BREAKDOWN—Jazz players’ offense, games 31-40

Now let’s look at the Jazz players’ offense in games 31-40.

jazz games 31-40This is sorted by Locke offensive rating—10 is about average offensively, 20 is a high-level starter, 30 is elite and 0 is replacement value. This is only how this individual is using his possessions.

Richard Jefferson is using 15% of his possessions to go to the free-throw line. That is stunning mostly when you consider he is also using 39% of his possessions to shoot threes. Jefferson is playing very well.

Interesting for all the Alec Burks talk is that his lack of 3-point shooting is still preventing him from being a highly efficient offensive player. Going to the line 13% of his possessions is important, but not shooting the three is a detriment to his play.

Both Favors and Kanter have been high-level starters on the offensive end over the last 10 games.

Gordon Hayward was the best offensive player for the Jazz in this period of time.

The nice change here is that all but four players were using their possession above the league average. Previously it was reverse.

Trey is not an efficient offensive player yet. This is not a surprise—he is a rookie point guard getting huge minutes. Historically, players in his circumstance don’t have efficient seasons.