STAT CHECK – Detailed look at Jazz defense since ASB

• Jazz are #7 in NBA at forcing “non-smart shots” (paint non restricted or mid range) 45% of opponents shots are those type of shots. Portland is best at 49.5% followed by Warriors, Hornets, Bulls, Spurs and Pacers.

• Jazz are allowing 30.7% of shots in the restricted area (13th in the NBA) best is Warriors at 28.5% and Memphis at 28.7%. Teams are shooting 57.2% in the restricted area the 8th lowest in NBA. Bulls are best at 53.6%

• 17.6% of shots against the Jazz are in the paint non-restricted the 4th most in the NBA. Teams are shooting 35% 3rd lowest since ASB. Sixers are best at 32%

• 26.7% of opponents shots are mid-range jumpers. 12th in the NBA. Portland opponents take 31.8%. Teams are shooting just 35% against the Jazz in mid-range lowest in the NBA.

• Jazz are allowing 7% of shot to be corner 3’s 15th in the NBA. Teams are shooting 39.4% on corner 3’s 18th in the NBA

• Jazz are allowing 17.9% of shots to be above the break 3’s, 4th lowest rate in NBA. Spurs are best at 16.2%. Teams are only shooting 30.7% on those shots 2nd lowest rate in the NBA.

• Not only are Jazz forcing good shots but they are defending the actual shot best in the NBA. Based on league averages teams should have scored 1855 points against the Jazz since the ASB but the Jazz have only allowed 1722 in that time period. The -133 shot point defense is best in the NBA, next closest is Indiana at -82.

• Other way to view that. Based on where opponents shoot against the Jazz they should average .98 pts per shot (7th best in NBA and league average is .99 pts per shot). Instead since all-star break the Jazz are allowing .91 pts per shot

• Here is the impact of forcing teams to shoot in the “non smart” areas. Pelicans have the 3rd most impactful defense holding opponents to.04 pts per shot below the expected pts per shots based on where shot is taken. However, the Pelicans 15th in forcing “non smart shots” so their actual points per shot slips to 6th overall. The Hornets, on the other hand, have a non-impact full defense. Only .01 pts per shot for 11th in the league, but they are the 3rd best team in the NBA at forcing “non-smart” shots . Their actual pts per shot is the exact same as the Pelicans.