ASK INSIDER LOCKE – Has Enes Kanter been underutilized?

Nicholaus Hensley @NicholausHensle – Is Kanter an under-dipped oreo cookie?
Great question.  If you listen to Enes’ Agent with Scotty G and Hans Olsen on 97.5 home of the Utah Jazz you would believe this to be true.   However, it is probably worth revisiting some facts about Enes Kanter’s basketball development.
Enes started playing basketball at 14 years old in 2006
In 2007-08 Enes played for the U16 Turish team and lead the European Championships with 23 points and 17 rebounds.  This tournament was over 10 games.  Turkey finished 3rd.  
In 2008-09 Enes Kanter played 4 games in the Euroleague for a total of 31 minutes and 5 games for Fenerbahce in the Turkish League at 14 minutes a game.  
In 2009-10 he went to the US for high school and played limited competition at Stonebridge Prep and then played 9 games in the u18 championships averaging 19 points and 16 rebounds.  Turkey finished 3rd 
In 2010-11 he didn’t play at all and was ineligible at Kentucky
In 2011-12 he played for the Utah Jazz 
Enes was under the control of Fenerbahce Ulker from 2006 to 2009 but the only records show him playing 4 games.
Total up the games played and Kanter played somewhere around 27 high level games before joining the NBA.  His production was terrific, but his experience was insanely limited. 
So was Kanter underutilized (an under dipped oreo cookie)?  Considering how little knowledge he has of the game it seems the Jazz progession of 13 to 15 to 27 minutes over the first three years of his career seems reasonable.  
Kanter has maintained his ability to put up numbers when he is on the floor.  He is amazingly gifted.  However, his lack of experience has prevented him from knowing how to make his teammates better and how to help his team win.  
Kanter has made great progress this year.  In a span of 13 games before his ankle injury he played 30 or more minutes.   You are seeing him grow on the floor.
To answer the question, he may be underutilized for a 3rd pick of an NBA draft, but he is certainly not underutlizied for a player with this little game experience.