EMPTYING THE NOGGIN—Jazz end March, Marvin starts for Enes

  • The Jazz played with lots of energy, and played really well for most of the first half. It was sparked by two things: Marvin Williams’ energy and defense on Carmelo, and Utah’s ability to run and get in the open floor for opportunities.
  • One of the underrated aspects of Alec Burks’ game is that he helps the Jazz play with a tremendous amount of pace. It’s not just leading the break himself—he throws some great transition passes that give the Jazz easy opportunities. Utah’s half court offense is not good enough to stay in the half court. They need pace, and when they play with pace everyone is more effective.
  • The Jazz had 11 fast-break points in the first half and only two in the second half. Utah shot 13-for-38 (34%) in the first half on non-fast-break possessions and 13-for-40 (33%) in the second half. Neither of those are good enough to survive. This team has to find a way to play with pace next year. Possessions that last until late in the shot clock work for grinding teams like Memphis or Chicago, or for teams with Carmelo, Durant, LeBron or CP3 (though most of those teams play fast). We don’t fit either of those models. I’m really not sure why. I see Coach Corbin telling the guys to run, but at the same time I know he is fearful of the team getting reckless. I see Burke wanting to run, but I also see him curl out of numerous opportunities. I’m not sure why.
  • Gordon Hayward continues to get to the line—he shot eight free throws tonight.
  • Marvin gave everything he had tonight, and it was impressive. Carmelo is that good (34 points). Usually, if you keep him under four assists then the Knicks lose, but tonight he only had three.
  • This was the first win on the road all year for the Knicks when they trailed at the half.
  • Jazz are 30th in the NBA in defense in the second half of games, and they allowed 31 points in the third quarter but only 13 in the fourth. That said, the teams combined for only 27 total points in the fourth quarter.
  • Marvin started for Enes Kanter. It was fun because it separated the fans that are foolish and just want to complain and those that have a clue about basketball. When Amar’e was no longer starting, the Knicks moved Carmelo to the 4 with Shumpert to the 2. The Jazz would have had Derrick Favors or Enes Kanter guarding Carmelo Anthony. And people still complained. I love this. In fact, it might be my favorite part of the night. I know I don’t humor fools well, but this is really extreme foolishness. I haven’t decided if I just keep the name of everyone who complained about this—if I block them so they never infest my life again or if I forgive them, because why really should they know better? We live in world where you must stick to your agenda and talking points regardless of their legitimacy or accuracy, so why not in sports? OK, I’m done. I just thought I would make it worth for any of you that are still reading this after a two-win month. Thanks for being a Jazz fan