EMPTYING THE NOGGIN—Jazz win to go 15-15 in last 30 games

  • This was a win against an undermanned team and it took 12 minutes of good basketball in the third quarter to run away from the Kings. Nothing overly impressive, just a win. (Other than every win this season is impressive.)
  • The Jazz are 15-15 over their last 30 games. This is not something I thought this team would accomplish this season. It is an impressive accomplishment to all involved. The players have played hard all year and never felt sorry for themselves for being undermanned. The coaches have never let them play the game in any fashion other than the correct way. These are important things to the culture of this franchise. It is a developmental year and we are seeing all the development plus the ability to win games. The Jazz are 13-8 when playing with their regular starting lineup.
  • Without Cousins and with Landry really limited, the Jazz dominated the inside game. Favors, Marvin and Jeremy all had double-doubles, and Kanter dominated the second quarter with another strong outing.
  • Favors dropped 17-12 with nothing alarmingly spectacular. He is averaging 14 and 10 in the month of January. That is a considerable jump for Favors from last season. I can’t imagine that anyone could have asked much more than this from him this season.
  • The Jazz ran the right-side pick and roll with Hayward and Favors incessantly and ripped the Kings apart. The Jazz got three big 3-pointers on three straight possessions. They found Favors rolling to the basket, and Hayward made a few plays. This busted the game open and changed the night. This is an impressive go-to play, and the floor spacing with Marvin and Richard, along with Trey, is very good. Plus, the secondary run on the play is often a pick and roll with Burke on the weakside, which usually yields something as well.
  • With 3:39 left in the game, Corbin brought Gobert in the and Mike Malone played Hack-a-Gobert. The Jazz led by 14. Gobert went 1-for-4 from the line then Corbin took him out, so Malone went to Hack-an-Evans. Evans went 3-for-6 from the line,  so the Jazz got only four points in five possessions. It worked. The game was now down to seven. Hack-a strategy can’t be used in the final two minutes. The game got down to five with 31 seconds left, but the Jazz had the ball.
  • Ironically, the Kings shot 2-pointers when they needed to shot 3-pointers on the offensive end.
  • Tryone Corbin didn’t sub anyone out other than Gobert in the final stretch. While it was nerve-racking, this type of faith in his players is probably why these guys play hard for him every night. Corbin never shows his players up or humiliates them, and he gets the reward with their loyalty to him in effort.
  • Friday night is Jerry Sloan Night, so be sure to come out to ESA.