EMPTYING THE NOGGIN—Jazz answer every shot from Heat

  • The Jazz beat the Heat. Huge night for the confidence of our young players. Utah has beat the Heat and the Thunder on its home floor. Home-court advantage at EnergySolutions Arena in front of the great Jazz fans is never going away.
  • Lots of enormous plays by the Jazz to win this game. Close game down the stretch against the Heat and the Jazz won. Jazz have won a remarkable amount of close games this year for a team as young as this one. Marvin hit back-to-back threes (one that was a shot-clock prayer) to maintain the Jazz’s lead with just over three minutes left. Favors nailed both free throws on a generous call with 1:57 left, Jefferson hit a jumper with 1:26 left to put the Jazz up six. Then the biggest of all: Trey Burke did it again, hitting a 19-footer with game down to  a single possession, putting the Jazz up by four.
  • The game was 77-74 with 6:25 left and the Jazz scored on seven of their next 11 possessions for 16 points. Against a world champ that is big-time play offensively.
  • In that same time period, the Heat scored on eight of 10 possession. For the Jazz to handle that onslaught and keep making plays is super impressive.
  • The Jazz played from ahead for most of the night. A 12-2 run in the first quarter them a 12-point lead after 12 minutes, and then they held to a two-point lead at the half and a two-point lead heading into the fourth quarter. Playing from ahead is a big deal.
  • Key stretch of the game was the opening of the fourth quarter. With LeBron on the bench, the Jazz took the two-point lead up to seven (with the help of two straight buckets by Enes Kanter), and that gave them enough wiggle room to close the game.
  • Marvin Williams has been feeling it and led the way again tonight. He nailed five 3-pointers—the most in a game in his career. He had 23 points. He also guarded LeBron for a huge part of the night.
  • Gordon Hayward has been struggling but he got himself going with hustle plays tonight. He grabbed two offensive rebounds that got his game going. Gordon looked pretty fragile for a few games recently and when he missed two layups early it felt like a night where he could have gone the other way. Instead, he battled through and finished with a big-time night with nine points, nine rebounds and 11 assists. That is impressive. Not a lot of players in the league can put that type of night together. He also had three steals.
  • First time in eight games Trey Burke has shot over 40% (5-for-11). For Trey Burke to pull up for the game-clincher after shooting 25% in the last five games is either steely or insane. Whatever it is, it tells you a lot about this kid.
  • Kanter had a better night and was more aggressive going to the basket. He was really quick with one move on Anderson and had a great dunk down the lane.
  • LeBron just never engaged in the game. The Jazz deserve some credit because the they never let the Heat get on one of their vintage runs. I don’t believe the Heat had anything more than a 6-0 run at any point. Five turnovers for LeBron and only 4-for-13 shooting. You are not going to see that very often. LeBron dictates every matchup, every night—so it was a case of him being off his game more than the Jazz derailing him.
  • The bellwether for the Heat is Chris Bosh, and he was 3-for-12.
  • Big-time win for the kids. Two more before the break.