EMPTYING THE NOGGIN—Utah’s first 3-game win streak of the season

  •  Alec Burks. Alec Burks. Alec Burks. In a strange game without a lot of rhythm, Alec Burks was terrific. He is playing with extreme confidence. He has become more aggressive. Richard Jefferson said it well earlier this year—he was east/west trying to not make mistakes and figure out how to play with the increased minutes. Now he is playing with a relentlessness that is the essence of his game. Burks has an elite skill—he can get to the rim and finish at a level few can equal, and he is now using that as the foundation for his game. Back-to-back 20 point nights for the first time in his career.
  • With two minutes left in the game, the Jazz had fallen apart and Tyrone Corbin gave the ball to Alec Burks, who scored nine straight points to clinch the victory for the Jazz.
  • Favors went down on the first play of the game and you could see how much the Jazz missed him throughout the game.
  • Brett Brown played Hack-a-Gobert and Rudy hit the first free throw and stared at Brown. Then when he hit the next one he pointed at him. It was hysterical … but then he got fouled and missed the next two. Rudy had a good game. He feels the game. He has a lot of strength work to do and that should help his ability to catch if he has a better base, but he feels the game and moves with it well.
  • Gordon Hayward had an awesome chase-down block at the end of the first half on Moultrie. It was a vintage Hayward chase-down as the buzzer sounded.
  • Michael Carter-Williams got the Pyrrhic victory. He won the battle with Trey Burke but lost the war. MCW outplayed Burke and caused him huge problems with his length.   Trey is going to be very busy in New Orleans, but he needs to get his legs back. The next 30 games are going to be important. Trey has gone 298 minutes without going to the line on anything other than two technical free throws. In this same time period he is shooting 30%. He is exhausted, but he needs to find out how to get to the line and how to be an offensive player. The Jazz are asking him to be a playmaker and run the offense like a true point, but he needs to still impact the game.
  • Marvin Williams had 14 rebounds tonight. He was vital with Favors out of the game.
  • Hayward’s shooting is still off, but he had seven rebounds, seven assists, three blocks and two steals. That is pretty awesome.
  • Have a nice All-Star break.