ASK LOCKE #1 – Will Jazz add a shooter in the off-season?

Tommy @tomcat340

@Lockedonsports is this offseason too soon to add a veteran shooter (Danny Green maybe?) or should they let guys develop more? #asklocke

This is a great question.  Right now the Jazz are still in the asset accumulation mode and when do they shift to team building?  The first piece to be diagnosed is which pieces are the core pieces.  I am not sure we will be there by the end of the season.   The Alec Burks injury slowed down how all the pieces fit together, plus the Rudy Gobert emergence alters how you view some things.

I still think we are looking to form the core pieces,rather than place complimentary pieces on the puzzle.  With that said, Tony Allen was added to Memphis while they were still building and I would call him a core piece.   So it is not always obvious what a core piece is.

The Jazz are looking to improve so if the right piece that fits well both with the current talent, with the attitude of the team and moneywise is there, I could see the Jazz making a move.

Danny Green may get 8 digits however.