• This is a very quick one since it is 12:45 at night.
  • LeBron is unreal. Watching him in person is overwhelming. I’m not sure it translates on TV how much bigger, faster, quicker, stronger and more elegant he is than every other player on the floor. It is was as though he was toying with Jazz. He is like this most nights. It is really awesome.
  • Miami is looking to win championships and has already notched two. This is not a team we are ready to compete with.
  • With that said, I thought the Jazz did some really good things in this game. They made Miami play. Miami wanted to take the easy way through this game but the Jazz made them play, and Miami played well. But the Jazz crushed Miami on the boards, they took advantage of late rotations, they moved the ball, they got out of defense, they forced Miami to take inefficient shots. They did all the right things in the first half.
  • In the first quarter, Miami only got off three 3-point shots, and only five in the second quarter. The Jazz were really guarding the floor well. At halftime Miami only had five fast-break points.
  • In the second quarter, the Jazz got 5 of 8 chances on the offensive glass and got 9 of 24 in the first half. This was great. Miami didn’t want to work that hard and they were forced to.
  • Once Miami put on the clamps they crushed the Jazz. Both Trey Burke and Gordon Hayward had very poor games, and both got in lots of trouble with the ball in the third quarter. Tyrone managed Trey well today. He pulled him early in the third when he was having a tough time and wasn’t executing the plan, but didn’t banish him for the night and let him get back out on the floor.
  • Alec Burks was terrific tonight. Miami is going to make you play 1-on-1 basketball and Alec made some plays out of that type of action, but he also came off curls well, played with the ball well and most impressively made some terrific passes. The last good scoring game Alec had he didn’t have an assist, but tonight he had seven assists and only two turnovers. He finished at the rim, he hit some jumpers, he played an elite-level offensive game tonight.
  • Enes Kanter got better tonight as well. He crushed Chris Andersen in the post.  Kanter had 14 points and 8 rebounds.
  • When LeBron turned his ankle and left the game, Wade took over and scored 10 points in the first five minutes of the fourth quarter. He can still fill it up. The man averaged 30 points a game at one point in his career.
  • In the first 19 minutes Brandon Rush was on the floor tonight he had 0s across his score sheet. Zeroes, nada, nothing. Hard to do. That’s a real sign that he is not playing the game yet. He must still be challenged in his mental approach because it is hard to be on the floor for 19 minutes without logging a single stat.
  • The Jazz have played the last two against the Spurs and the Heat. For the next four we play teams in somewhat similar zip codes, but those two teams are in a different stratosphere.