EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – 1,000 + words on Mavericks awesome performance v. Jazz


  • Ouch.  Jazz ran into a buzz saw.  Home opener.  Tyson Chandler and JJ Barea return.  Chandler Parson debuts and the Mavericks were rested and ready to roll. Roll did they ever.  The Mavericks hit their first 8 shots.  They had 4 layups and 5 dunks in the first quarter and before the quarter was done the game was over.   36-20 at the end of 1 and the Mavericks were on their way.  The Mavericks might be really really good.  They hit every play in the first quarter.


  • The Jazz open the season playing the 4th best offense from last season (Houston), the 3rd best (Dallas), 7th best (Phoenix), 1st (Clippers), Cleveland (Miami was 2nd) and Dallas (7th).  How about we evaluate the defense starting sometime in late November or December.  This is a brutal stretch.


  • Derrick Favors has played two very good basketball games.  If this is an indicator of what is coming Derrick is about to have a mammoth season.  The first two games have been against two of the best centers in the Western Conference, Tyson Chandler and Dwight Howard.


  • Favors is shooting 64% in 2 games.  The Jazz are playing him from the top rather than from the block and he is so much more effective.  The best way I can put it he is a mini Amare not a mini Malone.


  • The Jazz offense struggled the minute Rudy Gobert got on the floor again.  I tried to watch it the best I could when I was calling the game and it was hard to see anything that was causing it but sure enough they went 5 minutes without scoring from the moment he checked in and scored 2 poi nts in 6 mintues.  This is a big issue because Rudy can be a big time force in this league if the Jazz can figure out how to play offense with him on the floor.  This takes time.


  • I could see what the Jazz like in Joe Ingles


  • Alec Burks used 12 possessions tonight.  He shot 5 three pointers.  That is 41% of his possessions.   It might be a little high but I love the direction that is going.  He needs to be able to shoot the long ball as a shooting guard in the NBA and then his drive game will become even better.


  • Hayward 16 pts, 4 rebs and 6 assists.  Few players fill the box score like he does.  He is still the focus of the defenses.  He is not getting any air space.  I would like to believe he will shot a higher percentage then he did a year ago, but I don’t see why the defense on him is going to change any.  The system is different but he hasn’t gotten a lot of different looks yet.


  • Teams are trapping Trey Burke aggressively.


  • Dirk is terrific.  I love watching him play.  What a treat and a pleasure to watch him play.  He is really special.  The Mavericks are in town a week from Friday and I would strongly suggest coming to see Dirk if you have never seen his game before.


  • Re-watching the first quarter.  Here are the alley ops and layups


1)       Alec jumps out to high anticipating Ellis going off a pick and trying to fight over and Ellis is given a straight line to the basket he never went to the pick.

2)      Burke over plays jumping to high up on the pick and Nelson never takes the pick.  Favors was attached to Dirk and Nelson had an unencumbered line to the basket.  Kanter came over to help and Nelson lobbed to his man Chandler.  Alec is the next line of defense and doesn’t get into the legs of Chandler.

3)      Nowitzki sets a pin down for Parsons on the left corner.  Parsons has a step on Hayward and turns to the corner into the lane.   Kanter has  to stay attached to Dirk so Favors has to rotate into the lane to cut off Parson and again Alec is next in line of defense and has to get into the legs of Chandler but he is worried about corner 3 so Chandler dunks.

4)      In early offense, Chandler feigns a pick on the left side on the left shoulder of Trey Burke.  Nelson has the ball.  Favors takes a step left to be ready for the channel of the ball to the left but Chandler going full speed slips the pick and Favors can’t get back and  Rodney Hood didn’t run deep enough into the lane staying attached to Parsons so Chandler had a free run down the lane for an alley oop dunk.  This was an incredible pass and dunk

5)      Jazz got mismatched all over the floor and then got unattached trying to help mismatches Booker was left running out to Parsons who ball faked and went in for a dunk.

6)      Jazz defend this well.  Ellis probes deep and Hood is unable to recover back.  Ellis gets deep enough to scoop a pass to Wright.  Trey Burke is next man over and he steps out of way from Wright.   Key was Ellis ability to keep pushing the play into the lane.

