BREAKDOWN—Kanter and Favors together

If the Jazz are without Marvin Williams tonight, then Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter are likely to start together again. This combination is 1-17 together this season.

Here is a look at how Favors and Kanter have played together over the past two season. I have broken them into three sections: starting together this year, since they inserted Marvin into the lineup (though this includes four combined starts) and last year.

favors-kanter togetherThis year’s numbers have not been able to equal last year’s success. Last year the combination struggled to score at just 99.4 points per 100 possessions (the league average is 102.7). However, they defended well against primarily second-team units. This season the defense has been terrible with the two of them on the floor together. Both 112 and 116.3 would make the team last in the NBA.

The poor EFG% when they started together was impacted by point guard play. However, the poor defensive rebounding numbers are surprising. This combination should be dominant on the glass. 70.6% defensive rebounding would equal the worst in the NBA, and even the 71.3% since no longer starting together would be 29th.

Because of this performance, Tyrone Corbin staggered the playing time of Kanter and Favors. However, he has recently started to play them together a bit more. Over the past 10 games they have played a limited 35 minutes together.

favors kanter last 15Some of these numbers are improved. The offense has improved a bit, and the defensive rebounding is at an elite level. However, the overall performance has not been good and the defense is still very poor.

Coach Corbin talks about the two of them needing to learn what makes the other one successful. Hopefully they can begin to discover this.