EMPTYING THE NOGGIN—Jazz see old friends and fall to them as new foes

  • Fun night at EnergySolutions Arena to start off a great week of NBA basketball.  Millsap, Korver and Carroll all coming back to play in Salt Lake. The crowd loved seeing them and we got a close, exciting game in the end.
  • The Jazz played dead early (which is very common after a long road trip) and then fired out of the third quarter and went on a 28-16 run to get back in the game. They had the lead heading into the fourth quarter. Utah’s third-quarter run was initiated by a good defensive effort that allowed them to get out into the open floor and make a bunch of plays in the fast break. In the half court they ran it through Enes Kanter, and he was very good. He made a few nice plays in the post, and then when they started to double he passed out nicely and created opportunities for his teammates with his post presence.
  • Huge sequence of the game: it was tied at 96-96 and then Favors had an awesome block of Teague but the ball squirted out to Antic, who kicked to DeMarre Carroll for a 3-pointer to take a three-point lead. On the next possession, the Jazz executed well and Marvin got a straight-down-the-barrel, wide-open look from three and he front-rimmed it. The Jazz got another stop and then Marvin had another good-look three and it rimmed out as well. Korver followed with a jumper on a tough look in front of the Jazz bench and the Jazz were down by five points without much time to come back.
  • Marvin is shooting only 25% from 3-point range over the last seven games.
  • Gordon Hayward had a slow start and turned it into a strong game with 13 points, eight rebounds, seven assists and two steals. He also had five turnovers.
  • The Jazz had a miserable time guarding Kyle Korver to start the game. He had Richard trailing him, while Burks went under … and nothing was working. Korver was lighting the Jazz up.
  • Burke had 21 in the second half after a two-point first half. He went to the rim more and attacked a few times in the open court.
  • Utah got the fast break going in the third quarter but in the fourth quarter became a half court slow-down team. Utah’s pace of play for the season is 27th and has been slower in the recent stretch.
  • Four assists for Alec Burks, who is playing with a nice rhythm and is not forcing the game. He has made enormous strides.
  • Marvin and Richard got their game back tonight. Marvin had 18 points and six rebounds, and Richard had 15 points and had some nice open-floor plays.
  • Remember how awesome it was to have Kyle Korver closing out games on the line?
  • DeMarre Carroll was 3-for-5 from behind the arc. He has made 75 this year. He made 20 last year, seven the year before that, and zero the two years prior to that.
  • Millsap has attempted 159 3-pointers this season. He went 2-for-4 tonight.