EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz get run by the Warriors


  •  This one was over in a hurry.  12-0 start by the Warriors and it was done.   The Warriors came in waves and the Jazz were unable to handle it.   So much of what we hear about with the Warriors is the offense and the splash brothers but this is a great defensive team.   They completely de-railed the Jazz offensive structure.


  • The Warriors were switching 1 thru 4 on all picks and the Jazz didn’t know how to react to this.


  • The Jazz aren’t setting as solid picks as they set earlier in the year.


  • Andrew Bogut is so good.  He might be the most under appreciated player in the NBA.  He knocked Favors completely off his game.  Bogut is such a great rim protector and the Jazz couldn’t get into the paint.  In the opening quarter the Jazz shot 3 of 8 in the restricted area.  The Jazz have been one of the best teams in the NBA at shooting in the restricted area and the Warriors are one of the best at defending the restricted area and we know which end won the battle.


  • One the interesting parts of this match-up was the Jazz take the 3rd highest percentage of smart shots (restricted and 3’s) and the Warriors force opponents to take the fewest amount of smart shots.  The Jazz opening the night with shots of 8 feet, 14 feet, 19 feet, 9 feet,  and 17.   So the Jazz opened with 5 mid range shots and 3 turnovers.  The Jazz didn’t get a shot in the restricted area until the 7:33 mark.


  • The Warriors opened the night with 5 of their first 9 possessions as fast break possessions.  They came out running and outlet passing and the Jazz looked stunned by the speed.  The road trip and the OKC game was against mostly half court teams


  • Hayward had a nice strong third quarter.   He showed some good leadership in the way he battled down 20 in the 3rd.


  • This game was not as close as the final score.


  • For most of the first half the Jazz forced just 1 turnover and committed just 2 fouls.   I am not a big believer in just looking at those numbers and making a proclamation but it seems to tell a story about the Jazz level of force.


  • Dante Exum made some super special passes tonight.  He made a bounce pass in the paint that was a back handed bounce pass to Derrick Favors in the lane.    Dante didn’t shoot well and still does not have a field goal off the bounce outside 10 feet this year.



  • The Jazz need Trey Burke to find his game.  This is not going to last.  He is much better than 32% and 27% from three but it is getting long.   13 game stretches is 16% of the season.


  • The Warriors are in a different class than the Jazz right now.   The same thing we saw with the Mavericks and the Rockets.  This is a good reminder of how long this process is going to be and it is going to take some patience.

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EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – The night of “The Tech”

  • Quin’s technical foul will forever be the story of this night. The Jazz were lifeless, dead in the water. The Thunder had gotten physical and made the game hard on the Jazz, and they didn’t have the fight in them to bring it back. The Thunder are so undermanned that they are forced to bring games to a halt, and the Jazz got caught in the trap. Then the tech came. The Jazz were on a mini 4-0 run before the tech but the tech got the Jazz energized.
  • The Jazz closed the second quarter on an 18-3 run to get within 2 points. That sums it up. They were down 17 to the Thunder sans Durant, Westbrook and others.
  • Once the Jazz got it rolling, the Thunder didn’t have the firepower to battle back.   Once the Jazz took the lead, the night was over. The Jazz cruised to a 17-point victory—a 34-point swing.
  • Saturday morning in Toronto, Snyder called Alec Burks out in a film session to get more rebounds. He had 2,4 and 2 in the previous games. Since then, Alec grabbed 10 and 14 rebounds. This is a big-time answer from Alec and tells you a lot about who he is and how much he wants to be really, really good. This is what the Jazz brass all talked about when they signed him to the extension—they were betting on Alec’s desire to be great. He loves the gym and works to be better.
  • Burks is a very good catch-and-shoot 3-point shooter. Last year, he was at 41% and this year he’s above that number. Once he realizes this, he’ll be even better. I’m not sure he realizes how good a catch-and-shoot 3-point shooter he is.
  • The +/- numbers tonight were the exact opposite of what they have been all season. Hayward was 0 and Favors was +1. Gobert was +23, Burks +20, Ingles +14 and Burke +11.
  • Trey Burke played a very strong game tonight. He was breaking the paint and making plays. This actually started in the third quarter in Toronto when the Raptors were isolating him defensively—he got upset and became more aggressive offensively. Tonight, he got into the lane and found people. Over the last five games Burke has 41 assists.
  • The Jazz defensively didn’t want to let Reggie Jackson or Serge Ibaka get going.  Jackson finished 4-for-13 and Ibaka was 2-for-13.
  • Enes Kanter had a strong night. He was very good yesterday in practice on the defensive end and it showed today with a 16-point, 15-rebound performance. More than that, he made a bunch of impact plays defensively.
  • The Thunder shot 35.7%—they average 42%. They went 8-for-23 from three, a little above their season average. The Jazz had a good defensive night, holding the Thunder to 81 points.
  • Exum is shooting 38% from three. Plus he had 5 assists and 0 turnovers.
  • 5-7 is a nice start to a month that never looked like it would yield 5 wins.

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