INSIDER – Dennis Lindsey on the draft process

This morning, Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey was on with DJ & PK on 1280 and 97.5 The Zone.

These are the takeaways from their conversation

• The crew is on the West Coast to see agent-sponsored workouts. They are currently in Santa Barbara. Remember, the Jazz have the strong tie with P3, where numerous draftees are working out (including Kelly Oubre Jr.).

• The Jazz are getting out early to see these kids. You can’t sit back and wait—if an injury or something takes place, then you never see them.

• Buttoning up the decision-making process is a large part of this process.

• More players than normal are in play for the 12th spot. That’s what is unusual about this draft. There’s usually a tighter set of prospects.

• It’s more unusual to get a deal framework done this early in the process. Commonly, the best hands are shown when people get on the clock.

• Incredible to hear him talk about making a decision in five minutes when something new arises when the team is on the clock. Amazing how fast that decision has to be made when you consider how much is at stake for the organization. This is where Dennis says you have to be over-prepared so you don’t end up guessing.

• Intel is more art than formula. Intel is usually one person’s opinion on a player. Have to have multiple checks.

• Usually you only get 30 minutes one on one with a player before a draft. You have to be a good listener—not a check-the-box interviewer.

•The Jazz use a tier system. If you have players that are in the same tier and one has a skill set that fits your needs, that’s where you might jump. If you have a prospect two levels ahead of a need, more times than not it’s better to take the better prospect.

• The Front Office gives the coaches projects based on their skill set.

• Study the math of the draft. Many times the right thing to do is to take the riskiest pick. Often the lack of risk has limited upside.

• Dennis referenced if they don’t have all the information or incomplete information, he has to go to the owner and be transparent that they don’t have all the data. Are they still willing to make a million-dollar decision?

• You have to have multiple sets of options. If you are in that situation, you will more consistently make good decisions.

Always enjoy the Dennis Lindsey interview. If you listen, he says a lot each time he’s on 1280 and 97.5 The Zone.