EMPTYING THE NOGGIN—A step off all night

  • The Jazz were off a step all night. Passes were not on target, defenders got beat on the same plays repeatedly, and 50-50 balls must have been 80-20 to the Lakers.  With all that said, the Jazz got it back down to four points in the final moments of the game.
  • A good sign that when things weren’t going their way the Jazz were able to stay in the game and battle to the end. This one felt like it was going to get away from them all night and somehow they stayed in it and were a few plays away from getting into a possession-for-possession game.
  • The Jazz shot 6-for-26 in the first quarter. They couldn’t hit anything. They got good looks, and the looks they have been making just didn’t go in. Sidney Lowe made an interesting comment at halftime that the team needs to know who they are and play to that strength. This is still a process.
  • Kanter had another solid night. He still makes mistakes. He had back-to-back offensive fouls that were big, but he was a force inside. Most importantly, he is reacting better at getting the ball out of the post with passes and the re-posting. He linked back-to-back double-doubles. And Kanter’s three assists might be better than his 16 points or 10 rebounds.
  • The Jazz played the final 7:33 with Kanter and Favors together. The score was 87-79 when the Jazz went with two bigs against Sacre and Gasol. The final tally will be -3, but they really played about even since a Marshall three ended the game and made it an eight-point game. The Jazz couldn’t score with Favors and Kanter earlier this year, and in the first 6:30 they were on the floor together while the game was still in the balance they scored 15 points, which is a good offensive output.
  • Hayward had a miserable first quarter of the game, going 0-for-5 without an assist and only one rebound. He finished the night with a 50% shooting night at 8-for-16 and hitting 4-for-6 from three, totaling 22 points, three rebounds and six assists. He is putting up super solid numbers most nights.
  • The Jazz just missed plays tonight. Richard Jefferson guessed on a rotation that left Jodie Meeks open for a three. Gordon got caught in no-man’s land on the final play of the first half. Alec Burks had back-to-back turnovers and then didn’t screen out the shooter on a Meeks missed three that led to a huge Laker basket late. Favors didn’t have the impact on the game that he has had in the past. Lots of loose balls went to the Lakers. Utah just missed plays.
  • One play summed up the night to me: Kanter had it in the post and threw out of the post to Hayward, but the pass was low so Hayward had to re-enter into the post to Kanter, but instead of taking one dribble to create a better angle, he bounced a poor pass that by the time Kanter handled he was off the block. No turnover. Nothing that shows up in a box score, but just not the level of detail that is needed to win.
  • Trey got in foul trouble with two fouls in the first quarter and checked out with 6:30 left down eight already. By the end of the quarter, the Jazz were down 18 and had a season-low 12 points in the first quarter.
  • Kendell Marshall had a career night—he goes left every time. He finished with 20 points and 15 assists. He has great vision and he made the Jazz pay when they made mistakes defensively.
  • The Jazz regressed tonight on some of the things they had been doing well—they fouled more than they have and they allowed 24 3-point attempts.
  • One important aspect of the night is that the Jazz battled and stayed in the game.   They didn’t have a winning night with the amount of plays they missed but they had winning effort, and when they don’t miss on those plays that effort will bring lots of wins.