BREAKDOWN—Improved Enes back to his roots

It is becoming a signature of this season that players who were once in the doldrums work their way out them to find success. First it was Gordon Hayward. And now Alec Burks and Enes Kanter seems to be joining the party as well.

Over the past seven games, Enes Kanter has been in double figures in six of them (and five straight). More importantly, Enes has gone back to his roots as an offensive player.

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NOTE: His defensive rotations have been far better than at any other time this season. He is engaged defensively and is having a positive impact on the defense. This, more than his offense, has allowed Coach Corbin to give him longer stretches on the floor.

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Earlier this season Enes became obsessed with the pick-and-pop jumper. Coming off the shoulder injury may have been part of the reason. Playing on the floor with Favors could have been part of the equation as well.

Over the last seven games, Kanter returned to the bruising big body working in the paint that we recalled from his first two years.

Here is the shot chart for his last five games:

kanter last 5Kanter has made only three shots from outside the paint. His outside jumper has been less consistent this year than it was last year, and by no longer relying on that shot he has become a better offensive player.

Kanter has remarkable touch for a big man. The outside shot will return, but he needs to make the paint his domain and have the outside game be an added bonus, not vice versa.