The following is my draft board based on limited watching of NBA Prospects over the last two months.  My viewing is far more limited than any true scout who has watched every game of these players plus their Synergy.   I have watched on average two to four games of each player.

My board is built with an understanding of the reality of how hard it is to make it in the NBA.  I will rate a player who I am certain will be a rotation player higher than most boards because after the 11th pick I classify a rotation player as a win.

This list is not the order I think they should be drafted they are in order of the players and how I think they will perform in the NBA.  Each team has its own needs.

  1. Karl Anthony-Towns – If he has the IT factor will be in the top voting for MVP and will win an MVP at some point in his career.


  1. Justise Winslow –  19 years old with an incredible skill set.  If I have to take one player that will be an all-star the most of this group I am taking Winslow.  If he adds a mid range shot he becomes unguardable.   Will live on the line in NBA.  Wing scoring is what you need to win in this league and Winslow is the wing scorer in this draft.


  1. DeAngelo Russell –  Comes with great size and vision we have rarely seen.  Not an elite athlete.  Will have to figure out how to play inside 15 feet.  With his vision shouldn’t be a problem.


  1. Kris Porzingis – the hype is real. Has a chance to be elite.  If he can protect the rim and shoot the three that is a unique combination that maybe no other power forward in the NBA has.  If he can also rebound forget about it.


  1. Jahill Okafor – He is really special. He will score in NBA.  I love his game.  However, I am having a really hard time figuring out how he fits in the evolving NBA on both the offensive and defensive end.  He will score.  He will be a beast.  Will he help teams win?


  1. Emmanuel Mudiay – What did he do wrong? A year ago was #2.  Went to China and really nothing should have changed.  Needs to shoot better but that is what you do in the NBA you shoot.   Great size


  1. Trey Lyles – Lyles doesn’t do anything great other than you can win with him. Good sized 4 who can play with the ball in his hands and run the pick and roll.  If he adds a consistent outside shot he will be a terrific pro.


  1. Stanley Johnson – Great body and a super defender. Had a hard time in college finishing at the rim.   Physically can play now.   Needs to fix release on his shot and needs to get better handle and control at high speed.  Physical tools should guarantee a solid career


  1. Kelly Oubre – Projecting a lot of things to go right here.  Has a solid shot and great length.  Will need to add a better handle, stronger frame and more understanding of the game.   Scary thought is he is Jeremy Lamb, good thought is he is skilled wing who can really score.


  1. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson – 51% of picks after 11 don’t make the rotation in the NBA. Hollis-Jefferson’s defense, passion, athleticism makes him a rotation player.  Good passer, nice open court player and great cutter. If he can re-build his shot he will be terrific.  If not he is a high impact rotation player.


  1. Frank Kaminsky – If you want a stretch big this is your guy. Concern is  his ball fake and drive game won’t translate at all to the NBA leaving him as solely a spot up shooting big in the Channing Frye mold.  Not so bad to be Channing Frye.  Defense is not good but not as bad a people are saying.


  1. RJ Hunter – I love his passing.  I actually want to have him higher.  Had him at 9 but got nervous about his physical tools and toughness.  A scorer but a great passer.  Will be able to be a combo guard and make plays.  Is he Kevin Martin who passes?


  1. Devin Booker – the best shooter in the draft.  In a league about shooting that is a big deal.  If he can show a dribble drive game, a stop and pop game and some athleticism then he is special offensive player.   I asked him today if he was at Georgia State and he said we would have seen more pick and roll and more creating for teammates.  Booker says he likes Klay Thompson’s game but he isn’t as long or as tall.


  1. Willie Cauley Stein – He is the big man Rondae Hollis Jefferson. Defensively should be able to have an impact.  Offensively, who knows and he doesn’t catch great, pass great or do any of the other items offensively to cover up his deficiencies.   Could be a huge defensive impact player.


  1. Myles Turner – Project big. You fall in love with his body and his standing reach.  If it all comes together it is going to be great.  He has a nice touch on his shot that makes you even more excited.  I would have him higher but lots of things have to go right and that makes me nervous.  If it is one thing then ok, but when it is multiple I get scared.


  1. Kevon Looney – I can completely see him in the NBA. The size is right.  The body movement is right.  His shot is smooth.   He averaged a double-double in college.  He played 30+ minutes a night as a freshman.   Has a good handle for a big.  Can rebound and go.  So what is not there?  No real explosion in his game.  If that is due to the hip injury and gets solved this is the steal of the draft.


  1. Bobby Portis – Does everything ok. Plays with a super motor.  No one will ever be disappointed by Portis effort and desire.  I have a hard time seeing him playing the 4 in the league which makes him a back-up 5 and a good one.   If he is able to play out on the floor defensively as a 4 then this becomes a much better pick.


  1. Sam Dekker – I like Dekker.  I think it is going to take him a little while to figure out what his role and position is in the NBA and then he will be a solid pro.


  1. Tyus Jones – Chance this kid just wins and is special


  1. Delon Wright – mature and fearless.  Right situation will help someone.



Not LISTED because I have not watched enough to evaluate

Mario Hezonja

Cameron Payne

Justin Anderson


2nd Round

Jonathan Holmes

Anthony Brown

Norman Powell

Rakeem Christmas

Pat Connaugnton

Olivier Hanlan