EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – All around dominance


  • This is going to a quick one as I have to drive to Jackson Wyoming to see my sons ski race tomorrow


  • Simply a dominating performance from the Jazz.  They got a Nets team that is reeling and they spanked them.


  • The game turned in the 2nd quarter when the Jazz hit 7 three pointers in the quarter.  The Jazz have not been able to score all year with Gordon Hayward off the floor and Trey Burke lead the 2ndunit to a runaway.   Jazz lead it 58-37 at the half and the night was over


  • Very balanced solid all around performance from the Jazz. Hayward had 24 and a big 1stquarter.  Trey added 19 off the bench and Exum and Ingles threw in 13 and 16 respectively.


  • The defense was solid all night and the Nets never made a run.   The Nets finished shooting just 38.7% and hit only 5 threes.  Plus the Jazz forced 18 turnovers.


  • Turnovers have been a major issue for the Jazz recently.  They are 30th in the NBA at taking care of the ball over the last 10 games.  Tonight they turned it over 6 times in the 1stquarter, then reduced it down and ran away from the Nets.  They ended with 17 which is still high.


  • Ingles had a career high 16 points the night after he had a career high 7 assists.  Not sure why having Dante playing as the starting point guard is helping Joe but it seems to have ignited something in his game and his opportunities to make plays.


  • Jazz defensive game plan was built to deal with the Johnson/Lopez pick and roll low on the left block and they completely eliminated that.  In addition, the Nets never got the Johnson/Jack pick and roll going.  Joe Johnson only had 6 points on 3 of 7 shooting and Lopez was 2 of 9.  Those are the Nets two threats.


  • I thought Enes Kanter moved the ball better tonight than I ever seen from him.  They were creative passes makingplays but they were passes in the offense that kept the tempo and the flow. This has not always been a strength.


  • When the Jazz used both sides of the floor they got good looks and the offense was very effective.

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EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Exum starts, Enes shines and Jazz win

  • The Jazz have beat the Milwaukee Bucks, the Detroit Pistons and the Charlotte Hornets all on their floors. Those teams are going to be the 6, 7 and 8 seeds in the East this year. The Jazz would be an Eastern Conference playoff team. I have no doubt. Think about how different everything would feel if we could play in the East and have the confidence of winning half your games and making the playoffs.
  • Good win tonight by the Jazz. Solid fourth quarter performance taking care of the ball. Turnovers were the story of the night. The Bucks are long, active and physical.   They are committed on the defensive end. They are long and able to switch all over the floor. This caused the Jazz major issues. The Jazz, who are having an issue taking care of the ball right now, turned it over 22 times leading to 32 Bucks points.  But in the fourth quarter, the Jazz only turned it over three times and when the Bucks don’t have turnovers they have a hard time scoring in the half court.
  • The Bucks really adjusted to Rudy Gobert tonight. He was dominating in the first half of the game and in the second half they clearly changed how they were playing, bringing a weakside slasher for a pass and never trying to challenge Rudy.
  • Trevor Booker’s shot will forever be the play of the year, but Rudy’s reverse dunk from the left side of the floor to the right side of the rim without a dribble is going to be tough to beat for second this season. That was absurd,
  • Gordon Hayward was the best player on the floor down the stretch. He took over. He scored or assisted on 10 straight points in a 10-0 run that won the game for the Jazz. He was guarded by O.J. Mayo for a little while in that stretch (and yes, you should be asking yourself why the Bucks would have Mayo on Hayward).  Gordon had 13 points and two assists in the quarter and was nails at the line.
  • Back-to-back 20-15 games for Enes Kanter. Wow. Tonight was strong with 13 defensive rebounds and a huge mid-range jumper late in the game. He finished with 23 points and 16 rebounds and hit all six of his free throws. Jazz grabbed 12 of 37 chances on the offensive glass as well.
  • Danté Exum made his first start of the year with a healthy Trey Burke. He looked a bit different tonight. The Jazz played with great pace early in the game and got into the early thrust. Quin wanted three things from Danté tonight: the early thrust on offense, make himself felt on defense and make some plays. 3 for 3. It helps when you hit your shots, and Exum is not going to be a 50% 3-point shooter, but if he can make that shot enough he’ll be able to start driving and getting to the basket when he gets stronger. He had 5 assists tonight. The 35 minutes was a big chunk for Exum. He told us on the postgame show he was coughing and tired on the floor.   Hopefully, with strength he’ll have better stamina than he has right now. He gets tired very easily.
  • The biggest part of Danté’s game was how good he was defensively. He took Brandon Knight out of the game to start.
  • Trevor Booker played great defense late in the game on Giannis Antetokounmpo.
  • Might take Rudy over Giannis, which would make Rudy the #1 pick of that draft if you re-drafted.
  • Rudy had another 14-10 night with huge impact on the defensive end in 35 solid, impactful minutes
  • Jazz played just 8 players.
  • Shooting 45% and nailing 14 3-pointers is a great offensive night on a team as good as Milwaukee. Jazz EFG% tonight was 58%.
  • Joe Ingles had a career-high 7 assists. His biggest assist of the night came before the game when he met with a young Australian girl who has been through major surgeries for a disease that is eating away at her face and the expert in the world is in Madison, Wisconsin. She has followed Joe’s career and Joe met her before the game. Joe is wonderful to have in the Jazz organization.
  • Tip of the hat to Trey Burke for how professional he was dealing with Danté Exum starting and how well he dealt with the media before the game. He also had a solid game.
  • Two soft landings for Danté with Brooklyn and Jarrett Jack and Boston with ???? before he gets Chris Paul and Steph Curry.

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  • Thought we were on our road to Minnesota last year there for a moment but luckily the Jazz started making some shots in the 2nd half.   Offense is becoming hard to come by for this team.  Tonight Cleveland didn’t guard Ingles or Kanter, they went under on Trey and dropped off Favors a bit making it so there was no room on the floor for driving lanes and that makes it very hard to execute an offense without any spacing.
  • There has to be a little honesty in who we are playing right now.  This team was the 3rd youngest team in the NBA on opening night.  That is not good by the way if you are looking for wins.  Then as the season has gone on they have scored more points than any team in the league from players under 23 years old.   That is not great if you are looking for wins.  Now they have lost two players at the same position with a roster that doesn’t have a safety net.   It leaves the Jazz playing 75 minutes from rookies.  They played 32 minutes from guys on 10 day contracts.  They played about 140 of the 240 minutes from players with less than 2 years experience.  Wins are going to be tough to come by.
  • Points are also going to be tough to come by as well.   We have lots of guys who don’t really want to shoot.  We don’t have a lot of guys that have gravity on the offensive end.
  • When teams get into us defensively we don’t have a lot of answers on how to combat. At halftime we had just 40 points so we had scored just 109 points in 6 quarters.
  • Maybe tonight will ignite Enes Kanter.  Kanter had his 2nd 20-15 game of his career finishing with 24 points and 17 rebounds.  He had 14 points and 6 assists in the 4th quarter.  Nice of him to bounce back from a quiet first half shooting 2 for 8.
  • Jazz lead it 17-16 and then the offense went south.  The Jazz went from the 4:42 mark of the 1st quarter to the 8:08 mark of the 2nd quarter without a field goal and with only 3 points.  Then the Cavs opened the 3rd quarter on the wrong side of a 22-8 run and the game was over. Jazz down 28.
  • Trey Burke’s hot spell went out the window.  He is 2 for his last 20
  • Gordon Hayward is shooting 41% since December 1st
  • Milwaukee will be a real test they are one of the top defensive teams in the NBA over the past 15 games.   The offense will be tested.

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