Emptying the Noggin—Jazz fall in D.C.

  • This doesn’t feel like the same team we were seeing earlier this year. When this team has been healthy they have battled through the game and taken some of the best teams in the league to the wire. Tonight they never got going.
  • Favors went out of the game with 9:06 left in the first quarter with two fouls and maybe that was the night. We know this team has not won this year without Derrick, and that is as close to playing without him as it gets.
  • It doesn’t feel like this team is playing very well from behind. Once they fall behind, it doesn’t feel like they know how to grind all the way back into the game. They were on the verge tonight, getting the game down to six, but then Alec got beat backdoor. Gordon then committed a turnover and Favors had a poor closeout and boom—it was back to 10. You just can’t blink when you are playing from behind.
  • Felt like tonight there were more mental mistakes defensively than we’ve seen in a while. Could be a fatigue level, could be playing on the road, could be numerous things.
  • It was 6-5 when Favors went out, and in the next five minutes the Wizards outscored the Jazz 16-8 and it was a nine-point game. Once Favors and Marvin got back on the floor together, the Jazz played even with the Wizards for the second quarter. The Jazz were even with Marvin and Derrick for the first 7:30 of the third quarter.
  • The Wizards have been awful this year with Wall on the bench, but the Jazz weren’t able to take advantage of it tonight. The Wizards veteran team of Miller, Harrington and Gooden were able to be successful against the Jazz.
  • Kanter has gotten his offensive glass prowess back.
  • The home/road free-throw differential of Alec Burks is strange. Not sure I have ever heard of that before, and it seems like a statistical abnormality that will rectify itself.  Burks took 3 of his 11 shots from three while shooting 10 free throws. That is getting closer to the ratio he needs to find.
  • Washington does not get to the rim. They are one of the lowest teams at FGA in the paint and they took 40 tonight and scored 56 points in the paint. Utah’s defense has slipped the last few nights. They had been the seventh-best EFG% defense over last 20 games, but the last two nights that has not been the case. The Wizards shot 54% and hit six threes.
  • New York is next.