EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz play extra but don’t get a win


  •  Honestly I am not sure how we ended up where we did tonight.   I think we just ran out of guys.  Without Derrick, Marvin and then the foul trouble of Jeremy, Enes and Mike Harris we ran out of guys.   Jazz lead the game by 7 with 1:59 left made their free throws and somehow lost the game.   McLemore hit a big three and Thomas and Cousins made kick plays and somehow we ended up in overtime.
  • Credit to Mike Malone that is the best I have seen DeMarcus Cousins used in his career.  They sent him to the low block and he was a beast.  Kanter couldn’t handle him. Biedrins did a nice job on him but the foul shooting issue reared its head and is going to be an issue for the foreseeable future.
  • The Hack-A-Biedrins is such a bummer.  Andris is a wonderful guy.  He has been working so hard to regain the game he had before the free throw issues and he is a good defensive player, a solid rebounder and a great pick setter.  He could really help this team.  However, he can’t shoot free throws.  Over the past four seasons he was 19-80 from the line and tonight Mike Malone the former Warriors assistant fouled him intentionally three straight possessions and he only hit 1 of the 6 free throws.   His body language drooped and he looked terribly depressed as he went to the bench.  It has to be embarrassing.  It is really a sad tale and having the yipes .  It has happened in all sports.    It means that any time the opponent is in the penalty Ty can’t put him on the floor and the Jazz could have used him tonight to help on Cousins.
  • Trey Burke had a really good first quarter bouncing back from the game in Portland.  He came out rebounding, passing and helping get his teammates involved.  It was a really nice display of point guard basketball.   He finished with 19 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals.  He went to the line 7 time which is great since he had only been 9 times coming into the game.  He only hit 5 of 19 shooting however.
  • Alec Burks put together another solid outing.  He is still wasting too many possessions and it shows tonight in 5 turnovers.  That is a ton and their were a few other mistakes as well.   I am not trying to single him out in a way but this is the next step.  Scoring 19 points is great, getting to the line 29 times in the last 6 games is how he is going to be successful. These are terrific steps from where he was two weeks ago but he needs to make sure he keeps pushing and round out his game.
  • Hayward 6 of 17 – 35% over the last 11 games.  It is tough tonight Sacramento had defensive players marking him every possession, they doubled and bumped him when he came around screens.  Without Favors or Marvin there weren’t a lot of pick and roll opportunities though he hit Kanter on one or two plays.  Salmons came in at the end of the game for the sole purpose of guarding G and shutting him down.  Hayward hit some huge 4th quarter shots on Derrick Williams and 6 big 4th quarter points.  But the overtime he didn’t get a shot. Sacramento wasn;t going to allow it.
  • Jeremy Evans had another game that showed he can be a rotation player and at the same time showed playing front level talent it was hard for him as Thompson went right at him and got him in foul trouble.
  • Isaiah Thomas is a stud – 11 straight points at one point – 23 in 2nd half and overtime.
  • There was a lot of great effort tonight,  chase down block by Hayward, solid screen outs in 2nd half and more.  Simply undermanned and wore out as the night went on.
  • Will have to go look at the final plays to see where the defense broke down.   Have a safe night