•  10-7 with this starting lineup and 8-1 against teams that are below .500.
  • I liked how the Jazz played tonight. They are sharing the ball. The defense is rotating. The players are trusting each other. The extra pass is being made. It is neat to see the team grow and play the game the right way.
  • Milwaukee plays a terrible brand of basketball. Lots of possessions are “my turn” possessions and they don’t play together at all. It’s nice to see that in a season where wins have been sparse, the Jazz have played the game the correct way all year.
  • Enes Kanter looks like he is coming back around. It is becoming a signature of Tyrone Corbin’s coaching that players are working their way out of slumps and finding their games. Alec Burks did it earlier this year. Kanter right now, and maybe Diante Garrett.
  • Kanter hit a few jumpers and had a great drive to the basket where he went baseline side and then worked his way back in for a basket.
  • Kanter did score all but two of his points against Raduljica rather than Sanders, and if John Henson or Zaza were healthy it may have been different.
  • Tyrone changed the sub pattern in the first half. The Jazz have gone to a nine-man rotation with Brandon Rush out of the lineup. Tyrone changed the rotation in the first quarter. Burks subbed in for Gordon instead of Richard at the 5:57 mark. Then Gordon circled back into the game near the end of the first quarter foo Richard at the 1:40 mark, leaving the Jazz only 35 seconds in the first half without either Burke or Hayward on the floor. Not sure why, but to open the fourth quarter, he went away from having one or the other on the floor and the Jazz went scoreless in the 2:30 without Burke or Hayward.
  • Hayward had 18 in the first half—the second highest first-half output of his career.   Gordon was 8-for-16 from the field and hit 3 of 5 threes. He is getting his stroke back and is taking shots from either the rim or from 3-point range at a much higher rate.
  • Hayward’s chase-down blocks are becoming nightly events, and they are awesome.
  • Hayward’s 22-4-2-2-3 is a pretty solid line.
  • The Bucks did a nice job with changing defenses, and the two different zones they played had an impact on the game. Alec Burks did a nice job breaking the zone and making plays in the zone.
  • Diante Garrett played one of his best games of the season. Against his hometown team and with the guaranteed contract deadline coming up. Nice timing for Garrett.
  • Utah’s defense was good tonight. The Bucks shot only 4-for-22 from three and 11-for-14 from the line. That makes allowing 47% shooting ok. Defensive rebounding continues to improve—they allowed just six offensive boards on 40 chances. The next step is to start forcing turnovers. With the defensive changes the Jazz have stopped forcing turnovers, but all other aspects are improving at a nice rate.
  • Off to L.A.