2015 NBA Draft BREAKDOWN – Devin Booker

Games Watched: Kentucky v. Louisville, Kentucky v. Notre Dame, Kentucky v. Arkansas and Kentucky v. Wisconsin

OVERALL: 18 year old son of former NBA player Melvin Booker. Known primarily for his shooting. Great stroke both off the bounce and catch and shoot. Has athletic ability but not overwhelming. Smart play who does little things that shows his understanding of the game. Coach Calapari showed great confidence in him early in the season in big moments giving him minutes. Terrific ball mover and passer. Sees plays before they happen.

Will Be Solid Pro If ….. Makes shots. Thought of as best shooter in the draft. Scored on 1.17 pts per possession on spot ups. One of the best in the college game. EFG% was 57.8%. On unguarded shots he was deadly at 68.6 efg%.

Will Struggle as Pro if … all he does is make spot up shots. Teams went at him on the defensive end and he had a hard time handling it. May not be athletic enough to handle the defensive responsibility in the NBA. In addition, had a hard time getting free off picks to get his looks at times on the college level. Speed of NBA game could reduce his ability to be a shot maker. Off screens he didn’t shoot well on the college level his EFG% was 43.2%. Off the bounce he shot just 37.3% and 38.2 efg%.