EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Blazing by the Jazz


  •  Jazz got run tonight in a hurry.  Trailed by as many as 40 and had very few significant minutes of competition tonight.
  • The problem was the minutes that did have significant competition got away from the Jazz and primarily against the starters.  The Blazers scored 39 points in the first quarter.   The Blazers scored an incredible 1.8 pts per possession in the 1st quarter.
  • Jazz did some things offensive in the 1st quarter.  Burke hit some mid range shots.  The ball moved well and the Jazz got some good mid range looks.  In the second quarter the second unit played with some energy that lacked in the first quarter.   They got hands on deflections and made some plays to create open court opportunities.
  • Jeremy Evans had a nice impact on the game.  The Blazers went at him defensively and he lacks size, this will never change but he made a lot of plays with his hops and his reach and his ability to make plays.  He played a nice game and continues to show he can impact games.
  • Richard Jefferson doesn’t look the same as he did early in the year.
  • Blazers 17 of 23 from three is one of the greatest shooting displays in NBA history.  It is the best shooting percentage with 20 3pt attmepts or 15 makes.  17 three’s is a franchise record for the Blazers.
  • I swear I saw someone pull up for 3 with 8 seconds left in the quarter in transition with the shot clock off.
  • Brandon Rush played 23 minutes as he tries to work himself back into shape
  • Alec Burks had a really nice second quarter, attacking the rim, going to the basket, hitting some shots.  This is 4 straight really nice games by Alec.   Excited to see him find a rhythm.  Getting him off the ball has been a really nice help to his game.   He finished 6 of 16 which is not great but he was good in the 2nd quarter.
  • This is a disappointing night but similar to OKC when we go on the road against the best teams it is going to be really tough.  You could make an argument that Portland is better than we are at every position right now.   Plus may be better at every position off the bench. Considering that it is going to be hard when playing in the best teams gyms for our guys to be able to stay in the game.
  • Burks got beat up by Lillard in the first quarter when Lillard had the first 8 points and 10 of the first 14.  Some were lucky bounces back out to him but Burke was having a tough time.  Then in the third quarter Lillard went back at it and Burke broke out of the offense to try to match him 1 on 1 and match his scoring.  This was not well received.  Burke admitted after the game he has to be better than get caught up in a personal battle.
  • Portland is really good and they did what a professional good team does.  They put a whopping on a lesser opponent rather than letting the game last and wear them out .  Impressive.