• Steph Curry is really special. He got rolling and it was awesome. We let him get really comfortable, and when he gets comfortable it’s hard to stop him. On the first two possessions we went under on the pick and roll—and that makes sense if the big hedges hard, but there weren’t hard hedges so someone did something wrong.  No way the game plan was to go under and recover. Curry is such a great shooter.
  • The first two plays of the game were side pick-and-rolls with the weak side overloaded with three players. The ball-handler came to the middle of the floor and the roll man was the only one left on that side of the floor, and he got a wide-open dunk or layup. Once on each side of the floor.
  • The TV crew had the best headline—rather than “Splash Brothers” this was a “Splash Kicking.”
  • In the opening eight or nine possessions, the Jazz seemingly had a breakdown in some place on every possession. Wonder if having just a morning meeting instead of a shootaround made it so this team wasn’t able to translate what adjustments they needed to make.  Seems that games without the shootaround have featured worse defensive execution. No facts on that—just what I perceive.
  • Curry and Thompson were just terrific. Curry had awesome gravity tonight (meaning he pulled guys to him, which created openings everywhere else).
  • Trey Burke had a career-high 15 assists.
  • Warriors make the ball-handler shoot, and you saw early that Burke, Hayward and Burks got all the action.
  • Alec Burks is going to the rim at an awesome rate.
  • Draymond Green is not Carmelo Anthony.
  • Jimmer Fredette was drafted in front of Klay Thompson.
  • When Rudy Gobert sprinted the floor in the fourth quarter, it was evident.  A player sprinting the floor should not stand out.
  • Warriors EFG% was 67%.
  • Marvin is just not the player he was before March 1.
  • Five more to go.