EMPTYING THE NOGGIN—Season of discovery

  • When the schedule came out for the season, I thought this trip would be a great litmus test for this team. Nothing is new anymore. No more excuses about first time this and first time that. The end of season is in sight. Rest is not an issue. They haven’t played a ton of games in a short period of time like the trips to open the year. So here it was a test. A non-sexy team on the back end of a back-to-back after a tough, physical game against the team with the best record in the NBA. Have you learned how to prepare? Have you learned how to fight through the mental fatigue? Have you found a way to get your mind and body connection going on a “boring” night? To these questions, Hayward and Kanter could say “yes” tonight. The rest of the team can’t.
  • In the first half I thought the night was fine. The team didn’t come out with a lot of juice, but they stayed in the game. The Bucks were making some shots they don’t usually make and the Jazz kept it close going into halftime. Then the Jazz came out terribly to open the third quarter. The Bucks opened on a 6-0 run. Corbin called an early timeout … to no avail. The run continued to 18-6, and the Jazz were suddenly down 23 and the night was over. Awful stretch.
  • The Bucks had only led by 10 points or more for 4% of their minutes this season.   They had only led by 15 points or more for 49 minutes the entire season. They led by 20 or more tonight for the final 18 minutes of the game.
  • Enes Kanter is showing great signs of growth. His passing is remarkable considering where it was. Kick-out passes to the right guy on a double team from the post. That never happened before. He is recognizing defenders and defenses. He is learning when to make the hand-off and when not to. At times this season, Enes would throw 11 passes in a night and none of them would travel farther than a body length. It would kill the offense. The opposite is now happening. This is where time on the floor is really helpful.
  • Enes is getting better defensively as well. Tonight was a dumpster fire defensively so it’s hard to give credit to anyone, but it felt as though Kanter had another night of improvement defensively.
  • Milwaukee came in 29th in FG% and shot 57% tonight.
  • Strange thing is that Utah’s defense had been so much better recently. Over the last 20 games, Utah’s EFG% against was 7th in the NBA. Tonight they allowed an EFG% of over 60%. That is insanely bad.
  • This road trip for Derrick Favors has been non-impactful in Cleveland and awesome in Indiana.  He was dominant in Indiana. He killed Hibbert and had 11 points, seven rebounds and one block in the first quarter on Sunday. And then tonight he was non-impactful again. Interesting to see what he does the rest of the trip. The Jazz really need Favors to play and impact games every night for him to assume the roll he is slotted for in this franchise.
  • Interesting to see what happens next. The season of discovery continues, and the next three games might teach us as much as any others.