EMPTYING THE NOGGIN—Matchup or effort?

  •  These last two nights have been very uncharacteristic. It looked as though the Jazz seriously lacked energy and effort. However, that is not the Utah Jazz this season, so when it happens against the same team in back-to-back games I have to wonder if it is the matchup and what looks like a lack of effort is actually being completely outmatched.
  • The Jazz were without Derrick Favors, so Enes Kanter got the start and had a really tough night. He looked disengaged at times during the game. He was overwhelmed by Pekovic, who causes lots of people problems. Kanter got in foul trouble in the first quarter and then had little to no positive impact on the game. The concern is that Kanter had been playing so well prior to the last two games vs. Minnesota. He has been a momentum player his entire career and hopefully this doesn’t derail the success he was having.
  • Back-to-back tough nights for Trey Burke. Maybe the worst back-to-back nights of his career.
  • Hayward returned and built off his three previous stellar games. Prior to the injury, Hayward had gone for 20 or more in three straight and he did it again tonight.  Moreover, he didn’t look like he was forcing the game. He played inside the game and played with his teammates. He took the opportunities that were available and he made the most of them. He also added 5 rebounds and 5 assists.
  • I like it so much more when a shot happens because all the intentions of passing and finding a teammate were exhausted rather than the player who only passes after all of his shooing options were negated.
  • I wish there was a way to count how many points an individual player gave up. I think tonight would have been really embarrassing for some players. It would alter behavior if the box score every night had how many points your man gave up as well.
  • Rudy Gobert got some run tonight. His length was a factor and his offensive game is limited to dunks. The coaches may need to find a way to get him in the rotation for the second half of the season, though it’s going to cost us games. He needs to learn, but his overall impact right now goes both ways.
  • Very bloody night.
  • Kevin Love’s outlet passes are awesome. However, basic fundamentals need to be executed on how you get back in transition defense. His outlet passes are still really awesome.
  • Lots of practice time. Improvement is still very needed.