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UPDATED – July 3rd 1:41 pm

The Atlanta Hawks have signed Thabo Sefolsha to a 3 year deal.  The Hawks are in need of wing help starting Kyle Korver and DeMarre Carroll last year.  Atlanta has lots of money and is expected to make a big move.   I have thought of Atlanta as a possible suitor for Gordon Hayward.  Not clear how this impacts that situation.

Hawks have 11 million in cap space left.  The Jazz would obviously match an 11 million dollar contract so Atlanta will not offer.

Also, Jazz might have interest in Mike Scott who is a restricted free agent with the Hawks.

UPDATED – July 2nd 8:55am 

As of last night Gordon Hayward didn’t have a max offer sheet from anyone.  However, numerous teams still are in the mix for Hayward.  Cleveland is the primary player. However, other bidders could include Charlotte and Atlanta.

Phoenix is a common name to be mentioned with the tie to Hornacek, however when you look at the Suns landscape for the next few years I am not sure it makes a lot of sense.  The Suns want to sign Bledsoe this year, Dragic is an unrestricted free agent next year and the Morris twins come up as well.  A major offer sheet to Hayward could upset that apple cart.

UPDATED – July 2nd 8:45 am

The Shawn Livingston deal in Golden State means the Warriors have used their full mid level exception taking them out of the market for other major free agents.  Look for Spencer Hawes to turn his attention to Portland now that Golden State is of the market

UPDATED – July 2nd 7:51 am

Boston has agreed to a 4 year 32 million dollar deal with Avery Bradley.  Boston has virtually no cap space at this point and would make it very difficult for them to enter into Gordon Hayward sweepstakes.

For Boston to get involved they would have to move all the players needed to create room and then give Hayward an offer sheet that the Jazz would likely match and Boston would be without the players they dump to make the offer sheet.

Unless something very strange happens take Boston off the list of suitors for Hayward

UPDATED  – July 1st 5:39 pm

The two teams mentioned the most with Gordon Hayward today have been the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics.

The Cavaliers just finalized their deal with Kyrie Irving and are now looking for the next targer.  The Cavs are not in play for the main targets so Hayward might be a nice addition.

Will be interesting to see if Hayward is willing to take an offer sheet from Cleveland, a place I don’t think he wants to live.

Boston currently doesn’t have a lot of cap room, only 6 million and have to deal with Avery Bradley.   This is not a surprise to hear the Celtics connected to Gordon Hayward.

UPDATED – July 1st 5:36 pm

Spencer Hawes is a hot commodity.  He has already met with the Blazers, Warriors and Clippers.  Warriors have a trade exception that expires shortly that could be used in a deal.

Hawes shot 42% from three last year between Philadelphia and Cleveland.

UPDATED – July 1st 4:33pm

Jodie Meeks has signed a 3 year – 19 million dollar deal with the Detroit Pistons.  This is a lot of money for a fringe starter likely 7th man on a roster.  However, Meeks can shoot.

I had Meeks and Morrow as veteran guards for the Jazz in free agency.  Meeks is now off the market.

Jazz can’t afford to make a move with their cap space yet until they see both what happens with the big boys and what deals they might be able to absorb or what actually happens with Gordon Hayward.

UPDATED – July 1st 10:01 am

Hawks are being mentioned with Greg Monroe.  Monroe is a restricted free agent.  If the Hawks are looking at Monroe it would delay there action toward Gordan Hayward.  It would also bring up a question of what they are doing with both Al Horford and Paul Millsap.  Jazz could be interested in Horford as a piece

UPDATED – June 30th – 11:07 pm

Blazers seem to be setting the pace on the shooting big market and have reached out to Spencer Hawes, Josh McRoberts and Boris Diaw.  Blazers are over the cap so they can only offer the mid-level.

UPDATED – June 30th – 11:04 pm

Atlanta Hawks amongst teams that are talking to Luol Deng.   Atlanta could be a player for Gordon Hayward

UPDATED – June 30th – 11:01 pm 

Is Trevor Booker a shooting 4 for the Jazz

trevor booker

My initial list of shooting pigs for the Jazz was Spencer Hawes, Josh McRoberts, Patrick Patterson with Mike Scott, a restricted free agent from Atlanta.  Add Trevor Booker to this list.

UPDATED – June 30th – 10:58 pm

boston to thomas

Lots of impact here.

If Boston goes down the Thomas restricted free agent road then they can’t also be on the road to Gordon Hayward.

Boston actually only has 6 million in cap space right now and would have to move contracts to make Hayward a big offer.

If the Celtics just drafted Smart and are talking to Thomas what are they doing with Rajon Rondo.

UPDATED – June 30th – 10:54 pm

Spencer Hawes, who could fill the Jazz need for a shooting big, is getting a lot of early interest.  Hawes is hearing from Western Conference contenders according to Marc Stein, Portland, Clippers, Rockets and Mavericks.

Mavericks and Rockets have cap room to spend the other teams would only be able to go full mid-level.  Would the Jazz be willing to go above mid-level to get Spencer Hawes?  How would that impact the development of Kanter and Gobert?

UPDATED June 30th – 10:52 pm

Carmelo will be meeting with the Lakers on Thursday after seeing the Bulls on Tuesday according to ESPN.  Melo will spend Wednesday in Texas with Dallas and Houston.

UPDATED June 30th – 10:41 pm

Carmelo will meet with Bulls on Tuesday.  Jazz need to follow this one closely the Bulls would need to move contracts to get Carmelo done and the Jazz, Sixers and Magic are the only team likely to be able to facility such action.

Would the Jazz take Boozer and Dunleavy (maybe even Hinrich) for Nikola Mirotic and a 2018 1st rounder?  Would Bulls do it.  Mirotic is a big time Europen player a shooting big who, according to scouts could start today in the NBA.

Mirotic is 23 year old, 6 ’11 . He was the U-20 MVP of the Euroleague and 2 time Euroleague 2nd team and Spanish League MVP.

Last season he scored 16 pts while grabbing 4.6 rebounds a game.  He shot 51%  and 46% from 3 point range and 81%

UPDATED June 30th – 10:19 pm

Luol Deng first call was from Mavericks

Kyle Lowry is getting an offer from Toronto and Houston was in Philadelphia to meet with Lowry.

New Orleans needs to move contracts to finalize the Omir Asik deal.

UPDATED 10:05 pm – June 30th (July 1 on East Coast)

Jazz Free Agency Needs

1)  Shooting Big

2)  Veteran Wing player

3)  Veteran back up Point Guard.

UPDATED 10:00 pm (begining of Free Agency)

Jazz have three choices on how to approach free agency

1) Use cap space to sign the big boys.  Unlikely that LeBron, Carmelo, Wade, Bosh, Dirk, etc are interested in coming to Utah at this stage of the rebuilding process.

2)  Use cap space to upgrade positions.  Would a Trevor Ariza or Chandler Parsons be a nice addition.  Seems unlikely if the Jazz are going to match Gordon Hayward, which they are.   What about Josh McRoberts and Spencer Hawes for the middle.  What impact will that make on the other young bigs playing time

3)  Use Cap space to absorb contracts from teams trying to sign  the Big Boys and upgrade your roster with those players or with future assets.