7)      Similar to the other, ball handler know what Jazz will do defensively and fakes toward the pick so the Jazz jump to channel the ball handler to the wing but the handler knows this and starts a straight line at the big that has sagged into the lane to stopped the penetration and help.   Ballhandler has such a head of steam that guard defender never gets back and ball handler engages the big who catches and lays it up.  Weakside help from Hayward is late.

8)      Jazz defend this play terrifically.  6 passes later and numerous good rotations there is 6 on the shot clock and Devin Harris has it on right wing.  Hayward channels him to the wing.   Gobert steps out but way too far allowing Brandan Wright to slip.  Mavericks are perfectly spaced.  Jefferson is in the right corner with Hood on him.  Booker is watching Dirk who is on the top and Exum is on JJ Barea in the left corner.  Wright is rolling right down the middle for a layup

9)      Trevor  Booker lost contact of his man.

Overall, the Mavericks are really good.  They understood how the Jazz were defending and how to exploit it.  They taxed the Jazz defense to the fourth and fifth line of defense and the Jazz eventually broke down.   Even when Jazz defended wel l  they stayed with the play long enough that they got created a mistake eventually and were spaced correctly so they could exploit each mistake.

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EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz lose the opener

  • Sometimes the other guys are really good. The Jazz built a game plan to slow down Harden and keep Harden off the line. That worked pretty well. Harden went 6-for-18 from the field and hit just 1 of 5 from three, and he only had six free-throw attempts after taking 16 the night before. Harden has made more free throws than all but two players have taken over the last two years. However, Harden is one of the top three or so offensive players in the NBA and it showed. He dished out 10 assists and created for his teammates.
  • Great note from Andy Larsen at Salt City Hoops—all 10 of Harden’s assists were for 3-pointers.
  • The Rockets were 7-for-8 on corner threes—the Jazz last year were the worst team in the NBA defending the corner three.
  • You could see the offensive movement and the ability to get good looks. The Jazz shot 60% in the first half.
  • The 3-point shooting edge was considerable. The Rockets hit 14 of 27 from three and the Jazz were just 3-for-18. Last year, the Jazz missed a ton of uncontested jumpers. It will be interesting to see those numbers tonight. Felt like the Jazz got some looks but couldn’t knock them down.
  • The Jazz are very balanced offensively. Trey Burke took 16 shots. Kanter took 12.  Hawyard and Burks took 11 each, and Favors and Booker had 10. At some point, the Jazz may have to prioritize these possessions.
  • Trey Burke led the Jazz on a nice 10-0 run at the end of the third quarter. This cut the game down to three at the end of quarter, but the Rockets burst out to open the fourth quarter to take control of the game.
  • The game opened as a post battle. Howard scored 10 of the first 12 points of the game for the Rockets, and Favors had 8 of the first 10 for the Jazz. The Jazz were single-teaming Howard, but Favors picked up a foul early so the Jazz used Kanter more on Howard, and Howard had his way.
  • The Rockets’ Kostas Papanikolaou is nice player. He shots the heck out of the ball and he has a little dribble game.
  • Cool story that Danté Exum and his childhood favorite player Joe Ingles make their NBA debut on the same team on the same night.
  • Utah’s starting lineup was really good on offense. They hit 10 of 16 and scored 26 points in 11 minutes.
  • Can the Jazz play offense when Rudy Gobert is on the floor? Tonight the Jazz were  12-for-36 shooting with Gobert on the floor. The rest of the game the Jazz were 26-for-45. It’s not all Rudy, but the different between 33% and 58% is considerable and worth keeping an eye on. Rudy is an amazing force defensively, but the Jazz have to figure out how to score with him in the game.
  • I believe Dwight Howard only had two of his 22 points when being guarded by Rudy.
  • The Jazz went small with Hayward at the four, and in those three minutes the Jazz were -7.
  • Utah’s pace of play was 91 possessions—that is not quick.
  • Talk to you from Dallas.

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