EMPTYING THE NOGGIN—Uncontested shots again

  • If Richard Jefferson had hit any of the three open 3-pointers he missed to open the game, would the energy and the night have been different?  You never know, but I doubt it.
  • The Jazz got outworked tonight.
  • The Jazz defense has been on a steady decline for the month of March and this was the nadir.  The Pistons came in 27th offensively over the last 10 games, they were 27th in FG%, they had been shooting 31% from the three point line and tonight they shot 55%, 53% from three scored 114 points.   Crazy
  • Jazz were +1 with Kanter and Favors on the floor together tonight in 19 minutes and -21 the rest of the game. The Jazz shot 15-for-34 (and 5-for-15 from 3-point range) with Kanter and Favors on the floor tonight.
  • We talked all night on the broadcast about how bad the Pistons are with both bigs on the floor and how good they are with one of the two on the floor. Tonight this proved true as well. In the 17 minutes Drummond and Monroe were together, the Pistons were -5. In the other 31 minutes they were +25.
  • The Jazz had no fast-break points until the 4:20 mark of the third quarter.
  • Gordon Hayward was the bright spot with 32 points and six assists tonight.
  • The Jazz were 13-for-44 (29.5%) on uncontested shots tonight. The Pistons were 22-for-42 (52.3%) on uncontested looks. That is a minimum of 18 points in a 20-point game.
  • Marvin can’t make a three right now. Everything is front rim. He was 1-for-5 and is now 9 for his last 45 from deep.
  • Favors reverted back to being inconsistent. Thurl Bailey said on our broadcast that we have seen how much the Jazz miss Favors when he doesn’t play, and tonight should count as one of those nights.
  • No bench spark without Alec Burks.
  • See you Wednesday night.