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This is a STORYLINE post.  This will continue to be updated as the latest news and rumors are mentioned.  Each will have the Jazz take on the news

UPDATED –  June 26th 1:02 pm

Are you wondering where all the Derrick Favors to the Cavaliers talk started

favors started

It got retweted 312 times and favored 90 times.  It got picked up by every outlet imaginable and likely became definite.  I talked about it , the league talked about it, it became gospel.  This is how modern reporting happens.  Yet, from people I have talked to and people I trust Derrick Favors was never the centerpiece or an integral part of any of the Jazz and Cavaliers direct conversations.

Does that mean that something involving a third team might not bring these back into play, nope.  Trust me Derrick Favors was not an integral part of any of these discussions.

UPDATED – June 26th – 12:39 pm


UPDATED – June 26th – 12:30 pm .

Multiple reports that the Sixers have upped their offer to the Cavaliers.  This tells us a few things.  This is why the Cavs wanted Exum to fly into town.   Secondly, it tells us the pick is still in play.

What could Philly add to the mix.  They own the 3rd pick, the 10th pick, Thadeus Young and Michael Carter Williams.   That is it.  They don’t have another piece on their roster other than future #1 picks that is appealing.

From a Jazz standpoint, I understand they are still making efforts to garner the #1 pick.  Derrick Favors is not and has not been an integral or the centerpiece of the deal.  I am not clear if this is because the Cavaliers with their roster make-up aren’t interested in Favors or why.    The Jazz are unable to deal Gordon Hayward without major complications due to his pending restricted free agency.   Meaning, unless the Jazz can involve a third team who has a larger desire for the Jazz assets it is going to be difficult for the Jazz to get the #1.

My best guess at this point is for the Jazz to get the #1 pick it is going to have to be a complicated deal and those are nearly impossible to pull off on draft night.

UPDATED – June 26th  – 11:55 am 

toronto mephis trade

This impacts the Jazz at 23 a bit.  There has been some talk that either Tyler Ennis or Shabazz Napier could drop to the Jazz at 23 where they would have to decide if they wanted another small point guard.  This deal seems to mean that Ennis goes 22.

In Chad Ford’s latest mock draft he has Kentucky’s James Young this could have impact of that.

UPDATED – June 26th  – 11:31 am

The mystery of the draft was supposed to be Dante Exum but it has become Joel Embiid. Embiid started the draft process with a bad back, added a major foot injury and now his medical records are the most sought after item in the draft


You could really read this as who has Embiid’s medical records.  According to the people I have talked to the only teams with his medical records are Cavs, Bucks, Sixers, Celtics and Lakers.  Jazz and the Magic have been left out.

From a Jazz perspective the Jazz really need Embiid to go #3 to the Sixers to make sure the players they want get to them at 5.

UPDATED – June 26th – 9:03 am

The first big trade of day has been completed

trade 1

This is the use of a trade exception from Denver and a nice pick up.  Afflalo returns to Denver where his career got ignited.   Orlando gains a nice young player in Evan Fournier and a bunch of flexibility.  Why does Orlando want flexibility?   I would assume they have another deal coming to make this work.    Are they absorbing a contract for someone?  Do they have someone they are trying to acquire?

From Denver perspective did they just get the piece they need to get Kevin Love deal done.

Impact on the Jazz is that it takes Afflalo deal off the table with the #1 pick.  It seems as though this may eliminate Orlando from the #1 pick conversation, however it could mean that they have opened the door for a something to get #1

UPDATED — June 26th  8:00am

Yesterday, reports that Cleveland wanted Dante Exum to fly to Cleveland for a last minute workout.  Reports today say that he declined the workout


UPDATED – June 26 – 8:00 am 

The number 1 pick is still in play.  According to Chad Ford the magic may be the leader in acquiring the pick  but it might be based on what other teams think of their picks rather than what the Cavaliers think

ford orlando

The Jazz chances of getting the #1 pick are getting slimmer by the hour.  I will give you more on  this on Tip Off.

UPDATED – June 25 10:53 pm

Looks like there are 4 teams in play for the #1 pick.  Philly, Boston, Utah and Orlando.   Orlando may be getting serious in its quest for #1

amico 1

It is looking more and more less likely that the Jazz are going to be able to get to the #1 pick.   The Jazz assets may not match the work for the Cavaliers demands.

