Letter to Jazz Fans from David Locke

Dear Jazz fans,

I’m as excited as I’ve ever been for an NBA season. First, on the floor this team is growing and building. Will it be easy? No. Will we win every night? No. But things are undeniably heading in the right direction. Moreover, this is a wonderful group of young men in a tremendous organization.

On the radio, this season feels like the culmination of a lot of ideas and experiments. I believe we’ll be providing the most in-depth radio broadcast in the NBA (if not the history of the NBA). From the production pieces that will run in the game—This Day in History, In the Rafters, NBA Now, Jazz Sound Blast—to the live postgame interviews, what we’re producing in Utah is unequaled. Your interaction at #jazzblast via Twitter, Instagram and Vine is important. Add to the mix the incredible knowledge of Ron Boone, and his 47 years of pro basketball experience, and the broadcast is covered. Finally, the access and support we’re given by the organization allows us to provide you with unequaled insight and information on the team and the game.

I’m so excited to helm the ship that brings you these broadcasts. Thanks for your passion—it drives me every day. Here’s to another wonderful journey to the NBA gyms all around North America.

Thanks for joining us, whether it’s the old-school radio or on an app on your phone.

Talk to you tonight, and all season long.

Go Jazz.