on the floor together the Jazz are +8.2 with an offensive rating of 108.8 and a defensive rating of 100.6 The 108.8 offensive rating would be 3rd best team in the NBA and the 100.6 defense would be 9th.
Rodney Hood and Gordon Hayward have played 1026 minutes together this season. In those minutes the Jazz are -.3 with an offensive rating of 105.5 and a defensive rating of 105.8

When Rodney Hood, Gordon Hayward and Rudy Gobert are on the floor together the Jazz are +4.1 over 24 games and 494 minutes. The offensive rating is 109.7 and the defensive rating is 105.5.

When Rodney Hood, Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors are on the floor together the Jazz are -.6 over 27 games and 557 minutes. The offensive rating is 105.9 and the defensive rating is 106.6.

When all 4 of the Jazz core pieces are together, Hood, Hayward, Favors and Gobert the Jazz have a +8.8 rating over 14 games and 247 minutes. An offensive rating of 110.2 and defensive rating of 101.3

This tells us that the 310 minutes that Hood, Hayward and Favors played with another big have been disastrous. In those 310 minutes the Jazz have been -5.9 per 100 possessions. Moreover, you will see below this group is good with Lyles so the 160 minutes Favors has played without Gobert or Lyles with Hood and Hayward have been catastrophic.

That leads to the Trey Lyles impact. The line-up of Hood, Hayward, Lyles and Favors has played 154 minutes together this year over 12 games and in those the Jazz are +5.3 with a 109.1 offensive rating and a 103.8 defensive rating. Only 5 of those minutes have come in January since Lyles has improved.

The line-up of Hood, Hayward, Lyles and Gobert has played 137 minutes together and the Jazz are +4.9 with an offensive rating 111.8 and a defensive rating of 106.9. 132 of these minutes have happened in January since Favors was hurt.

The Jazz core 5 pieces of Hood, Hayward, Favors, Gobert and Lyles have been incredibly successful when they are on the floor together. When the Jazz get solid point guard play and a deeper bench we could be in for a very exciting ride.

When Coach Snyder has a full complement of his roster the results are terrific. Moreoever, as the roster develops with more depth he will be able to put out more complete line-ups more often.

ADDTION – Alec looks really good as well.

Alec with Gordon, Favors and Gobert – 77 minutes 121 off rtg (insane) 107.5 defensive rating (not good) but overall +13.6

Alec with Rodney, Favors and Gobert – 68 minutes 119.3 off rtg (insane) 107 defensive rating (not good) but overall +12.3

55 of these minutes were with the lineup of Alec, Rodney, Gordon, Favors and Rudy. That line-up has an offensive rating of 124 and a defensive rating of 109. +14.8 overall.

This lineup has shot 57% when on the floor. Not sure if that is sustainable.

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz blow out the Hornets

• Jazz played a dead team and took full advantage tonight. Hornets had played overtime in 3 of their last 5 games and looked sluggish. The Jazz were sharp. They defended at the highest level and once they took control they never relented.

• Jazz went on a 20-2 run in the 2nd quarter that decided the game. Rodney Hood was in control for most of that run. He played in complete control and with a calmness where he was the one controlling all the action. He had a nearly perfect game. Hood hit Gobert at the rim, he made a play to Favors, he hit is mid range jumper and he nailed 4 threes.

• Hood over the month is averaging 18 points a game shooting 46 from the field and 46 from 3. It has only been a month but if this is real the Jazz have something very special. From the beginning he reminded me of Brandon Roy. In Roy’s rookie year, after 4 years of college he averaged 17-4-4 and in his 2nd year he averaged 19-5-6. Then he took off. 22-5-5 until his body failed. I don’t know if this is really possible but it feels like somewhere in this ball park has to be at least dreamed of.

• Derrick Favors makes the all the difference in the world. When the Jazz were playing Booker and Withey the Jazz couldn’t include them in a pick and roll with any threat at all. With Favors he can roll, he can pop. He is a threat. If the pick and roll is run with Trey and Hood and Hayward are lifted it becomes an incredible pick your poison for the opponent. When the Jazz won the Indiana game they ran the Trey Burke/Derrick Favors pick and roll to get the looks to win the game. They haven’t had that option for a while and it really matters.

• The Jazz defense was strong tonight. Held the Hornets to 18 points in the 1st, 13 in the 2nd, 20 in the 3rd and just 22 in the 4th. The Hornets bomb the three and the Jazz defense plan was to force them off the line tonight and they did exactly that only allowing 6 of 25.

• Trevor Booker looks so much better when he is next to Favors or Gobert

• Erick Green hit two nice shots. The kid could score in the D-League

• Kemba gave the Jazz fits again in the 1st half but they took him away in the 2nd half and the Jazz ended this game early in the 2nd half

• Solid win for the Jazz. 1-1 on the homestand and much healthier then they have been in a while

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