UPDATED -June 25 – 10:12 pm

Looks like the #1 pick is still in play

#1 pick

UPDATED – June 25 — 8:04 pm


UPDATED  – June 25 1:57 pm 

This report is loaded with all sorts of implications.

cavs exum

spears on exum

Why would Cleveland do this?  If they are planning on picking at 4 or 5 then they may want to take a look at Exum.  Orlando and Utah have the most assets to offer Cleveland for the 1st pick and Exum looks to be available at 4 or 5, where Orlando and Utah are picking, if the assumption that Embiid going 3 is accurate.

UPDATED  –  June 25 1:41 pm

The Joel Embiid injury sent Philadelphia, Orlando and Utah for a big loop.  Now Arn Tellum the agent for Embiid holds all the cards

goodman on embiid agent

Tellum is the same agent who controlled Kobe through the draft and moved him to the Lakers via a forced trade with Charlotte.

UPDATED – June 25 7:41 am

Why would Cleveland possibly trade the #1 pick.  Maybe because of inside disagreement. Chad Ford reports that they are split minds in Cleveland over whom to pick.

cleve #1

This maybe why Cleveland eventually moves the #1 pick.  Easier to agree on a deal than to agree on who to take.  However, it also tells you about the power of Dan Gilbert and the multitude of voices which will make it very for any team trying to get a deal done to know if what they are discussing will pass the Gilbert test.

UPDATED – June 24 9:50 pm

Sounds like we can add another team to the list at #1 – The Boston Celtics


So now we have Cleveland talking with Boston, Philadelphia, Orlando and Utah.

What can everyone offer

Boston – has the 6th and 17th picks in this draft.  Of their active players Rajon Rondo and Kelly Olynk are the only other players of interest.

Philadelphia – Has the 3rd pick and the 10th pick.   On their roster they have Michael Carter Williams

Orlando – Has the 4th pick and the 12th pick.  Plus they have Aaron Afflalo and could be willing to offer Victor Oladipo.  Orlando also has Tobias Harris and Nikola Vucevic.

Utah – Has the 5th pick and the 23rd.  On the roster they have Derrick Favors, Alec Burks, Enes Kanter and Trey Burke plus a 2017 pick of the Golden State Warriors.

Looking at that who can make the best offer?

UPDATED – June 24th 11:46 am

On NBA Podcast Seth Greenberg calls the rumored Favors and #5 for #1 pick a “terrific” deal for the Cavaliers

Greenberg and Katz also called the draft 22 deep.   Let’s hope someone makes a mistake before 23

UPDATED  – June 24th  10:00 am

Fran Franschilla has made a name for himself at ESPN as the international expert on the Draft.   Today he tweeted his top 5 international players

ff 1

ff 2

ff 3

ff 4

ff 5

With picks at 23 and 35 and a pool of young players already on the roster it makes sense for the Jazz to draft an international player.   Keep an eye on these names.

UPDATED – June 23rd 6:13 pm

Clear the Cavaliers are still interested in moving the 1st pick.  Cleveland is under huge pressure to make the playoffs now to get out of the lottery and to keep Kyrie Irving happy.


You can start to put together what these deals would be.  The Sixers have very little other than 3, 10 and Micael Carter Williams on their roster.  The Magic have 4,12 and some nice young pieces.   The Timberwolves bring Kevin Love into the mix.  The Jazz we know where they are coming from.

Remember the Jazz can’t move Gordon Hayward unless he agrees to go to Cleveland in free agency.

UPDATED -June 23d – 10:14 am

Reports have had both Utah and Philadelphia make runs at the #1 pick from Cleveland.  According to ProBasketballDraft add another suitor

orlando wants 1

This makes sense.  Orlando, Philadelphia and the Jazz have all been hit by the Joel Embiid injury.  Orlando wants a point guard but word is Dante Exum could go #3 to Philly and they have cooled on Marcus Smart.

The Jazz seem to have the most assets between Philadelphia and Orlando but it is not clear how many they are willing to part with for the #1 pick

UPDATED – June 23rd – 9:50 am

The biggest impact of the Embiid injury for the Utah Jazz is that Dante Exum chances of slipping to 5 have been reduced greatly.

Prior to the injury Wiggins, Parker and Embiid were expected to be the top 3 picks in some order.   Over the weekend Dante Exum worked out in Philly and according to Chad Ford was very impressive

exum to philly

From a Jazz perspective this means Orlando is a bind needing a point guard and Exum is off the board.  They could take Marcus Smart or Noah Vonleh.  This means the Jazz are deciding between Smart/Vonleh, Gordon and Randle.

UPDATED – June 23rd – 9:26 am

Huge news from Chad Ford, ESPN Insider Dario Saric, a potential top 10 pick has reached an agreement with Turkish team Anadolu Efes.


