EMPTYING THE NOGGIN — Jazz shooting goes wayward

SUMMARY: Disastrous shooting night overwhelms Jazz in loss to the Sixers 104-97.

• Unlike the last two losses tonight’s issue was not the defense, it was offense. The Jazz had a tough offensive night from the beginning and never got going. There was a brief spurt when the Sixers cleared their bench letting Jahill Okafor and Nik Stauskas play and the Jazz got the game back to even, but the Jazz were never able to get a rhythm.

• The Jazz were off all night. They had mental breakdowns both offensive and defensively that are not something we are accustomed to seeing from this team. Cross-court passes in the back-court that are intercepted and become slam dunks. Inbound pass to the from the right wing to the midcourt that is easily intercepted for a fast break dunk. Letting guys get back door or not covering some basic slip plays that lead to dunks.

• The defense was pretty good most of the night, but it was a victim of breakdowns like the aforementioned plays. There was also a Redick wide open three in transition or a wide open Saric off an inbound pass.

• Re-watching this game I will be really curious to see if it was everyone or one player that wasn’t engaged in the game.

• The Jazz shooting was dreadful. In order of shot attempts, Mitchell was 3 for 21, Rubio was 4 of 16, Ingles 6 for 16 and Hood 4 for 14

• A troubling note is the shooting percentage for the season for our leading shot takers are the following – Mitchell 34.4%; Hood 39.1%; Rubio 39.1% and from three-point range they are the following Hood 37.7% (which is good), Mitchell 31.7% and Rubio is 29.8%.

• Ricky Rubio was 0 for 5 from three and is 1 for his last 14 from three.

• Mitchell’s 3 for 21 night is a rarity. He is just the 33rd player since 1983 to make 3 or fewer field goals with 20 or more attempts. He is just one of 5 players to do it taking 1 or fewer free throws. The list of players who has done it is some of the best names in the NBA. It happens.

• I didn’t think the shots by Hood, Mitchell or Rubio were out of the natural offense. They took the shots the defense gave them they just didn’t convert. In fact, Rodney Hood had 10 free throw attempts tonight which was a career high.

• Joe Ingles was 6 for 16 and I thought he tried to go outside of his usual game to help the team, but it is asking a lot for him to play in that fashion.

• Gobert is not getting the rolls to the basket because the defense is collapsing in the paint and he can’t even get to the rim. There was a play in the 2nd quarter where Rubio threw a perfect pass to Gobert on a pick and roll and he was 8 feet away with 4 people between him and the rim.

• Thabo Sefolosha plays so hard every night and makes so many good plays. He is great cutter off the ball.

• It is only the 4th time the Jazz have ever shot 30.3% or below and shot 23.1% or below from 3. 200 v. Lakers and 2005 v. Knicks.

• Collectively poor night. The offense is going to be a season-long tussle. It is good the defense stay strong for the most part.