STAT CHECK – Locke Offensive Ratings for the Jazz as of 12/4/14

jazz advanced on 12-4

These are my stats for the Utah Jazz as of December 4.

They are sorted by LOCKE OFFENSIVE RATING (in red). This weighs a player’s use of an individual possession and his ability to get shots off. 0 is replacement level. 10 is league average. 20 is a high-level starter. 30 is elite. 40 is LeBron and Durant.

To the left of LOCKE OFFENSIVE RATING is Cringe/Grin, which shows how much a player uses an individual possession above or below the league average. Negative is below league average. LHM is the Larry H Miller ranking system, which heavily favors big men.

To the right of the LOCKE OFFENSIVE RATING is ACTIVITY, which is the impact a player has on the game. This was a system kept by another head coach in the NBA.

To the right of that is JACK, which is how often a player jacks up a shot. Then to the right of that is % of possessions used to shoot a 2, a 3, go to the line and turn the ball over.

Finally, SO is Scoring Opportunties per 40 minutes on the floor. A scoring opportunity is a FGA or a trip to the line. Then is PTS/SO and PTS/Possession. Possession includes turnovers. Finally, there’s PTS per FGA in the black.

The last two are the amount of possessions a players uses and how many minutes he is playing per night.