EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Comeback close game wins are sweet

• Really strong win for the Jazz. This was a hard game. The Raptors were very physical throughout the game and controlled the game from midway thru the 2nd quarter and into the beginning of the 4th quarter and the Jazz got tougher throughout the night to win it. This is the second straight late game win against a really good team. Remember the Jazz lost 18 games last year by 5 or less. Great growth

• First time the Jazz have won when trailing going into the 4th quarter at home since the 2013-14 season.

• Derrick Favors defensive plays when switching on Kyle Lowry changed the game. We talked about this last year but Favors is the first full sized big to be able to switch onto point guards. Draymond Green and Paul Millsap are able to do this for the Warriors and the Hawks but they are undersized. Favors is doing this a 6’10 265 and then he can make plays on the offensive end of the floor.

• Gordon Hayward had another bad third quarter and it felt like it this was going to add onto his offensive struggles but instead he nailed two huge three pointers in the 4th quarter. He finished the 4th quarter with 9 points on 3 of 5 shooting, add on an assist and a block and that is very strong outing. Very mentally strong.

• Gordon defense on DeRozan tonight was outstanding. Gordon has had great defensive games all season. He has made a big effort defensively this year and maybe made as big a defensive jump this year as he made an offensive jump last year.

• Jazz closed the final 4:25 with the Triple Wing it finished a +3 in that span. Great quote by Quin Snyder after the game about how with this line-up he can find a player “in a good spot” read with a good match-up.

• Jazz were +16 with Derrick Favors on the floor. He is having a tremendous year.

• Raul Neto played well in the 1st quarter. His defense had an impact on Lowry who never got a rhythm.

• Incredible out of bounds play by Quin Snyder for a Trey Burke three. Those matter in a one possession game.

• Alec Burks has been amazing late in game this year. Burks was 11 of 17 in the final 5 minutes of a close game this year and tonight he was 1 for 2.

• 27.4 seconds left – Jazz by 2 and inbounding. The ball came into Rodney and he got back to Ingles who inbounded. Favors got on the inside of DeMarre Carroll and Ingles found him sliding to the basket for a slam dunk. Gutsy play but put the Jazz up by 4 and gave them the game.

• Jazz trailed by 6 with 7 minutes left. Big time fight to come back.

• Jazz some more minutes from a 3rd big. Gobert is playing too many minutes and the 4th wing position is open for the taking right now.

• Strong win for the Jazz. Dallas is playing great, this will be a really interesting game and an important one since the Jazz and Mavericks only play 3 times this season.