BREAKDOWN—Afflalo tells a positive story for Hayward

Arron Afflalo is tearing it up for the Orlando Magic this season. He is averaging 20 points a game as their primary scorer. More importantly, he has become efficient again. Last year, after coming over from Denver, he became the primary scorer for the Magic. Afflalo had always been a complimentary player. In turn, his efficiency struggled greatly.

As you look at the chart below, you will see how much Afflalo dipped in his effective field goal % and his true shooting % when his usage rate (% of the offense) increased. The same has happened for Gordon Hayward this season.

The good sign is that in his second year as the primary offensive weapon—with a year of experience in his back pocket—Afflalo has returned to the almost exact same efficiency as the previous season.

In the chart below, the top numbers are Afflalo’s and the bottom numbers are Hawyard’s. It is easy to project where Hayward would come out in 2013-14 with a year of experience.


Once again, the top chart is Afflalo and bottom is Hayward.