Saric will stay in the draft, but will likely stay in Europe for 2 more years.  In someways this makes him more appealing for teams that are trying to persereve cap space or have too many young players.

The Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder are all trying to preserve space.

From a Jazz standpoint Saric maybe more appealing. The Jazz would prefer not to come to camp next year with 3 more rookies on an already young roster.  However, this draft is lacking in European players who can be drafted and left in Europe for a year or two.  Saric now matches that description.

Saric is a tremendous talent with a versatile game for a 6’10 player.   The most common comparison has been Toni Kukoc.

It would likey take moving up in the draft from #23 to acquire Saric.  Consider it another option for the Jazz on a draft night with endless options.  Jazz Assistant General Manager Justin Zanik is very well schooled in the European game.

UPDATED – June 23rd 7:23 am

No huge surprise here but you can take Embiid off the list of potential picks at #2.  Bucks will be drafting whomever slips past #1 of Wiggins and Parker. Wiggins was in town on Friday for a workout and Parker was in Milwaukee earlier in the week


Lasry is the new owner of the Bucks.

Doesn’t change anything from the Jazz perspective but it does mean Philadelphia is the odd team out right now of the stars and will likely try to move up into 1 or 2 to get Wiggins.

UPDATED — June 23rd 6:35 am 

Cleveland still believes they can lure free agents.  To do this they may need to clear their books.  These two notes from Sam Amico point to Jarrett Jack

jarrett jac

If the Cavs are really looking to do this they will likely need to move Jarrett Jack who is scheduled to receive 6 million each of the next 3 years.  Jack’s contract may become an important piece as the Cavs discuss trades in the upcoming days.

UPDATED – June 22nd – 10:07 pm 

Who will be the number 1 pick of the draft?  Earlier this weekend the word was it was Jabari Parker.  However, according Sam Amico, who does strong work in Cleveland, that may be changing


If the Jazz are interested in acquiring a pick to get Jabari this may mean the Milwaukee Bucks are in play as well.  The safer route is to get Cleveland’s pick and get the guy you want.  However, it takes two to tango and maybe the Cavaliers aren’t willing to make a deal.

The Bucks need to straighten their books a bit as well and might be willing to do a deal if the Jazz were also willing to take back some of their bad contracts.  For example, OJ Mayo is scheduled to make 8 million both of the next two years and Carlos DelFino has 3.25 each of the next two seasons and Zaza Pachulia is scheduled for 5.2 each of the next two years.

UPDATED – June 22nd – 8:58 pm


We are officially into the period of the draft where we can’t believe anything anyone says, but this is a very interesting development.  Do the Warriors really believe they have a better chance of winning with Lee and Thompson than Love.  If Thompson is not being moved what does Minnesota do next.  In addition, what do the Lakers do next if they are trying to move #7 for a veteran.

Though a very interesting and maybe correct take from a Minnesota writer


UPDATED – June 22nd – 8:35 am

Lots of picks are there for the taking.  Hard to imagine the Jazz need to grab another first round pick but if they are trying to build a deal for Cleveland and #1 maybe they have to grab different assets.

Chicago at 16 and 19 needs to clear cap space more than acquire more talent.  The Bulls are planning a run for Carmelo or LeBron.  If the Jazz are willing to take on a salary (Mike Dunleavy) they could likely get 16 or 19 from Chicago.

.Houston is trying to clear cap space as well and are sitting at #25.

Sacramento is willing to move #8.  Oklahoma City might be willing to move #21.

UPDATED June 22nd – 8:22 am

Lakers 7 is clearly in play.  Talk of Lakers getting involved in a three way swap with Klay Thompson for 7 all as a part of the Minnesota Timberwolves deal to have Kevin Love end up in Golden State.

UPDATED :  June 21st – 3:54 pm


This doesn’t directly impact the Jazz at 5, however ask yourself if there is anyone on the Jazz that you would be willing to give up to get 7.   Would be complicated but is there a way for the Jazz to get 7 and use it to get to 1.   Lots of options in these final days


UPDATED as of June 21st at 3:46 PM

Ken Berger of CBS Sports has these notes

*  Parker is likely to go 1 and Wiggins likely to go 2 – neither is expected at this point to move their picks.  The offers to get one of these picks is going to have to be so good that the GM is able to unquestionably justify the deal to the ownership.  Mostly in Milwaukee with new ownership for GM John Hammon.

*  Talk of Magic talking Vonleh at 4 continues with Exum 3 to Philly.   What do the Jazz do from there.   If Exum and Vonleh are gone the Jazz are deciding between Gordon, Randle and Smart.

* Nuggets may have promised Saric at 11